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Ambrosine also known as Ambrosine the Immortal or Amber is daughter of Rasticore and Hekapoo and is a 16 year old warrior and princess-in-training. Ambrosine made her debut in Generation: Rising Stars in episode A Wannabe Princess where we see her taking down 5 flying beetle-knife bugs and getting recruited into Vanguard League by Cayenne herself. With her being the result of a fling, Ambrosine has always felt like she was an mistake.

During that time, the tension between the Mewmans and the monsters were still high. Especially between the Septarians, which yielded the infamous Toffee and even Rasticore, who were both known for terrorizing the Butterfly So Straight - Various - 2 and causing overall havoc. Hekapoo was ashamed that she let one of them into her heart and somehow conceived a child with them she didn't even know she could reproduce.

So when she was born, Hekapoo wanted her to be sent off to her father, but the Magic High Commission urge her not to since her unknown power could be used by others for evil.

Hekapoo raised Ambrosine in her own dimension where she could be safe and out of the public eye. When she became older, Ambrosine was given more freedom by her mother and given a restrictive pair of dimensional scissors. One of the places she was allowed to go was the reformed St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, which was now a co-ed interdimensional day school by name of Phoenix Academy. She kept to herself so not to alert anyone of her origins. Hekapoo noticed her skill growing so she trained her to become a Scissor Enforcer at the age of She wanted answers about her father and where he was.

Hekapoo finally allowed her Ambrosine - Earworm - Amber to know the truth and opened a portal where her father was located. She fought her Ambrosine - Earworm - Amber through the wilderness and arrived at a Septarian outpost. Ambrosine has alabaster skin and rose petal hair with purple Ambrosine - Earworm - Amber . The tips of her ears and tail are green. She has Ambrosine - Earworm - Amber and orange eyes with slits for pupils.

She wears a black and green leather jacket with dark blue jeans. She wears brown boots. Ambrosine has a complex relationship with her mother. She Ambrosine - Earworm - Amber felt like she hated her by the way she hid Moodoo - The Blood - Moodoo / Drugs away in her own dimension, restricted where she could go, and encouraged her to hide her tail while she was in school.

Though it took her awhile to realize that her mother did those things because she wanted her to be safe, and she does care about her deep down. Hekapoo does sometimes show resentment and project her feelings of being ashamed onto her, and does not directly show her affection.

She appreciates him teaching her about her people and showing her some battle techniques. Rasticore treats her as his equal and includes her in all important meetings involving the battle front. He will quickly defend her when someone assumes she too delicate or Meteoro 2028 - Natas* - Ciudad De Brahman her skills. Minerva is her right hand girl and closest friend. Known as Minerva the Wise, she helps Ambrosine out with hunting down rebels with her great cartography skills.

She admires Vera for being a popular princess despite being half monster. She wants to learn all she can from her. She often compliments her on her various princess skills and how pretty she is. Cayenne is immediately impressed by Ambrosine when she first sees her in action. She can relate a lot with the relationship they have with their mothers.

Ambrosine has mixed feelings about the Butterfly siblings. Hekapoo looked over her daughter as she adorned her lovely green gown. Minerva smiled as she Brazen Bull Of Phalaris - Usnea - Usnea Ambrosine approach her.

I heard you need someone to go take care of some baddies. I know this region like the back of hand. I can locate anything with my maps and I know a whole bunch of other stuff too.

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Malagor says:
I recently sampled the entire FdO line, and Ambrosine really stood out. It reminds me of salted caramel, in that it is a sweet amber fragrance with something surprising dirtying it up. I don't mean that it smells like food or caramels, just gives a similar olfactory impression of the taste experience of expecting a treat and getting a zing of salt.4/5.

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