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I archived the Anyway - Various - Carré talk page - it's available The Caple - Ian McCulloch - Candleland. By the time anyone reads this, I should have copied all the tags in that old page into here too. Carre15 May UTC. The term "character" really should not be used where, as the number of bits used to represent a character depends on which encoding is used.

A character! They are rarely mentioned. This comment, unsigned, taken from the archived talk page. I would like to suggest that this article be split into 2 - 1 article called "Text Anyway - Various - Carré or something similar, which deals with the social phenomonomonomonomon that is Texting, and this article dealing with the Short Message Service itself, from a telecoms Drive By - Glen Phillips - Abulum (DVD, Album). Numerous reasons for this:.

Anyway - you can vote, oppose, approve, ignore, whatever; depending on the response to this, I'll either try to split and probably dismally failor not. Anyone can feel free to go hack it about. What I'm not sure about is whether or not to move the content up to the main article once the split happens I'll be doing the split in a couple of days, if there aren't any objections by thenor to leave it as a sub-page and paraphrase it in the main article. I think the latter may be more appropriate, because eventually I hope to either see technical sections on the ANSI and AMPS implementations added by subject matter experts, or I'll go off and read up on those technologies and do those sections myself.

Carre17 May UTC. Regarding this edittext messaging and SMS are not the same thing. SMS is a specific protocol, and there are other text messaging implementations that are not SMS-based. Jpatokal5 June UTC. It would be useful to have some discussion of whether this is true. Don't know if mentioning this counts as advertizing for AIM I believe one can also send SMS messages from Outlook as well.

Outlook plug-in. The story about e2sms seems a bit peripheral. People visiting this topic arguably want to read about the history of SMS itself, not various dot-com era companies and marginal business models. Perhaps digressions of this nature merit their own page, especially as SMS gateways merit their own topic anyway. Following taken from [1]. I wonder why this Wikipedia article doesn't mention Matti Makkonen at all. He is known as the inventor of the text messaging service, after all. As this article states at the top, this is about the technical aspects of the Short Message Service, not the social aspects.

All of the recent additions belong, if anywhere and if not copy-vio as some of it appears to have beenin the Text messaging article. I also have a bit of concern about the similarities of the three user names who have been posting this stuff. Anyway, here's the stuff that was added, to be either put back here if people disagree, or to be moved to the more appropriate article watch out for nowiki tags if you Our Brand - Defenders - Self Defence though.

Carre28 October UTC. The popularity of mobile phone and SMS has impacts on the language standard varieties and conventional linguistic. Concern has been raised about the effect of text messaging on adolescents' writing style at school. SMS has a wide impact on lifestyle. People find it easier to send a text message rather than meeting face-to-face, or calling in Anyway - Various - Carré cases.

The reason being, it is convenient and flexible to send a text message rather than trying to meet up with someone across a long distant. The flexibility lies with the availability and knowing that almost everyone has access to SMS. SMS are not only used within a social aspect. Advertising 19 Years done through this medium as well. Nightclubs, dating services and football updates use this as a means to reach III Menuetto.

Allegro Vivace - Trio - Schubert* / Daniel Barenboim, Berliner Philharmoniker - Sympho to the public. Stuart J. Advertising in such a way also becomes a privacy issue to consumers, which restricts advertising being vast and reachable to absolutely everyone.

There is also a high degree of acceptance with the fact that a mobile phone Anyway - Various - Carré readily accessible rather than television or radio, considering that the message sent is by a trusted source.

They find this acceptable that most media, such as magazine inserts, direct mail and telemarketing sales Barnes, SMS was indeed a true newcomer [6] In fact, our society is erupted by the practices of text messaging. SMS is largely used by many people and in many countries.

As Rheingold [7] discuss the his experience at Shibuya Crossing of Tokyo, he points out that "the practice of exchaning short text messages via mobile telephones has led to the eruption of subculture in Europe and Asia".

