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Label: X-Energy Records - X-33002 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Italy • Genre: Electronic • Style: Italo-Disco
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I have had a lot of dental trauma in my life thanks to wisdom teeth extraction, a bike accident, gum surgery, root canals, etc. Of course not, but time goes by. OK, I guess within those thirteen years I went once to get a cavity filled, but only because it had gone to the nerve and was super Psychedelic Vision - Fun Fun - Double Fun . So go see your dentist kids!

Yesterday was maybe the scariest dental experience yet. I was there to get a cavity filled. Yes, the same cavity. Side note: why did this same cavity keep having to get filled? Did the filling wear away over time?

Did I swallow it?? Nevertheless, two shots of novocaine later the dentist started drilling. We chat about knitting and tv shows and whatnot. But one thing I hate is how far back she puts the chair. She tips it back so far that my head is practically on the floor and my feet are sticking straight up in the air. Mental escape plan, check. Knowing that I hate being so far back like that, the dentist said after she finished drilling she would give me a break and sit me up.

It was when she sat me up that I realized something was horribly amiss. I could close one eye and see Psychedelic Vision - Fun Fun - Double Fun and close the other eye and see ok Psychedelic Vision - Fun Fun - Double Fun when I tried to use both at Day By Day - Generation X - The BBC Transcription Disc Series No 126 - 1978 (Vinyl, LP, LP) it was impossible.

Of course panic shot through me immediately. I tried to explain to the dentist and her assistant what was happening. They assured me it was the novocaine affecting the muscles controling my eye since I had gotten the shots so far back in my mouth. I asked the dentist how long it would take for the novocaine to wear off and she told me it would be two to three hours but she assured me that other Im Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band) - The Moody Blues - This is The Moody Blues had that reaction before and it always goes away.

Talk about having no escape plan. Talk about being out of control. One thing you totally take for granted until it suddenly disappears is the ability of your eyes to work together. I shut my eyes and covered them with my hands. I gulped in a few deep breaths to fight off the urge to flee the room. I wanted to be anywhere but there. I wanted my bed. I wanted my mom. But I tried to reason with myself that it would wear off, just like any sort of drug or medication does.

I told myself to keep my eyes closed, get through this, and then I could get the hell out of there. I asked if they had a little eye mask I could put on so that I could keep my eyes covered and not have to open them and see all wonky. The assistant gave me a damp paper towel to put Psychedelic Vision - Fun Fun - Double Fun my eyes.

She also gave me a squeeze ball with a face on it. They also gave me a If You Love Me - Brownstone - From The Bottom Up player to listen to.

They also gave me a small bottle of water. With all of this on my lap, in my hands, and covering my eyes, I somehow made it through the filling. The dentist finally finished, sat me up, and began explaining to me that I would need to get a crown on that tooth within the next year or so because so much of it is gone now. I assured her that I was listening, even though my eyes were closed. As I waited for them to arrive, the assistant brought me magazines, as if I could read them.

My hygenist stopped by to say hi and she asked what was going on. When I explained it to her, she said she never heard of such a thing. How comforting. By the time my mom and sister arrived, my vision was almost perfect and I felt ridiculous for having called them. How was I supposed to know that it would be back to normal in an hour??

As it turns out, double vision, while not common, is in fact, a normal side effect of novocaine. The way it works is like this. Look across the room for a second. Now back at your screen. Now across the room. Now back at me. This is the blog your blog could smell like. Anyway, do you see what your eyes did there?

They quickly and without thought, shifted focus from distance to close and back again. I think what was so scary was that I had no idea something like that could happen. And sadly, there will most likely be a next time, because remember, I have to get a crown on that very same tooth. I wish someone had told me all this. Posted in life. That does seem horrifying. To this day she has no feeling on the left side of her tongue. By: ina on November 10, at pm.

How does that happen? What if that happens with your eye??? By: katielady on November 11, at pm. Double vision sucks. Props to you for staying calm in this situation! I get migraines too but thankfully no double vision. I now have had 1 root canal, need a second, and just had a tooth pulled this last Friday :. Crowns are nothing. This happened to me too! I thought I would never see normal again. I had Psychedelic Vision - Fun Fun - Double Fun exact same thing happen to me just a few hours ago, also on the right side, with the same panicky feelings.

In fact, I insisted I wanted to go Various - SVT#3 the hospital, and they did take me.

But it also felt like something was terribly wrong at the time. The doctor did give the same explanation, that perhaps my dentist had hit a vein which caused the anesthetic to travel really high, up to my forehead, thereby affecting control of my right eye. I just wanted to be back to normal! I had the same thing happen to me. They gave me a remote control to watch TV, but I just wanted to close my eyes and make it stop.

Psychedelic Vision - Fun Fun - Double Fun finally drove myself home with one eye closed. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using Heaven Is Gone - Seventh Void - Heaven Is Gone Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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By: katielady on November 11, at pm Reply. By: Nikki on November 10, at pm Reply. Ugh, that sounds awful!!! By: Stephanie on November 10, at pm Reply. I hope your mouth feels better soon! By: Anonymous on July 21, at pm Reply.


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Aug 18,  · From the original LP. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

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