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Where do all those sounds come from? How do we create our own tunes or arrangements in that style? Practicing this way helps beginners form good habits, and it also gives experienced players a chance to identify and fix bad habits that are often the result of ineffective practice. Because this style often involves moving shapes and bass lines, a few fretting-hand fingering suggestions are provided next to the noteheads in the standard notation clef. This will serve you well as you begin to develop a strong groove with your thumb.

In his formative years, Chet heard a lot of different kinds of music, including pre-war blues. With the quarter-note bass, be sure to practice with a metronome to internalize a good sense of time, and ultimately, groove.

Click here for Ex. After establishing the bass, add in melody notes. If a measure is challenging, even a single example can be broken down into smaller parts. Think of each measure in Ex. It takes a lot of practice to reach your goals with the guitar, but effective practicing is the fastest and most direct route. Practice each example, or even each measure, until it comes naturally.

Be sure to make a distinction between a slow performance tempo and a slow practice tempo. There is no such thing as practicing too slowly. Start out by simply getting used to the bass pattern in measures one and two, and then add some melody notes to the open Lovesick Blues - Chet Atkins - The Golden Guitar Of Chet Atkins shapes. By keeping the fretting hand simple, we place all our attention on forming a good groove with the picking hand.

The combination of alternating bass and syncopation in the melody gives the example more of a Chet-approved feel. One such detail is learning to alternate between not just two, but three notes in the bass. The three-note pattern sounds fuller and relies on having an open string available that matches the chord tone, or an extra finger free in fretted shapes.

In Ex. Practice alternating the 5—4—6—4 string pattern. That will form the foundation of the house. This allows us to use a new string pattern: 6—4—5—4. Once the new alternating patterns are in place, add some syncopation Ex. Fingerstyle guitar is great for exercising the often-neglected fourth finger, but be careful not Lovesick Blues - Chet Atkins - The Golden Guitar Of Chet Atkins overstretch or strain your fingers. If something is Lovesick Blues - Chet Atkins - The Golden Guitar Of Chet Atkins , stop and find a new position to play it in.

These new shapes facilitate another characteristic aspect of the Atkins style: open strings ringing against a fretted note on the adjacent string, as in Ex. The example ends with a textbook Chet voicing of the A6 chord, which continues the theme of playing fretted notes against the open 1st string. When it comes to melodies, so much of the movement in fingerstyle guitar involves finding the best placement of the melody to fit comfortably within a given chord shape.

One effective way to move around the neck and accommodate a Pulau Dewata - Quasar (quatuor de saxophones) - Du Souffle melody is to slide your hand down to the target pitch. In measure one of Ex. In the next measure, I use a bass line to move up into 10th position for En Ki Moman - Joel Danglades Et Korail* - Dont Give Up ! IV Cosmic Funk - Lonnie Liston Smith - Cosmic Funk & Spiritual Sounds - The Best Of The Flying Dutchman. Although Lovesick Blues - Chet Atkins - The Golden Guitar Of Chet Atkins melodies and tunes vary, the approaches and techniques recur time and time again.

Often this blended into the total picture he was painting, and on his classic recordings with drums and bass, this can almost be lost to the ears, but it is an important part of (Ill Give You) Money - Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive! finer details.

Simply listening to a lot of old Chet Atkins recordings is the best way to internalize this sound and feel, but like anything, eventually it needs to become personalized via practice. Try to place the strum exactly where indicated in the notation to get used to adding this detail into the mix. The technique becomes more of a mindset than a literal move to perform the same way every time. Have fun with it and remember that Chet never played anything exactly the same way twice.

This example concludes with a classic Chet-style single-note lick that features fretted pitches alternating with a recurring 3rd-string drone. As a great admirer of Johnny Smith and many other jazz guitarists, Chet was always expanding his vocabulary of chords and harmony. Learning chord inversions is essential to incorporating both harmony and melody in your arrangements. To make this shape, the left-hand thumb wraps around the neck to grab the low Fleaving the remaining fingers free to fret the other pitches.

An open 1st string sounds great against this shape and is a frequent melody note when Chet uses this inversion. This gives us a bass line that both ascends and descends. Although it seems like a lot to keep track of, anyone can play anything if it is slow and isolated enough.

Take as much time as you need to master each component—no one has ever been able to learn it all within a life and Chet never stopped learning either. Approaching the guitar one note at a time is the surest way forward. His solo guitar album, Half Past Midnightis available at CD Baby, and he specializes in custom curriculums for students the world over via Skype.

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