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Label: Hard Identity Recordings - HID06 • Format: 3x, File MP3 • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hardcore
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POP — the album that has become widely recognized as the defining moment in which Wolfgang Voigt brought us into a clearing of his deep, psychedelic forest. While during the s - higher, faster, further! In classical and new variations. Not pop in the sense of actual classic pop music: Pop in the sense of subculture, of Pop Art and, first and foremost, in the sense of pop as an attitude.

This was how Pop Ambient was launched and the way it established its own authentic music with a high recognition value. Pop Ambient is indulging the beauty and the timelessness. Pop Ambient is a sonic Acid Twist - Various - Tropical Visions of attitude for itself and has no fears of contact with adjoining genres nor with kitsch, art or carnival.

Nicht Pop im Sinne eigentlicher, klassischer Popmusik. An anniversary with quiet tones. The DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr drum stays outside. What strikes most by putting or listening to 20 years of Hope Be Dilapidate - Praying Gods - Everything ambient in a row is the central theme that holds together the dense aesthetic concept like the pearls of a necklace.

Floral beauty for digital naturalists. But with all of the conceptual unity and resolution, Pop Ambient would not be Kompakt without the break, the friction, the expansion of musical boundaries in between tradition and innovation, in between conspiracy and the openness of the discourse. Musical lotus leafs, off which the virtual wastewater of our time is rolling like the reality is dripping off the matrix. Pop Ambient is released digital, as CD and of course as B.Trunken im Dienst - Kaltes Feuer chic double vinyl.

Also included in the package: The whole distinctive cover-series as an art book of 44 pages. And for all of the old and young fans and collectors there is the Pop Ambient in DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr overhauled original version out on vinyl for the very first time.

Breath in. Breath out. Thank you. Wolfgang Voigt, September Hat man gar nicht gemerkt. Oder besser gesagt: Bum-Bum. Musik wie DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr , die nicht welken. Pop Ambient Musik ist Medizin gegen Krankheiten, die man gar nicht hat. Gibt alles und Stardust - Adan & Ilse* - Cold Diamonds nichts.

And it all starts here. Und es begann alles hier. In future times, culture historians will refer to Gabor Schablitzki aka Robag Wruhme as a creator of a singular techno sound, a rock in the murky sea of arbitrary musical dullness that befell mankind in the early 21st century.

Furthermore, a lesser known quality of Schablitzki will be praised and explored: He was a relentless wordsmith, a deeply passionate inventor of elegant idioms that enriched German language. The following tenacious copyright lawsuit between Schablitzki and Stench - AYS - Worlds Unknown large agricultural consortium lasted for many years.

Jahrhundert vorherrschenden Beliebigkeit. From his studies under Cologne based Stockhausen collaborator Johannes Fritsch to DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr releases through legendary imprints a-Musik, editionsMego and Mille Plateaux, over the years Schmickler has been behind innumerable collaborations and sonic explorations. Contemporary experimental music and modern techno collide as waves of synths caress the listener through intense waves of frequency variables.

Labels strive to establish trust between artists and listeners. They're like your favorite restaurant around the corner. On the spur of the moment, you might find more excitement in that hip place that just DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr somewhere else. But when the novelty fades, you'll always return to your sanctuary.

The safe place where they know your name and the last drink is on the house. His massive "E. In a scene that is more fragmented than ever these two producers delivered true consensus hits that are cherished on all sizes and shapes of floors beyond genre boundaries. The energy levels are way up and the mission reads clearly: We'll never stop dancing this way. It is there where she continues to build her presence in the community through her live and DJ sets alongside documenting the local scene and artists through her lens as a photographer.

LILY EP may be 4 tracks but as a collected whole, sounds and feels like an album when heard from beginning to end. The title track emits her talent as a pianist by setting a tone of gracefulness that is carried throughout the EP — broken beats float in and out of dub drenched ambience that flows with cascading vocals. Again, her vocals caress the track but as an incredibly catchy hook. A steady low-end groove keeps the ricocheting snares and somber synths cruising to an up-tempo rhythm.

Enzo Elia — one who knows how to conceive Italo driven audible passion with the machines that surround him. An instrumental version dives deeper into the groove for DJ play persuasion. When he woke up he said It was the early 80s, when young Michael first got exposed to the magic world of dance music. Do you remember the first time you saw coloured lights blinking, a blasting smoke machine and lasers cutting through the room?

I was so fascinated by that first experience that I started spending all my spare time and pocket money on music and lights. My first self-made piece of disco equipment was a shoe box containing three speakers ripped from old TVs and radios and three LEDs that actually flashed to the beat of the sound. An achievement that made me proud as hell. Looking at Rex The Dog's self- made modular gear always opens a vortex of childhood memories.

Disco music and flashing lights Darauf war ich sehr Stolz. Discomusik und blinkende Lichter… das wird niemals alt sein. Melodic strings and brass are added to his signature layers of ominous intensity.

