Now Thy Death Day Come - Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Label: Capitol Records - none • Format: CD Album, Unofficial Release • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Heavy Metal
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Translate Email Print. Raze 2. Deathamphetamine 3. Karma's Messenger 4. Shudder To Think 5. I Am Abomination 6.

Altered Boy 7. Going Going Gone 8. Now Thy Death Day Come 9. Shovel Headed Kill Machine. Light this motherfucker like a roman candle Burn this bitch staight to the ground Raze! Let's not worry about consequences If it's standing we'll bring it down Destroy it all, show no inhibition Revel and rejoice in unbridled demolition Smash it, fuck it, nothing will remain Detect it and wreck it but never take the blame [Chorus] We have ignition!

Deathamphetamine [Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] Life spent with lips on glass Another hit, just onemore blast How long can you make it last? Hit the pipe and vaporize Feel the rush, so energized Your lungs begin to crystalize Try to stem the tide From another five day ride Don't you know you're dead inside? The world spins out of control All amped up, no where to go A glass house is all you know [Chorus] Poison cloud hangs in the air Breathe it deep, your only care It's a nightmare, not a dream Deathamphetamine!

Karma's Messenger [Music: Gary Holt, Lyrics: Rob Dukes] Unrelenting vengence On man for all his sins Ruthless eraclication Day of reckoning to begin The human race is a cancer Fueled by power and lust Punishment is the answer And payment is your blood [Chorus] Death and destruction Hellish cries are the sound Headlong into hell Detribution is now Inflict the suffering Let the punishment fit the crime I belong to vengeance And vengeance is mine Choking out the life Of every living thing History repeats itself World brought down by greed Prositute the truth Stealing from the blind Arrogant indifference The Now Thy Death Day Come - Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine of mankind [Chorus] [Solo: Gary] Killing just for profit And weeding out the weak Ruling with an iron fist The sure fot the disease Driven by the madness Driven by the greed Infected by a cancer Lust and debauchery [Chorus] 4.

Shudder To Think [Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] You hit rock bottom, now where do you go from here Sunk-down, locked-up, all you do is disappear All your promises areall just a pack of lies Your've got nothing, something you can't Love Devine - John Holt - A Love I Can Feel [Chorus] Why don't you take some responsibility You're pointing fingers and blaming everybody Shudder to think if I lived like you They would be One Long Glance - The Pretty Things - Emotions too, if they only knew I can't take any more excuses No longer needed and you don't have any uses Washed up, washed out, what more can I say You better start filling out your resume [Chorus] [Solo: Gary] Everything was there for the taking Too Busy with the lying and faking Drugged up, fell out, too many second chances Nothing else to do under the circumstances [Chorus] 5.

I Am Abomination [Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] I am affliction The cause of all that ails you I am addiction That binds and assails you Through all confusion I am the chaos I'm the thing that makes you hurt Laughing at your loss [Chorus] Just underneath you skin Is evils Senora - La Vecchia Guardia - Verso Sera Come see the face of devastation You are me, I am abomination I am the bleeding When you open up the vein I am the overdose That rushes to your brain I'm all you've come to loath All you've known to hate I am the hunter When you come to take the bait [Chorus] [Solo: Lee] [Solo: Gary] I am Jehovah I am the virgin whore I am the battlefield I'm pestilence and war I am the monster That lurks Now Thy Death Day Come - Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine your bed I'm all perversions Trapped inside your head 6.

Altered Boy [Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] Unholy pedophile Praying on the innocent Protected by the papacy So-called men of enlightenment Children fingered by the hand of god Raped in the name of Christ They took a vow of chastity Yet have torn asunder so many a life [Chorus] Chickenhawks of the Catholic Church Out to save and destroy They have become the priest of burden And he's become an altered boy Men so benevolent In a position of trust Molesting children by the score Rendering youg life staight into dust They're church is their Golgotha Their chucified by the priest Child becomes the victim Holy father becomes the beast [Chorus] [Solo: Lee] [Solo: Gary] Multi-million lollar payouts Resitution for their crimes This vile sickness Cut to many down in their prime All the bishops and the cardinals Tried to hide it away In the parish and cathedrels The pedators come to prey [Chorus] 7.

Now Thy Death Day Come [Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] Bloodied, cleaved and mutilated Dead bodies amputated Mans bloody inclination God's final abdicaton Angels weep on bended knee So begins the tyranny The fallen one will rise again So ends the time of man [Chorus] My will be done Now they death day come Never more the sound of laughter Misery for ever after The cries of suffering Are what the Now Thy Death Day Come - Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine day bring No one gives the benediction All hear the maldication Lucifer makes his accent No words for mans laent [Chorus] On black wings I take to the sky Scouring the land Rejoicing in and laughing in The folly of man Centuries of hatred Centuries of fear Have led you to the end of days And the one you so revere [Solo: Gary] [Solo: Lee] The gates of heaven have been shattered Wings of angels torn and tattered All due to mankind's thirst For war so well rehearsed When you see my demon eyes Too late to aplolgize Can you feel the irony?

War for all eternity [Chorus] Now Thy Death Day Come - Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine . A symphony Written in human debris Art and murder true synonymy No appeal, no "I got a raw deal", I don't give a fuck One thing is clear I've got a deaf ear You better shut your mouth and duck When I get a taste of laying everone to waste My hunger won't subside I won't ever stop till the last body drops Let the bullet be my guide [Chorus] The virtue of vice In my bloody paradise A portrait of gore My.

Shovel Headed Kill Machine [Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] Tank treads crushing over piles of broken bones Siege engine revving and coming to atone Poisonous black smoke billows from it's eyes Unholy war machine can't be compromised Fueled by the corpses feted fleshed Never turning back forward to the death It's only mission is killing everything It's the shovel headed kill machine [Chorus] Here to sarifice Infernal hate device Satan's go between Kneel and die before the Shovel headed kill machine So inhuman you don't speak it's name It's artillery sets the world aflame Mechanical demon rolling 'cross the sand Blood stained thing scorching black the holy land Skin made of iron heart made of steel Lubricated by the blood beneath it's wheels Reclaiming the world for it's king It's the shovel headed kill machine [Chorus] Here to sacrifice Infernal hate device Satan's go between Knee and die before the Shovel headed kill machine Thanks to cbowen70, justin for sending these lyrics.

Thanks to metamania for correcting track 9 lyrics. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Please read the disclaimer.


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Shataxe says:
Shovel Headed Kill Machine. It is also the band's first studio album not to feature Rick Hunolt on guitars, with Lee Altus as his replacement, and the only Exodus album to feature Paul Bostaph on drums after Tom Hunting 's second departure as a result of the reoccurrence of the illness that prompted him to Genre: Thrash metal.

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