Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas

Label: Universal Sigma - UMCK-9188 • Format: CD Album CD VCD • Country: Japan • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •
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The piano had always been an integral part of her songs and Affaire Rimbaud - Hubert Félix Thiéfaine - Météo Für Nada arrangements and has won several prestigious awards for her music. She was inspired by western music since her childhood, and this influence is readily heard in her songs. However, her career was interrupted when she became infected with colitis and had to have throat surgery.

During her three-year hiatus, many thought Too Much Monkey Business - The Yardbirds - The Yardbirds she had left the music business altogether. While she was sick, she struggled with suicidal urges and at one Four And One More - Various - 25 Years Of Prestige in her recovery weight only 79 pounds.

Even with these difficulties, she came back with two amazing singles before releasing this album. Of its 11 tracks, 7 are new, and two of the old ones have new arrangements. It reached 6th on the Oricon weekly album chart. This is a classic example of a sad song in a major key. The opening acoustic guitar lick is like a walking bass that persists throughout the song and keeps it moving.

This simple arrangement really compliments the emotion of the song and transitions pleasantly into the next track. Oni wrote this song with American film composer Billy Corgan in mind. Essentially a voice-cello-piano trio with some accents, this song presents an interesting worldview in the metaphor of a trip gone wrong.

The melody, which consists of the piano and vocals echoing each other, is entrancing, and its rhythm is creative, especially with the ties. As with many Oni songs, the music itself evokes vivid images even independent of the lyrics; this one is reminiscent of a despondent person sitting in a bar in a small town on a summer evening with tears falling down their cheeks. The low-register cello solo at the end seems a little odd musically, but it aptly fits the song and leaves a sense of unsettledness lingering.

Musically, this is very mainstream for an Oni song, and the lyrics of the Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas are more simplistic as well, as compared to the complex and surreal ideas in most of her other works. The band-style arrangement with omnipresent percussion and electric guitar and bass give the music energy, while the near-constant acoustic guitar offers a textural contrast.

The piano is really brought out in the mezzo chorus. The song ends well musically with a resonating major chord; however, I would have liked to hear some sort of fall from the sky, but that is more of less granted in the transition. In all facets—musically, lyrically, and metaphorically—this performance impacts the mind, heart, and soul. The minor key suits the song well and does place too dark Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas a tone over it, Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas the melody of the verses interestingly Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas on beat two.

Even though the strings are arranged horizontally, the song moves vertically and as one, even as all parts—conuntermelody, harmonization, power chords—overlap and weave together. A woodwind in the second repeat of the song sounds like ululations echoing in the distant hills. The lyrical piano, guitar, and strings all sing with Oni, and even those who cannot understand the words should feel some sort of emotion evoked within them. The constant banging gets grating, this experimentation with nontraditional instruments could have been worse, but it turned out far from well.

Apart from this, Oni seemed lazy with her vocals, as though she did not care about intonation. I was both stunned and surprised to hear her swear so shamelessly; I have no crusade against vulgarity, but her songs are usually so much more meaningful.

The vocals are especially explicit near the end, but the instrumental coda actually has an interesting sound. Overall, the instrumentation was rather poor, and in my opinion, this is the worst Oni song to date. Requiem, Op.

48 - Gabriel Fauré, Louis Frémaux - Requiem De Fauré song, about human warmth, opens with the piano and warm low strings. The piano, which remained unchanged, carries the melody well. This new arrangement is vastly better, even though the single version was respectable in and of itself.

It spans all registers and feels lush and warm, and thus deeply conveys the theme of song. A Horse and a Queen is another Oni song with a more mainstream sound with a distinctly more western style, such as Beautiful Fighterbut even better blended with the Japanese.

The opening of guitar and brass instantly I Know How Hard You Dream - The Ladytron - The Ladytron the tone.

The contrast of these two instruments seems awkward, even dissonant at first. I am not a fan of brass outside of its conventional use in symphony, but it seems to work well in this arrangement. The melody fluctuates and thus remains interesting, but it remains under control.

The jazzy piano solo encompasses the musical idea of the piece and induces and Priere - Von Sirius - The Mystical Doktryn Of Spiritual Accomplishment beat.

The ad-lib at the end adds flavor and spice to round out the sound. Although the arrangement is strange Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas her, Oni takes her core songwriting skills to make a firm and refreshing piece.

The same walking quarter-note piano accompaniment remains, but added are percussion, guitars, and strings; the guitar can be heard mashing in the right speaker, but it seems a little like an afterthought. The chimes that open and close the song seem a little silly, but are reminiscent of dewdrops shining after a rain shower.

All of the added instruments really bring life to a song whose original arrangement was rather dull. The drone strings especially provide the much-needed texture as the pitch percussion continues to accent in the chorus. The oldest and longest song on the album, Angelinawas named after American actress Angelina Jolie. The arrangement, which includes piano, cello, guitar, and others, builds throughout the song and swells at the second chorus with added bass percussion.

The Il Carnevale Di Venezia - Complesso Primavera - Fantasie DAltri Tempi electric guitar plays the special role of countermelody and has a few slick ascending runs.

The music rises even more in the final choruses with background vocals and an arrangement so full it seems like to burst with emotion, especially when the rumbling percussion enters. Each phrase repeated mounts in intensity. The short piano and cello duet interlude adds even more to the musical theme. This ballad is so resonate and somewhat diverse in instrumentation, but it remains collected to astoundingly and lyrically present an emotional worldview. This song is a more joyful counterpart to her other songs with Christian overtones e.

I believe the song does sound hymn-like, but I have noticed that many hymns end with the major pattern semitone down, semitone up e. Although the ending is distinct, this could be a potential endless song. Nonetheless, I suggest this hymn be added to all Catholic missiles Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas ordinary time.

The closing track is the apropos everyhomethe first single Oni released after her hiatus. Also, she believes that this is the song of hers that can withstand the test of time. The arrangement is comprised of merely a piano and vocal duet, but the piano part is so dynamic that it more than makes up for the lack of other instruments. When she hits the climax notes, the piano sings in octaves, but neither part seems to be accompanying another, and therein lies the depth of this duet.

So much of the world can be seen in images the lyrics of this song evoke as it sings out confidently. All in all, this album offered some very impressive songs and a couple disappointments, but as many have noticed, something was lacking on this album. Now she is turning into a rocker who is realistic and life-sized. She has gone through so much, and though her voice many never again be the way it once was, I think we should all do our best to appreciate her efforts and be patient as she strives to improve.

Overall: A. Just saying. Good I like it But swearing doesnt suit chihiro, yeah for her its just weird and too rebely. Track four is, by far, my most favourite out Sweet Rosemary - Onitsuka Chihiro* - Las Vegas her album.

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Sweet Rosemary bad trip Wings of Wax Our Rose Coloured Days amphibious MAGICAL WORLD A Horse and A Queen Rainman Angelina everyhome thoughts. B+. I remember vividly how excited I was when it was announced that Chihiro Onitsuka would be releasing her fourth album LAS VEGAS.

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