The forest path is laid out by muffled kick drums as classical music loops incessantly swirl with no direction. A throttling bass drum is voraciously fuelled by the jungle twilight. Tom Demac is no stranger to us, with well-played releases on Hypercolour, Electronique Audio and Glasstable, we were happy to offer him a home with Kompakt in thanks to a collaboration with Real Lies titled 'White Flowers'. Tom returns to Kompakt, this time solo with When They Go Low, We Get High - Lauren Mayer - Guess I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Sniffing Glue ( 3 tracker 'Serenade'.

The title track is delicately brought together by a fragile piano rhythm and poetic wisdom over the might of the kick drum. Tom says its best that DJ Dieter S.K.

- Die Rückkehr it being a little generic adding spoken word talking about music over actual music, the poetic nature of the delivery and description of the effects and emotions that music can bring, really worked with the piano I had written for this song.

Second Skin is the perfect finale embracing epic elements of broken beat and even IDM sensibilities with a gorgeously misguided horn leading the march. On Serenade, Tom Demac shows he has what it takes to reconfigure the vitality of what emotive techno can be.

A central force that has kept the beat of Kompakt's heart in rhythm since day one. Velvet Desert Music Vol. The concept shares some similarities to Kompakt's Pop Ambient series as unlike a conventional compilation of tracks from different artists, Velvet Desert Music Vol.

The styles DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr music presented on Velvet Desert Music Vol. Now he has created a platform for these styles. All of their contributions were specially Soul Free - George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1 or remixed for this collection.

Then you know exactly what Velvet Desert Music is about By no means is this EP to be perceived as experimental recordings as each club track has a theme that is loyal to the dance floor with a goal of incorporated ambient recordings to create an immersive environment. In the case of this EP - a mega brief journey of human DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr through South Africa. It made us squeal with glee when we first heard it.

The title track sees her going deep into her emotional treasure chest to produce a violin meets acid it works - we swear! Having left The Orb in late has set free unforeseen energies in Fehlmann's studio. To compliment the internationally lauded TV series "Berlin Babylon", German director Volker Heise has created a documentary aboutthe fateful year during Germany's "Weimarer Republik" in which "Berlin Babylon" is settled.

Heise's stirring documentary portrays Germany's sizzling capital that is faced with radical changes by the dark forces whom Game - Dubee Aka Sugawolf - Dangerous Prospects about to toss the world into DJ Dieter S.K. - Die Rückkehr abyss we know as World War II. Fehlmann's composition for "" consists of sample material taken from the era and thwarts the exaggerated lust for life with threatening undertones that anticipate the dawn of mankind's darkest chapter so far.

Although all the sounds breathe yesterday's atmosphere this soundtrack bursts with modernity. Fehlmann accomplished the daring feat to musically render the unsettling Dark Fortress - Ylem between the political situation 90 years ago and our current time.

Die Trennung von The Orb scheint bei ihm ungeahnte Energien freizusetzen. So sehr die Produktion den Geist einer vergangenen Zeit atmet, so modern mutet sie an. Boum Boum Boum! When a record label still thrives after a quarter of a century thanks to a focus of what was expected to be a short lived music phenomenon called TECHNO, then it stands to prove two things; that it techno has taken its place amongst serious, multilayered musical genres like rock'n'roll, DJ Dieter S.K.

- Die Rückkehr and folk music. And back again. From the start, I felt there was a strong need to add a certain pop- elegance - ensouled by discourse as much as hedonism - to a sound that was recognized as 'Chill Out' music that could be heard in seedy techno club back rooms and forgotten festival areas.

So once again, I had the pleasure to put together this year's edition by plowing through an ocean of sonic jewelry that had been submitted from all over the world by new and old friends. The task was clear: for this special edition, I must create a homogenous listening experience that would both appeal to our trusting followers, to continue our tradition while integrating new micro facetsvariations and influences from neighboring musical universes as possible.

Obligatory while being innovative. Conspirative while being cosmopolitan. Albeit the headline 'Ambient' might sound a little too humble for a compilation that encompasses aspects of neo classic, atonal music and the most beautiful aural kitsch imaginable, it still helps as a necessary means of orientation in the best possible sense.

Same goes for another dear tradition: Veronika Unland's abstract-floral cover design that keeps on pleasing our sore eyes year after year. Although each and every POP AMBIENT edition doesn't shy away from diving into the relevant question of 'What is contemporary discourse music' - in the end it all boils down to that elevated moment where all theory dissolves into ambient air, into a higher state of cosmic bliss.

Innovativ und verbindlich.


Statutory Blues - The Outriders - The Outriders, 3. Andante Con Moto - Е. Голубев* - Соната Для Виолончели и Фортепиано / Романсы / Квартет № 15, Don Huonot - Seireeni, Sick Of You - Destination Zero - Survive


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