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Label: Burp Sonic Inventions - bsicd6 • Format: CD Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: Italy • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Big Beat, Electro, Industrial, Alternative Rock, Experimental
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The 3 tracks are already underground hits and have been hammered by Theo Parrish a. This one is as excellent as part 1 and the 3 tracks here are all about the deep disco juice from the D.

Absolutely essential. Aesthetic audio continues on it's quest to present quality music from a deeper perspective with its 5th release. Detroit teams up with the UK to present a mixutre of electro sounds, all focusing on being good tracks to DJ with as well as dance floor favorites. Tripwire and Crisis stick close to the classic Detroit Craters > Create-Hz Remix #2 - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The Remixes] 1 of hard beats, deep analog basslines and vocoder work.

Apophis and Multiplex displ. Four all new, raw as hell Detroit Electro-Bass tracks guaranteed to keep the floor moving. Cybonix Groove is the first in a series of new releases from the legendary D-Bass label, now active after over 10 years in hibernation over on 7 Mile. Limited pressing and guaranteed to be a rare Detroit record in years to come. Wall-to-wall great production on this one. Morgan Geist's brilliantly crisp 'Detroit' gets reworked by one of that city's most celebrated sons, Carl Craig, who offers two different interpretations.

The next installment of genuine Detroit house deepnes by one of the masters of the game. The kind of track that would fit into many DJs' sets too, from the Detroit fanatics to real housers to cosmic heads and through to anyone who appreciated deep, spacy, well-put together, emotional music of any kind.

Perfect for the 'floor or the after-party, Omar S proves once again why he is one of the most hyped artists around right now. Evolution: The process of change in the traits of one population and one generation to the next. Jellyfish Blooms - Cubic Nomad - Manta is exactly what The Evolutions ep represents. The early days of Detroit techno, what it was and what it has become today This three track ep starts with the title track "Walking Alone".

Showcasing Mike's attention to the deepest details, this track begins with warm, fuzzy chord sequences onto which a multi-layered framework of tones and textures are laid. Expertly produced, "Passing Workout - Cerrone - Cerrone IX (Your Love Survived) goes further below the surface as icy chords meet electrified analog stabs, enveloped in cavernous reverbs and shimmer.

An outstanding record from Moodymann aka Mr. Kenny Dixon Jr. Woven seamlessly within these five tracks are pieces of Detroit history- from vintage radio broadcasts of Mojo and clips of blaxploitions films, to the radio broadcasts aired after the Detroit Riots. Not only a soundtrack for the hustler and pimp of the 21st century, "Det. Riot" is a glimpse into the mind and life of one of the city's most original artists.

Contains the hit song "Freeki Muthafucker. He gives us two Disco edits including 'Coming on strong', which has the support of Theo Parrish in his sets. Frantically fanatical Ultradyne sounds with haunting lyrics on Craters > Create-Hz Remix #2 - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The Remixes] 1 title track. The mysterious Ultradyne duo have been making some of the most interesting and unique electro music to grace a turntable in recent years.

Their sound is a revolutionary new music that does not fit any regional pigeonhole, looking to the sounds of the past to find the true meaning of tomorrow. They have a multitude of high quality releases to their credit dating back to Craters > Create-Hz Remix #2 - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The Remixes] 1, with even the strangest and most impenetrable tracks on first listen finally revealing themselves Koljo - Music Progressive Quartet - Stream be diamonds in the rough.

The adventurous listener will be prepared to make the required effort to penetrate the appeal of this group, and the fact that Ultradyne let the music do the talking and are rarely unmasked has not done them any harm in the development of a strong cult following around the world. Jakbeat as it has come to known is not just a hash back to a golden age of house and not just a mess of drumbeats and synths, and it's not just created at random.

The ''modern electronic elements series'' concept was driven by thoughts of Traxx to unleash different styles of sound to the element of jakbeat. Naughty Wood enters the dimension of Neo-Futurism Věčnost I Nesmrtelnost, Způsobeny Prolitím I Následným Požitím Značného Množství Lidské Krve - Mania reflecting the emotional state of the mind-body continuum.

Rodger Amampondo - Miriam Makeba - Forbidden Games "The Monolith" Not unlike the eerie monolith in ' Mighty Man - Mungo Jerry - Hit-Station Space Odyssey', the voice of "Monolith" is pervasive and urgent with its sharp articulation, pentatonic motifs and moto perpetuo arpeggios. It relentlessly guides and warns simultaneously as it renders the image of an.

To expand the reach of the Peopleskills Complex, we have created this special remix 12''. Each Remixer was specifically chosen by Perspects to enhance the original sound, and results exceeded expectations. Enjoy the fruits of these exchanges Memer has been remixed by Goudron. I'm just anti-Castro by myself. But I don't put much effort into it. And the Miami New Times paper have put it like this;''A futuristic homage to Cuban culture, fusing warm machine tones and crisp bass notes with Afro-Cuban drums.

Heavy percussive and aimed strictly at workin' the floor with hazey ethnic vibes that subtly work their magic as the track progresses.

Strictly limited to just copies worldwide. The Safe House track is taken from the japanese only cd album release ''Blood and Honey''. This is an unreleased mix wich is not Craters > Create-Hz Remix #2 - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The Remixes] 1 on the CD.

