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During one of Pinkie Pie's famous parties, and a bit of drinking, Fluttershy wants nothing more than to have the host of the party all to herself. The shy pegasus could admit that when it comes to alcohol, her favorite drink is Apple Family Cider. Just like her oldest friend, Rainbow Dash, but not so much You Could Be Dreaming - Shy - Sunset And Vine the point where she would be willing to eat dirt where a mug of the drink has been spilled.

The only time she ever drinks is during Cider Season with her best friends, or on special occasions. Right now, it was neither Cider Season nor a special occasion. She was currently at a party. Sitting alone at a table in Sugarcube Corner, Fluttershy watched as the party thrived. Mares and stallions danced to loud music, played games, You Could Be Dreaming - Shy - Sunset And Vine chat idly with their friends.

With the way most ponies on the dance floor danced wildly, stumbling during a simple two-step, it was obvious they were all drinking as well. Looking to her table, eleven empty mugs left unattended.

Thank Celestia that Mr. Cake are out of town, as well as the twins. Fluttershy thought to herself. When the invitation was given to her, she was hesitant to accept it. It was going to be that type of party. A large banner hung from the ceiling with bright pink writing. Where fillies and foals were usually present, there were none.

Where the drinks were usually set up, it was alcohol instead of fruit punch. The shy pegasus blushed and made sure to avoid watching.

Nopony else seemed to mind that this party for grown ponies Until The End - Various - Monsters Of Metal (The Ultimate Metal Compilation Vol.

5) (DVD) still decorated with colorful balloons, confetti, and streamers. The neon party lights added with the loud music seemed to please them anyway. She liked quiet and uncrowded. She really only liked parties with just her and her best friends. Fluttershy took another sip, scanning the rest of Sugarcube Corner for her friends. Applejack sat at another table, seemingly content with a mug of cider in her hoof as she talked with Rarity. Rainbow Dash watched in amusement as Twilight tried to test the alcohol toleration of her new alicorn self.

Fluttershy Ak - Fis - The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now as Pinkie bounced and zipped to every corner of the party. She managed to be in every spot possible at once. The bundle of energy greeted everypony with a bright smile and her cheerful voice.

Everypony returned a smile every time. She started to see her pink friend in a different light, along with having strange feelings emerge. Disco Hospital (Unedited) - Coil - Windowpane she has never felt with any other pony before.

When Pinkie Pie talks with her friends, she talks at speeds almost faster than sound. When she talks with Fluttershy, she slows down for the quiet pegasus to keep up with her. Every week, Rainbow and Pinkie go out to wreak havoc on the citizens of Ponyville. The two would prank everypony in town, including her best friends. When Pinkie hugs Fluttershy, she hugs her tight enough to show her affection, but soft enough to not hurt her in the slightest.

With all of her friends, Pinkie was extra friendly. With Fluttershy, Pinkie was extra friendly and caring, even considerate with her feelings. Fluttershy is comfortable with all of her friends. She could talk about almost anything with her friends.

Fluttershy preferred listening to talking. Fluttershy even remembered in Appleloosa when Rainbow was left behind, Spike was dragon-napped by buffalo, and Pinkie went missing. When she reunited with them, she tackled Pinkie into a giant hug. Not her oldest friend, or even the baby dragon who could have gotten hurt, but Pinkie Pie.

She made Rarity and Pinkie cry. She made them run away in tears. She bashed their professions, their special talent, and who they are. Fluttershy could never forget the look on their faces.

Even after all the horrible things she said to them, Rarity and Pinkie came back. Pinkie still came back for her. Fluttershy took another sip of her drink.

She let out a quiet hiccup. Pinkie Pie was a very attractive pony. It was a wonder how the baker keeps up with her body figure. Nevertheless, Pinkie had an extra layer of softness on her body, giving her just the right curves in just the right places.

To Fluttershy, it added more to her appeal. It gave Fluttershy more to hug. She could already imagine how warm and soft Pinkie would be when they cuddle together in bed.

One: she was Still In It - Ghetto All-Stars - Grass Root Edition - Volume One. Two: her dreams were relentless.

Three: Pinkie was just so damned attractive, as if Celestia blessed her. Suddenly, Fluttershy yelped, nearly dropping her mug of cider as the Celestia-blessed damned attractive pink party pony suddenly appeared right in front of her face.

Fluttershy had no idea where that nickname came from, but she loved it, knowing that it came from her crush.

Want me to hang with you? Honestly, Fluttershy was completely okay with Pinkie leaving her. It sounded silly, but she was content with admiring the pink pony from afar. A cyan pegasus holding a mug of cider to her lips, and an alabaster unicorn levitating a martini glass of wine in magic sat in the two previously empty seats across from Fluttershy, both giving her a sly smile. Fluttershy blushed as Rainbow snickered, and Rarity simply stared at her friend expectantly with an eyebrow arched.

The two simply nodded, taking a sip from their drinks. I just Yelling at her was unnecessary! She's shy! Rarity rolled her eyes as she raised her glass to her lips. Luckily, none of the sinful contents spilled as it landed on the table.

Rainbow coughed roughly as she choked on the cider she was drinking. The loud and giggly party pony? The Pinkie Pie that can eat a whole cake in a single bite? The Pinkie Pie You Could Be Dreaming - Shy - Sunset And Vine Twilight says, denies the laws of physics?

Fluttershy yelped. H-Hi, Pinkie The pink earth pony simply stared at her with a smile. The You Could Be Dreaming - Shy - Sunset And Vine pegasus grinned nervously as an uncomfortable silence descended upon them and the other two ponies at the table.

Rarity shot a disapproving look at the cyan pegasus as Fluttershy tried to hide the blush on her cheeks behind her long mane. Rarity almost melted at how demure and adorable Fluttershy looked. Before Fluttershy could deny the very true fact, Rarity continued to gush.

Rainbow slammed her now empty mug of cider against the tabletop. I did not intend to make you nervous. Rarity nodded nonchalantly, tipping her glass toward Rainbow before taking a sip, finally finishing her tiny glass of wine.

She took a long, hard swig of cider. She never really thought about how she would confront her crush. Although, Fluttershy was completely fine with admiring her from afar, since being in love was a wonderful feeling to her.

If she did, she felt she would be keeping a secret from her, and she deserved to know her true feelings. They both clung on to the tabletop, attempting to keep their balance. Another cider for me, and another wine for Rare-Bear! You get down on a knee before her, and confess your love for her. Then you literally sweep her off her hooves, take her home, and make out with her She could almost estimate how many drinks her two friends actually had with how ridiculous they sounded.

You sneak into her room dressed in the best lingerie you could find.


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