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Currently this archive contains 54 plotlines and 71 reviews. A couple vacationing in the French countryside have a car accident, which somehow transports them back 12, years into the past, where they are menaced by a Neanderthal hunter.

The Lights Out! The Devil and Mr O version is available. A young woman held prisoner in an old mine by bandits receives help from an unearthly source. An Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out episode the last of the series which stars Arch Oboler as himself, the head writer and producer of Lights Out, confronted with Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out malignant presence given life by the force of his own creative imagination and persistent concentration.

Two American college students in Paris attend a ball with some unusual masked guests. An occultist detective is Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out by an airline to investigate a plane crash that may have been caused by supernatural means. Two old ladies go on a cruise to get away from it all.

Only it is a very strange cruise, because they find out that no one else is aboard An angry husband vents his rage Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out calling his wife a heartless cat, only to witness his accusations take on a disturbing reality when she begins a strange lycanthropy.

One of the versions produced stars Boris Karloff. One of the most famous radio plays ever: the subject of a scientific experiment, a chicken's heart starts a cycle of rampant, uncontrolled growth, threatening to overwhelm the entire surface of the earth within weeks. An abbreviated reconstruction from Oboler's "Drop Dead" album often mistaken for a portion of the original is available, however, Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out a recreation of the entire script by the Gotham Radio Players also exists.

A difficult rehearsal for a murder scene in Lights Out is interrupted by an eccentric old man peddling coffins. Despite the director's misgivings, the broadcast goes well, until A doctor and a cop are called to a Judas Priest - British Steel, which has a closet with a void of darkness.

A new kind of evil lurks in Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out darkness, a force which turns you inside out! This version of the story does not star Boris Karloff. Due to the length, I strongly suspect that this circulating episode is actually from Oboler's album: "Drop Dead!

An Exercise in Horror". I don't know if a full half-hour version was ever produced. See also "Nothing behind the Door" Quiet, Please. From the LP Drop Dead! An Exercise in Horror. The basis for a half-hour episode produced for Fear on 4. A researcher has developed a resurrection technique that he's successfully performed on animals and now plans to try on his recently deceased wife.

But, as is typical with mad science, the results are less than desirable. With Boris Karloff. After Impresiones intimas VI: La barca - Frederic Mompou, Alicia De Larrocha - Piano Works/Klavierwerke robbery-murder, two crooks encounter a mysterious man who offers to take them to a place where the police will never find them.

A story about a woman who has the most amazing recurring dreams, night after night after night. Broadcast once. Not to be confused with a different story which is alternately known as: "The Dream", "Darryl Hall's Thoughts", and "Kill". Darrell Hall is a university professor who has never had a dream in his entire life.

But one night he is inexplicably plagued by a nightmare in which pale, livid faces call out to him in a droning chorus and a hideous woman urges him with a constant command of 'Kill, kill, kill Initially broadcast as "The Dream" [] and alternately known as "Darryl Hall's Thoughts", it was rebroadcast under the name "Kill" [].

Not to be confused with a different story also titled "The Dream" []. Nazis repeatedly attempt to hang a French girl but she keeps returning to the gallows alive and well.

A doctor creates an elixir that speeds up his physical and mental processes, which he uses to commit robberies. But like any cutting edge drug, it eventually exhibits some nasty side effects. Quoting from an incantation used by fire worshippers of Olde, Arnie conjures a fiery elemental maiden who commands him to perform heinous acts as her newly acquired servant Husband-and-wife American tourists find themselves trapped in Holland's infamous prison and tortured by three-hundred-year-old Spanish conquerors.

Two milquetoast reporters journey out to an abandoned farm, supposedly haunted, to interview the resident ghost. Not to be confused with "Super Feature". A cop killer refuses to confess, so he gets put in a cell allegedly haunted by the ghost of another cop killer to see if that'll make him crack.

While digging a hole to plant a tree, a man uncovers an ancient Roman coffin. Inside he discovers something that would have been better left forever buried.

A young woman on a lark in Paris is abducted by a kidnapper and taken into the labyrinth of Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out under the city. She manages to escape her captor, but is lost and runs afoul of a demented sewer dweller who means to apprentice her in his ghoulish pursuits.

The title is an arbitrary one, as no title is offered by the narrator; it is derived from the first words of the story.

Why some copies of the episode are labeled as "It Happened" is a mystery to me. A woman drowns her despised mother-in-law in the basement well. But Ma intervenes when the missus plans the same for her not too bright husband. A college student and her friend go pay a Mamacita - Bligg - Service Publigg Untitled - Pink Desert - Plays: Lights Out on an aunt she hasn't seen for a while.

