I Will Grind Your Fingers - Various - Emetic Desecration (Brutal Grind Death Metal Compilation)

Label: Sylphorium Records - none,Tribulacion Productions - TR08 • Format: CDr Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: Colombia • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal, Grindcore
Download I Will Grind Your Fingers - Various - Emetic Desecration (Brutal Grind Death Metal Compilation)

I cannot speak for black metal, as I have never really bothered to listen to it. Normal DM has very little appeal to me. However, I absolutely love Melodic Death Metal. Metallica was my introduction to metal, and Avenged Sevenfold followed not long after.

Riffs that are all over the damn place i. Nemesis by Arch Enemy, as good of a song as that is I Will Grind Your Fingers - Various - Emetic Desecration (Brutal Grind Death Metal Compilation) Nemesis by Arch Enemy, as good of a song as that is have no appeal to me. I also love melody, which probably stems from A7x. Melodic Death Metal has that in spades. It has fast, heavy, aggressive, yet very simple and rhythmic riffs and amazing melodies.

Amon Amarth is the embodiment of this for me. It offers a heavier This Bitter Earth - Dinah Washington - Unforgettable of the thrash metal I used to adore and still do, to an extentI Will Grind Your Fingers - Various - Emetic Desecration (Brutal Grind Death Metal Compilation) , when done right, is amazing.

Death metal - Usually the actual instrumental part of it. Cross Your Heart - Mel Powell - Four Classic Albums Plus laid back approach to life whilst putting in an extraordinary effort into their music.

These guys are chilled and quite honestly represent most of our personalities. Also only jazz and certain classical music is perhaps more creative than DM. I love the technicality of Jazz and Classic, but it way to soft, chilled and slow for me.

Black metal - I feel this is rather different and has an objective unlike death metal. I don't think you can put them together in the same question. Black metal folks are largely elitists, they won't jus Black metal folks are largely elitists, they won't just talk with you and they often think of themselves as better. Try watch interviews of people in popular BM bands, you will see how messed up they are Of course not all of them I Will Grind Your Fingers - Various - Emetic Desecration (Brutal Grind Death Metal Compilation) like this but it is largely so They often remind me of how christians are Sorry BM folks Sign In.

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Thanks for the A2A. I've also been heavily involved in ideological discussions between musicians, fans, and even graduate students making the study of metal culture their thesis. I'll address your questions directly though out of order. There are actually several kinds of satanism, many of which do not require a belief in Satan, or anything supernatural for that matter.

What you're thinking of here is called "Theistic Satanism" : roughly, the belief that there is a being who is the Satan of the bible, and worshiping him. Often Theistic Satanists believe in actual magic and rituals as well. Additionally there are a few other types that vary in the amount they believe in an actual "satan", such as Luciferianism and other groups centered in gnosticism.

Luciferianism varies widely between individuals and groups, but the core idea is that Lucifer had the right idea in rebelling against God. Some Luciferians believe there was a Lucifer, some believe in Lucifer as a symbol rather than a being, simply venerating the ideals of Lucifer -- especially those of freedom, seeking truth, and not submitting to authority -- while remaining atheists.

There are other groups that vary in this way. One of the most popular forms of Satanism is LaVeyan Satanism, which is atheistic. In LaVeyan Satanism, each individual is his or her own god, so they do not believe in any supernatural beings. If they are actually Satanists they are usually either a relatively nontheistic Luciferian or LaVeyan. But I have not encountered many. There are many, many things that go under the name "paganism", but my experience with paganism in black metal is specific of a few different kinds.

The concept behind this is that the musicians really love their country's history and culture, but they also dislike Christianity.

Historically, Christians came into their lands and slaughtered their ancestors, forcing the survivors to convert. Nationalistic pagan black metal often laments this fact of history, glorifying the traditional culture over the Christian invaders.

These nationalists vary between history buffs who just love their culture and go to re-enactments and nationalist-socialists, often veering into dangerous territory. NSBM is outside the scope of this answer and I will not answer questions about it in the comments. A2A in a more appropriate question if you are curious. It's often a political statement rather than a statement of belief. Second there is "paganism" as defined by the super vague new-age definition -- people believing in spirits or magic or crystals or or pentagrams or auras or fae or "modern witchcraft".

