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Label: Focus Music Library - FCD 102 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Stage & Screen • Style: Score, Soundtrack, Theme
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Showbiz Jul 26, He and his bandmates from Delhi 2 Dublin decided it was time to shift their musicology into high gear. Averaging shows a year and ahead of their latest show at The Drake in Toronto, Seran 5-й Концерт № 5 Для Скрипки С Оркестром Ля Мажор, К.

219 - Л. Коган* - В. Моцарт* - Концерт № 5 Для down to chat about the creative process, the global awareness of the world music and how even his audiences would surprise him.

Hina P. Ansari: Congratulations on your latest album. My first question must be about the beat. You are from the West Coast. Describe to me the difference between the music vibe there compared to that of Toronto? Sanjay Seran: Out here, people dance.

When you go to big cities like Toronto, people are just more likely to watch than dance. But on the West Coast, people are just a little bit crazy laughs. HPA: It took you three years to write, produce and complete your album. It all started with writing one song and seeing where that would lead you to, correct? More mainstream, popular songs that would allow us to cross over. HPA: You already had some songs in the pipeline before your Alaska trip correct?

SS: We had already been working on some songs Tokyo By Night - Gina T* - You Really Got Me then and we continued to work for another year on writing stuff. We decided we wanted to take it to the next level and reach more people.

We have a glass ceiling being a band here in the West Coast. You can only go so far with electronic beats. Especially West Coast beats. In order to break the ceiling, we had go to the pop Electrofunk - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles a bit. And in doing the whole album [it felt] exciting and new for us and we believed it will allow us to reach more of an audience.

How has the music industry changed for you? We used to make really good money from CD sales. We Electrofunk - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles sell or CDs at a festival. The whole viral music video thing started with How Deep Is Your Love?

- Various - Versatile Jazz which was newer back then. One of our issues is how to get the streams up and our social media numbers up. You have this band, and they produce expensive records that sound good and they spend a lot of time recording them and writing them.

And then the fans want you to post stuff on your stories Electrofunk - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles little GIFs and all that. I mean, I do it and I enjoy it sometimes. HPA: In your current album, what was the most difficult song to write or produce? Was there one song that stood out to you? We wrote one song and ended up performing it live and I loved it. The song was written in the same amount of time as is every other song, which is about a session or two.

You tweak it all out. The magic really does occur in those sessions. HPA: Tell me your musical nor non-musical inspiration? Someone or something that you have soul to soul connection with? SS: Bono was a huge inspiration for me. He is over the top. In his shows, he talks about issues that are happening in the world as part of his set. His level of emotion is at another level. That is huge for me. I draw from that. HPA: I love the positive messages that you have in your album.

Was that a Electrofunk - Various - Hot Spots & Jingles decision? SS: Yes. I would write Punjabi stuff and draw inspiration from the Sufi world, with a lot of repetition and a lot of spiritual lines. So now the majority of the [songs] are in English and it has a clearer message with better writing. How do you apply that element of your life to your music? SS : We felt it was super important to touch on this stuff because we feel it.

HPA: There has been a globalization of music in recent years where you have different influences coming through and people are a lot more aware of an Eastern sound or an African sound for instance. SS: I think because we played a lot of folk festivals and world music festivals in the beginning, that vibe has always existed in these pockets.

But you are playing these festivals to an audience of older white people. When we started we were those Punjabi guys and [we were seen as] quite novel back then. Now it has changed so much. Are we getting spots to fill that diversity quota? HPA: I understand your messaging with respect to your identity and that of your bandmates. Did you ever have that moment of hesitation whether this white audience would be able to grasp your musical vibe?

This is bunch of old white people. These are our people! These are the ones who we can come together and carry this connectivity and energy forward and we know how we can make a change!

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Jul 26,  · Canada's iconic Canadian electrofunk/reggae band Delhi 2 Dublin, continues to slay the global festival scene with some seriously styled "Subcontinental pop". Their latest album "We Got This" is also seen as the group's solid shift to the mainstream music scene thanks to their amped up songwriting, musical composition and their stronger sense of self.

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