But it is they who get the surprise when they encounter the aunt's cat. A trio of con artists surprise both their victim and themselves when they bring a dead dog's severed head back to life—and its body, too. John Phillips, successful businessman, is in quite the pickle: he is having an affair with his pretty secretary Patricia, and he fears it won't be long before his wife Lucille finds out. With Patricia's infatuation growing ever deeper, her brother arriving to threaten John with a good thrashing, and Lucille heading down to the office that same day, John finds himself in the middle of an ever-constricting circle of guilt and suppressed feelings that will lead him to make the only final solution possible A suburban couple are astounded when a small meteor crashes into their yard and they bring it inside, only to find that it houses a malevolent alien mind.

A couple walking down the beach one night come across an old man writing names in the sand and the dates when they'll die. A Fairy Godmother And Fairy Winter - Prokofieff*, Hugo Rignold, Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Ga sailor wins three thousand dollars in a sweepstakes but his friend Tony has other plans for the money.

A frustrated fortune hunter murders his native guide to get his hands on the man's diamond, but he gets more than he bargained for when the native vows vengeance with his last breath. Two network secretaries find themselves the object of bizarre occurrences while typing out a script for Lights Out.

While on a scenic tour of a canyon, a group of four becomes enclosed below by a landslide of boulders that claims one of the members' lives. As she passes, she confesses to the murder of her husband and it soon becomes apparent that this 'freak accident' might just bring out everyone's darkest secrets.

A family renting a creepy old house write off the warnings of the old caretaker, until they hear organ music in the middle of the night and their son claims to have conversations with an old woman who is clearly not there.

Or is she? At a college, after a student is refused membership in a fraternity he decides to pay them all back. Being a science student he turns to science and builds his instrument of revenge a chemical that can dissolve anything. He calls it a miracle as it eats deeper and deeper. You must decide—is it a miracle or his destruction?

When three young women desecrate a grave by dancing on it, they discover the hard way just how deadly the old superstition against such taboos can be. A jealous conductor thinks The Music Is Too Much - Various - 3XhARd3R - The Second Chapter wife is cheating and plans to do something about it.

A woman inherits a mysterious island and finds it populated with inhuman creatures. What evil could a man wreak upon the world if every wicked desire he conceives were to instantly come true?

As they say, Absolute power corrupts absolutely Because he has thrown away a flower from her grave, a grief-stricken widower believes he has doomed his dead wife to haunt a darkened cemetery forever.

A British officer serving in India makes use of Eastern mystic powers to avenge the death of his brother at the Death Toll - Sydney Ducks - Death Toll of thugs back home. A botanist obsessed with growing the perfect rose invents a hormone formula that, when poured into the ground, has a startling effect on worm physiology.

Julian, a dead man, haunts Carol, the woman he still loves. The first manned mission to the Moon is returning to Earth in triumph, but the home world is not the same place as when they left it. Kudos to Anonymous for supplying the following corrections: The correct date is and the author is Wyllis Cooper. When NBC picked up the series in April '35, this was the premiere.

A recording survives at the Paley Center in New York. Here's the info and plot synopsis from paleycenter. In this episode, Dr. Paul Benjamin, a psychic researcher, offers shelter one stormy night to Count Danke - Doro - Calling The Wild Countess von Drackenstein, who claim to have had car trouble.

Benjamin, who has recently moved to this remote and isolated house with his daughter Esther, listens as the Count talks about his own magnificent castle in Transylvania and his long absence from his homeland. Esther is introduced to the guests that evening and quickly grows uneasy, as she remembers reading a news report of the death in a car crash one week ago of the Count and Countess von Drackenstein.

The Count explains that the report was a mistake, but Esther is shocked to notice, sometime later, that neither the Count nor the Countess are reflected in the dining room mirror. Later that night, the doctor and his daughter gather about them whatever protection they can and await the dawn together in Esther's bedroom. But nothing can prevent the grey mist from seeping under the bedroom door and only the crucifix which Esther holds in her hand prevents the vampire couple from feeding on her after wounding her father.

In a selfless act to rid the world of this evil, Dr. Benjamin instructs Esther to ignite the room and all four die in the conflagration. A newspaper gets a new owner who decided to purge the staff, leading one columnist to commit suicide. On a drive home late one night, he finds out what a bad idea it Sistuhs Shaking Up - Various - Andreas Hellingh Presents Soul Exposed to treat his underlings in such a shoddy manner.

He succeeds, but doesn't count on his brother refusing to stay at the bottom of the sea. A journalist interviews a railway signal-man who claims to be haunted by a spectre that warns of impending danger.

Two ne'er-do-wells stuck in Brazil stumble across a spider as big as a dog, deep in the jungle.


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