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User Info: Flammableghost. But a bottle of gin is not like love. These rankings are taken fromRanker. Like a risk reward type of thing. The same concept could be applied to which characters get a solo ongoing series greenlit as well. Fantastic : No. I suck at numbers On Da Rise - Black Venom - Graphic Novelz I find it interesting to see how mainstream media affects the popularity of Marvel's classic comicbook properties.

The top 6 for each year is also interesting, as the same heroes shuffled about. A real interesting asterisk in this is that of Moon Knight. At No. Yet despite this he's Lepoglava - Magazin - Paaa.? rose in popularity from his No. Thus proving that Comics as a medium are not entirely devoid of mainstream influence. With his MCU inclusion announced look forward to him making a quick surge into the top Some odd-balls in popularity seems to be Bishop, Havok, and Adam Warlock.

Havok received a lot of screen time throughout the X-Men films but was mostly used as a jobber, while Warlock was only teased in the GotG2's post credits scene. Meanwhile Bishop hasn't done anything since the 90's - yet all three remain in the "Core 64" throughout the 5 year time span. They were mostly replaced by GotG characters. Their continued popularity possibly points to untapped MCU potential - Domino, Valkyrie, and Magik also possess this potential as well, for both characters were just out side the Don Juan - Mi Tradi - Various - Les Plus Belles Voix Du Siècle 64" in and continue to be in It seems that the world was interested in Jami Alexander's portrayal of Lady Sif back in This is sad, as the character was created by Robert Kirkman inand in just The First Rebirth (Noom Mix) - Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth years time he managed to revive the Ant-Man franchise and get it popular enough to warrant the resurrection of Edgar Wright's long dead film script.

It is unlikely we'll ever see him return again - oh what could have been. A character that will break into the "Core 64" in the coming year will be Miles Morales who improved from being deep outside the topto currently being No. Jessica Jones performed a similar feat, but with her Netflix show cancelled its unlikely she'll break into the list.

A character that Marvel would have you believe is popular, but actually isn't would be Kamala Kahn which currently ranks at No. However, Spider-Gwen is extremely popular and was included around the same time as Kamal Kahn's Ms Marvel character and currently sits at No.

Mantis is also worth a mention originally coming in somewhere around the No. Then finally there is the OG Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell continues to be deep into On Da Rise - Black Venom - Graphic Novelz lists. He started at No. He'll eventually fall out of the "Core 64" but not without a fight. Marvel decided to pass the Captain Marvel torch over to Carol Danversand although the film grossed over 1 billion dollars at the international box Id Rather Be Sleeping - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It!, fans have still not fully warmed up to her as a suitable replacement.

Carol Danvers began at No. Marvel persona, and ended just two spots higher at No. However, by the ranker mods had disqualified them from the list for being more "villain" then hero. As such I deleted them from the ranks, and bumped everyone up accordingly so we could have On Da Rise - Black Venom - Graphic Novelz proper comparison. But Venom was No. These lists don't look particularly terrible. I guess it's hard to really guage stuff like this without being a little bit bias.

Though seeing the Thing outside of the top 20 on both lists just seems odd to me. Beast being so high on both lists also seems weird too. I'm not even sure how Mar-Vell is even on these lists, and even 5 spots above post-Annihilation Nova in ? Your eyes deceive you, An illusion fools you all I think in he still had alot of old school fans. Then in the internet hated Carol so much they upvoted the original. Captain Marvel was a legit top 10 hero in the golden age. Thing only dropped 10 spots.

That's the least by far out of any F4 member. Marvel tried to erase em from history for a while there. Fox did him well. User Info: battleblast. Venom has changed alot since I'm not really sure how Eddie has been using the symbiote, but yeah, alot has changed. Mostly because it wasn't the same character under the mask, and people were 'Eddie or Bust' even when Gargan had the symbiote. Black Cat I remember having a heel turn due to events in Superior Spider-man.

Didn't she recently start coming back? I don't think that's entirely fair either. Black Cat was removed recently. Ranker maintains a villain On Da Rise - Black Venom - Graphic Novelz as well. Venom is top 5, Emma is in the 30's, and Black Cat isn't even ranked yet. More topics from this board Poor Carol Danvers She isn't the most well know Captain Marvel or Ms.

Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: Flammableghost Flammableghost 4 weeks ago 11 Issue sales don't really reflect that though I made this sig to specifically waste your time. Marvel TV to shut down and join Marvel Studios. Marvel Launchs outlawed event Comic.


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