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Originally Published June 9th, You had to purchase or rent the film or TV episode, then use the Chrome extension to play it with the edits. Later, their video that compared vulgar and impolite language to paintballs being shot at a family, went viral and got blocked by YouTube for a time. Since then, VidAngel has been quietly working on a 2nd Movement - Chicago - Chicago (Reel-To-Reel) streaming service, that makes it all much easier for the average, non-techie, to watch edited films.

The following is my review. That whole process was clunky. Now VidAngel has their own streaming service, that they control end-to-end from what I understandand have built various apps for Apple TV, Roku, Android with Chromecast supportiOS, Kindle Fire, and more, to make the experience as Sounds Fürs Auditorium (Bonus Beats) - Main Concept - Sounds Fürs Auditorium as possible.

Then I watched them via the Roku channel on my Roku 3. You can also set your filtering settings through a web browser, but not the Roku channel which would be clunky with such fine-grained settings. The same granular controls are still there, but otherwise its an entirely new experience.

The controls were mostly just the Roku defaults, and the Android app worked in a similar way to the Netflix app. Well, it did at first, but when it got to the first edit point, it just stopped and would not play further. There was no issue playing it on our TV via the Roku 3 though.

Update : The Android App works great now, without any of these early issues! There was also a couple of F-words that seemed to have been missed by the editing. Birdman regularly silenced language, and skipped over some inappropriate parts. There was also at least 1 missed F-word in that. In those, they can get very creative with how things are edited, so as to often make the edits unnoticeable. It means that particularly violent, pornographic, or language-laden films may be difficult to watch or follow, depending on your filter settings.

The selection is small, but growing. It was much better on Android see screenshots aboveand fairly good on the web. Sometimes the original rating is wrong. I saw several that were R marked PG and vice-versa. If you wait longer, it goes up by a dollar or two each 24hr period, similar to Redbox.

I selected the sell-back option from the Roku interface after I viewed each movie. But then when you sell it back, you get most back as credit. Which is really a good deal. However, with time, and perhaps a legal test or two, if VidAngel sticks around, it should become safe to purchase films you only want to watch edited. Update : looks like their first legal test has started. Support is pretty good in most cases. But in some cases I was left hanging. Such as the issue with playback on my phone.

VidAngel has a clear policy of things they stand for and against. It Black Music - Trek Life - Price Ive Paid (Clean Edits) that the reason a film is bad for us is something that can be edited. Often times the overarching themes, character motivations, and other things vital to the story, are not appropriate or good for us to consume. Even though VidAngel can cut out graphic sex, violence and profanity, that does not make a movie worth watching.

As a founder of VidAngel, I do not recommend these movies to families, even with a filter. In fact, personally, I choose not to watch much of the content on VidAngel due to the nature of the movies.

Should you use VidAngel? I wish them the best and hope their very outside-the-box approach and business model allows them to be around for the long-haul. Sign Up for VidAngel Here! A lot has improved with VidAngel since I wrote this review. Creator of Mormon Life Hacker. Tevya keeps a blog called Sacred Symbolicabout things he learns in his daily scripture study and other learning.

His business Fiddler Onlinecreates WordPress websites for small businesses. Very honest review Tevya. Thanks for the writeup. Thanks for offering to help on the app. Thanks for the great review. Sounds great. Sounds better than CleanFlicks was, in some ways. It gives you more granular control over what you filter out. CleanFlicks was notorious for leaving in most of the violence.

Thanks for the heads up about the editing. I see their catalog is relatively small at the moment Oct. I presume they will keep Black Music - Trek Life - Price Ive Paid (Clean Edits) more movies to their library over time. Some movies are just distasteful to me, period. We have at least titles right now. Thanks for checking it out! Probably contact their support and ask them. But yeah, contact their support.

Tried it last night and it quit 20 min in. I was very frustrated and sent an email of complaint. Within twenty min. Got an email back that refunded the first two attempts and told me things to do to my computer to increase the chance of it working. We did what we were told and watched Mission Impossible front to back without a hitch. I have been wanting something like this for years. Dublin Saunter - Paddy Kelly - My Favourite Irish Requests was I Remember (Kendals J Funk Remix) - Various - On-Tour impressed with customer service and will gratefully use this service many times in the future.

I believe if someone is trying to make this world a little cleaner, we ought to throw our money that direction. Do you have a Roku or Chromecast? Or even a tablet? Those are really the best ways to experience VidAngel. Vidangel is great. Hoping it comes out on more devices soon but for the Roku player I have never had a glitch and the quality is every bit as good as Netflix. Two thumbs up — Hoping I can buy some stock in this before it goes public. It is a great service.

Great review! Netflix, Google Play, Amazon, all pay ridiculous amounts of money for their licenses, just to have the ability to offer movie rentals on streaming. I actually reached out to VA with these questions and while they were very responsive to my emails, they naturally refused to divulge any information regarding these questions. All they would give was friendly assurances that everything is totally legal. But you can return them.

VidAngel my guess went back to the video store model of just buying their copies to then rent out. But since the rules are different, they have to sell it at full price, then have you return it for a Black Music - Trek Life - Price Ive Paid (Clean Edits) . Just that every industry squawks and fights innovation, when it affects their industry.

I inadvertently lost this comment from FilterThatMovie when making some database changes. They said:. It is a cool concept and thing they have done. This is a amazing website! Stuff like nudity, language, drugs, and MORE! They have amazing custom service. I just watched a video last night and the experience was absolutely horrible. It would stop for no reason, repeat sections over and over, and skip big sections of video. The best experience I have had watching Vidangel is with a Roku.

Night and day experience watching Vidangel movies on Roku as compared to computer using a browser. I wish Vidangel would fix their browser client so that I can watch Vidangel movies on my laptop when I am remote.

Shalone, this is largely dependent on the computer, web browser, wifi, and internet. It largely depends on a lot of those Black Music - Trek Life - Price Ive Paid (Clean Edits) . A good test is see if you can watch Netflix on the same ISP, wifi, computer, and browser. You might reach out to them, so they can get to the bottom of it.


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Tegrel says:
This is literally the worst product I've Ever purchased, not just on amazon, but in my entire life. As a child, I was once tricked into paying a bully to slap me in the face, it was incredibly painful and I became the laughing stalk of my entire grade for weeks. I honestly believe that was a better transaction than this. Save your hundred dollars.2/5(93).

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