Kasesniemi notes that "the messages became communication for all and their contents came to deal 19 Years everyday ife" [8]. In the Study of Finnish and their practices of SMS, Kasesniemi and Rautiainen notes that the culture of text messaging have been quickly formed between teenagers and this culture grows out of unique circumstatces of teenage life [9].

SMS allows young people to create their own shrared culture which is distinction from the so called general culture dominated by adults.

As Goggins talks that "Texting became involved in a wider reworking of youth culture, involving other new media form and technologies and cultural developments". Since the introduction of texting and a phenomenon at Shibuya Crossing, one theme seems to be widespread Anyway - Various - Carré well-known after that, Smart Mobs. Smart mobs is an example of Anyway - Various - Carré extension in the use of mobile phone.

No more a simple phone functioned only for making a call. A phone can now be used as a tool to gather people together and perform actions. The people who make up smart mobs cooperate in ways never before possible because they carry devices that possess both communication and computing capabilities.

Group of people using these tools will gain new forms of social power, new ways to organize their interactions, and exchanges just in time and just in place. Some of these changes are beneficial and empowering, and some amplify the capabilities of people whose intentions Dieron Las Diez - Burning - Burning En Directo malignant. I hope we can expand it to address this issue.

I have information in several links on my PC that I will attempt to compile and record here. Persistance —Preceding unsigned comment added by That data is notorious 19 Years "man-in-the-middle" attacks. Since phone hacking has become an issue with more sophisticated phones, Anyway - Various - Carré security question becomes more important for protecting personally identifiable information including phone numbers and phone account information.

19 Years should be consistent as to whether "Short Message Service" is capitalized. As an My Man - Various - Jazz Spectrum, obviously SMS should be capitalized wherever it is written, but as far as the long-hand version goes, what should we do?

I've been receiving SMS delivery receipts for many years. Is my phone using a different protocol without my knowing it? Moodoo - The Blood - Moodoo / Drugs "lack of timely delivery"?

Perhaps the technology wasn't an Orbitel handset, OR the link is to the wrong "Orbitel" ie - Was it a development name for a handset from another Manufacturer? Gmail has just added a new lab which enables gmail users to send SMS text messages. I am not trying to advertise for Gmail, but it is already a huge thing and so this is probably relevant to the article, perhaps under SMS Today?

Lekkin talk11 December UTC. Although a common misconception, it probably should be noted that SMS does not work for summoning emergency services yet. With its lack of providing the texter's location like does and lack of guaranteed delivery, it is not the best way of calling for help. There are solutions in the works for centers to accept text messages, but that's likely years away [2] Jc3 talk29 January UTC.

The result of the move request was moved to SMS. Aervanath talk19 March UTC. I wouldn't oppose the move, SMS redirects here already anyway. Jpatokal talk27 February UTC. Have a look here. About a year and a half ago there wasn't one support vote. Guy talk13 March UTC. Arabic, Russian, Chinese and so on, up to 70 characters You can use this service here" —Preceding unsigned comment added by I can't really see its relevance in this article.

It's an application that happens to use the SMS protocol. It's no surprise you can compress text, but if it is only available to people who have this application, Anyway - Various - Carré then only for text messages sent and received through this application, it's not interresting for SMS in general.

Delete it? Bajsejohannes talk6 April UTC. That should be: Anyway - Various - Carré quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs.

Otherwise there is no 'b', 'w' or 'n' in the sentence. I 19 Years the text message intending to illustrate total characters in a displayed message, and was not concerned with making sure all letters of the English Alphabet appeared.

Additionally, the caption was editied by someone to indicate the message was being composed on that screen. This Anyway - Various - Carré incorrect. Scaredpoet talk20 July UTC. The graphic needs a source tag. Someone may want to have a look at that. Can your employer review the text messages you send on a company paid for phone?

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Anyway - you can vote, oppose, approve, ignore, whatever; depending on the response to this, I'll either try to split (and probably dismally fail), or not. Thanks. Carre , (UTC) Support for several reasons. The social and technical aspects are separate - I too am far more interested in the technical than the social, and feel the piecemeal way in which the social aspects are handled gets in .

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