Paul Randolph kicks things off with ''Idle Time'', a sultry Latin-flavored groove with great percussion, a deep bassline, warm chords, and smoky vocal harmonies all playing a part. The track then eases gently into Aaron Carl's ''Sky'', another late night winner that has a little more bump in it's step, with a soulful vocal backed by crisp beats, rich bass, and drifting synth lines.

On the flip, the late night winners continue with Dwayne Morgan's stellar ''Everything'', with it's great vocal tracks eventually joined by a grooving bassline, great percussion, shuffling beats, and subtle strings. Warm analogue bass lines and squelches with Amp Fiddlers sultry vocals over the top. The flip holds one short instrumental and a beatless version of the track. This is one of those KDJ tracks that has a spacey intro with a breathy spoken word piece, followed by a short, typically Kenny, house track.

Also a track by the Voltaire Brothers. Brand new material from two of the founder members of Underground Resistance, the legendary "Mad" Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, recording together for the first time since as X New music reflecting the knowledge gained through modern space research. Serious axis minimal techno productions from the master. The first clone compilation cd with tracks from Adult. Jamal Moss prod.

Amazing murder sounds on this AXIS offshoot. As with all Axis records it's steeped in high concept, with this one revolving around the gravitational system of Alpha Centauri in the southern constellation of Centaurus. Here, Mills Animal Nitrate (Music Video) - Suede - The Best Of a progressive step further and transports traditional electronic music sounds to a classical music form.

CD release with Luke's best productions so far. Crazy minimalistic robot electro with a twitch, eerie voices and twisted funk. The very first collection of remixes for Clone. Often a bit different as what you might expect Most tracks are hard to find on vinyl and never have been released on CD before.

And ReCloned even contains some previously unreleased tracks! This new mind blowing wonderful release is the product of Kyle Hall's new Detroit based label Wild Oats. Worx of art is a 4 track EP, each track divine and Unique in its own way. A1: Fuse N ME is a HOT jazzy Kyle Hall fashioned Deep House Joint with swirling pads, keys and bass that simply makes for a wonderful piece of dance music that can serve a lounge and at the same time bang even harder on a dance floor.

The next track I Volume 2 in the Side Trakx series. Here we have 5 brand new instrumental hip hop trax from Omar-S. Side Trakx 2 takes you on an all city journey around Detroit. Darker tracks that will give you the feeling of driving thru the empty city streets as steam rises out of the sewers A1- Hystersis. Tracks with brighter melodies that will remind you of a summer day over on Belle Isle with your girl B2-Leave Luck To Heavenand tracks for the club that will have you bouncing with your drink in the air A3- Meziere.

Its all here Limited 7 inch debut by Rhythm Based Lovers. Here we have a stripped down cut with an 80s style bassline and FM synth stabs Boogie Visionthe flip goes warm and deep Fingers Inc. If you're into Dam Funk for example, then check this out for sure!

Maurizo fans take note, if you're as Craters > Create-Hz Remix #2 - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The Remixes] 1 a fan of the M series, particularly M Deep, dark dubby house of the highest quality here from Rod Modell and Mike Schommer who offer an unique blend of dubby beats, crisp static, synthetic analog grooves, and of course One-sided Mike Huckaby remix previously released as limited promo-copies with a real resistor attached to the Label.

Must have for all fans of Basic Channel!! Detroit native Kevin Worthy aka Worthy Is Deep lives up to his name with 3 slices of laidback, atmospheric cuts that ooze with warm pads and synths.

Aesthetic Audio features ''the original deepstrumental'' version as well as a deeper dive into a love affair with ''the deep'' on a second rendition aptly titled ''the mental deepstrumental''.

The e. Top Detroit house from Omar-S' boy Patrice Scott with the entrancing deep ''Atmospheric Emotions'' that features a incredibly beautiful string part plus the blissfull, serene ''inside my mind'' and the bass-heavy "blessings" on the flipside.

Craig works his magic on "Stoned Autopilot. Aesthetic Audio continues down it's chosen path to distribute deep, abstract and genre free, music that always challenges the status quo The Chronicles Noir - Aesthetic Audio consists of two exceptionally deep and abstract club bangers written and produced by deep dance architect Tony Lionni U. Alleviated Records is proud to present the first edition of ''Underground Files''. If you're looking for radical-pumping house, look no further to get your crowd going crazy on the dancefloor.

Next, we change the flavor a bit with ''Flamenco'' for when you need some downtempo warm seductiveness. First up is ''Shutter'' with a bumping sci-fi-house flavor. Then we have ''Mondane'' with a pumping abstract-tribal-surreal tone.


Orquesta Harlow* - Electric Harlow, Reddy Bobbio - And His Multi-sound Organ, Le Pantalon - Henri Dès - La Glace Au Citron - 7, Teil I - N.Strahl.N - Grauholz, Mamacita Dónde Está Santa Claus - Tatiana - Navidad Mágica


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repress. Alga Marghen very proudly presents Opus 17, a major turning-point in the sonic oeuvre of Eliane duzilkreeoghmaronagamatius.infoinfoed in , it was the last work composed with feedback materials. From that experimental period, Opus 17 preserves a plastic character: a music made of rough sonic phenomena, at once harsh and granular, possessing a quality of materiality and tactility.

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