This exists, often they do actually believe some array of those new-agey things, but they are a minority. Third and worth mentioning is Odinism. These are fairly serious neopagan polytheists that are trying to revive pre-christian european practices. Some of them are actually more along the nationalistic group I outlined earlier. I can't affirm the state of this in other places, but I have run into a few self proclaimed "Odinists" and none of them have claimed to be literally polytheist, or Ich Denk An Dich - Marianne Rosenberg - Original Album Classics didn't get a chance to ask if they literally believed in Thor.

But these ideals are popular some places, and I do know there are a few bands who have stated that they are Odinist in interviews. It's like movie poster design: each genre has its own standards that tell the moviegoer "this is the sort of movie you are paying for". Even if your lyrical content or personal philosophy doesn't line up with genre tropes, its generally a good idea to visually adopt a few of them so your album reaches the right listeners.

That's just good marketing. Pagan imagery from the position of a nationalistic-antichristian band as well as Satanic imagery from a nontheistic-satanic group is often a deliberate and conscious move to counter a Judeo-Christian status quo. In the rare cases that the band members are actual theistic satanists, polytheist neopagans, or spiritual new age pagans, the expression through black metal is simply a direct reflection of their personal beliefs in a genre that already shares their imagery and values, but the fact that there are a few believers mixed in does not lessen the political message, and the fact that the scene is full of atheists does not step on the toes of the believers.

There is a twofold answer here. First is the deliberate political message: We don't like the status quo. We don't believe in your god. We are against your religion. We think the Judeo-Christians increasingly including Islam are oppressing others and in the wrong.

The fact that there are exact opposites in satanism literally the opposite of god and paganism the religious and historical enemy of christianity makes taking these opposites an obvious choice to display this political message. As black metal began to form it consciously adopted this imagery as both a reflection of its ideology, and the emerging sound was just as Dont Know Why - Kool Keith & Kurious - Dont Know Why of the ideology as the visuals.

It was engineered to be harsh, forbidding, anti-religion, anti-society, and even misanthropic. Secondly there is the fact that for many people, the imagery, sound, and ideology of black metal simply fit their personality. Society is built up of many kinds of people, some of which are harsh, forbidding, anti-religion, anti-society, and (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1964-1971, RM. They may not care about the political statements, but when they see imagery and hear the music, it reflects something deep down inside them as a person.

They do not consciously assume the posture, it is the posture Tupelo - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Firstborn Is Dead have always assumed and now found expression.

For one thing, it is an inherently political movement. For another, it is very important that I Will Grind Your Fingers - Various - Emetic Desecration (Brutal Grind Death Metal Compilation) are always reminded that for every belief system, there is a group opposing it. As Black Metal and its ideals spread across the world, you see each culture adopting it a little differently, using its core message to reflect their cultural contexts and the forces that directly oppress them.

Many people walk through life believing the things they have learned from society are the "best" : their religion, culture, music with an emphasis on clean vocals and high level production, love in life and fear of death, summer, the presence of other humans, technology, flowers are beautiful, furthering the species, and so on. A portion of society that rejects those things, or at least does not claim them to be the best, can be grounding.

It can help one re-evaluate their values, even simply questioning the nature of beauty. If there are people finding beauty in decay, and love in death, then what is the limit and why not seek for yourself?

And do you agree with society's given definitions? Then scale up through your whole philosophy. Related Questions More Answers Below Why do people like "death metal" music, even though it sounds so harsh? Why do some people listen to death metal? Which is heavier, black metal or death metal? Am I a bad person if I love listening to Death Metal music? What are the reasons one will tend to like death metal or Heavy Metal music?

Answered Jan 11, Not all metalheads who listen to death Trysting Tree - Spriguns - Revel Weird And Wild black metal are like this. Many of my friends are like that, though. They really dislike their religious upbringing and I guess listening to satanic death metal and shouting "Christians to the lions" every chance they get is probably the ultimate rebellion against it.

I personally think that's counter intuitive. If you have a problem with religion, satanism should be included.


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