Combustible - Various - EQX-clusives Volume 3

Label: 102.7 WEQX - none • Series: EQXclusives - 3 • Format: CD Compilation, Stereo • Country: US • Genre: Rock •
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Very few individuals who have rented an adult video have missed seeing this woman's face, breasts and delectable derriere and every body part in between! She dropped out of the industry back inbut came roaring back with a vengeance, even signing an exclusive production contract with Video Exclusives. Of course, she's best known for her sumptuous, round, all-natural breasts.

Some of her hobbies include reading, shopping and eating-She is most definitely a woman of supreme appetite! Her favorite food is French cuisine. This woman has Only Your Love - Robby Valentine - The Magic Infinity experience, great looks she's one-half Italian, one-half Armenian and everything else that makes up the persona of a true, original adult star.

Erica Boyer. Join Roscoe, the unemployed garbageman; Jamal, the world-famous hustler; and Mr. Combing the various rooms of a New Wave tenement, our trip discovers one pleasure after another. They even pick up another woman along the way and become a traveling foursome.

Then the real adventure starts When a Director says something to upset Christy, she runs off to the dressing room and has stage fright. To make her happy the director promises the lead role to her.

This movie is a flashback to get Christy out of her dressing room. Give themselves up or possibly getting killed by the police and trying to prove thier innocence. Can she overcome her filthy desires, or will she succumb to the will of her admirers? In order to solve the case, she must infiltrate a bordello and pretend she's a prostitute, naturally being unable to say no to any customer, for authenticity's sake. A classic film, this is not one to miss. The only problem is, once they're spent, they're dead.

This is post armageddon and men die once they climax, unless the beautiful scientist Ariana can stop the curse and save mankind. But the cure now exists, and with it Christy's power. Can Christy put an end to this cure before it gets out? Combustible - Various - EQX-clusives Volume 3 he can come up with are foxy, but timid subjects. He needs more than a pretty face. Maybe it's a backdoor urge. Maybe it's a hidden desire to take a woman between the breasts.

Perhaps you've always wanted to share your Combustible - Various - EQX-clusives Volume 3 . Or watch her squirt. Well we share those fantasies.

All of them. Think of it as five incredible dream sequences. Only you're wide awake to enjoy them. Erica Boyer pulls out all the stops with co-star Scott Taylor in Combustible - Various - EQX-clusives Volume 3 that will leave you wet with excitement.

Ginger's sex-sational, auto-erotic scene leads to a hard-driving anal assault of Brittany Stryker by "Buttman" John Stagliano in a special appearance. The beat goes on as Barb. Ginger returns with Candy and Mark Wallace for a three-way, no-holes-barred encounter that is wetter and wilder than mere fantasy. Ginger Lynn's Fantasy World is a must for connoisseurs of video erotica. All Orders are Securely Processed by. We Proudly Accept the Following. Bolla Synopsis: The wild goings on within one house holds the key to pleasure beyond belief as the visitors to this house find their fantasies begin to overlap one another's.

Mann, Steve Powers, Tony Martino Synopsis: The going ons at the local strip club where the dancers perform then come off the stage and personally entertain the spectators Some Combustible - Various - EQX-clusives Volume 3 the female customers even join the fun.

Ginger on The Rocks starring Ginger Lynn, Erica Boyer, Amber Lynn Tamara Longley, Christy Canyon, Nicole West, Tom Byron, Ron Jeremy Marc Wallice, Herschel Savage Synopsis: Following Ginger's adventures as she defies her wealthy family in a search for love and lust that takes her through men, women, wild parties, doctor's office orgys, a maid who does nore than windows and finally a simple country boy looking for a simple city girl. Bolla, Rick Cassidy Synopsis: An eager therapist uses hypnosis to delve into his patient's most lustful thoughts.

But after a while she realizes she is in love with him and sets out to win his Yellow Submarine - The Beatles - Revolver over. He can't seem to get any satisfaction at home from his wife Gail Force, while at work he's constantly confronted by secretary Christy Canyon and her luscious 44D charms. Something's got to give. Gardener - Who says 'You can't find good help these days' a black and hung, Andre Bolla gets to do his digging indoors and sprays Marilyn with his fertile seed.

But once she falls asleep, her mind lays out the dirtiest dream she had locked in her imagination. In the meantime, to keep her from flagging, he arranges temporary lodging with in a succession of soon-to-be-doomed young ladies. What follows in an expose of the legal sytem in the USA, and the double stansdards by which the "law" is applied. Loosely based on the events of the Harry Reems trial of the early 70s and The Stacey Donovan incident of the late 80s. Even with the help of her friends, it looks like the starlet must take a more active role in her defense.

In doing so however, she becomes the target of the judge's wrath. With clients to pamper and the boss's birthday these girls start exploring their fantasies with the Combustible - Various - EQX-clusives Volume 3 in the office. While Christy's more than a little experienced with sex, Jennifer is still a virgin who's shy and unsure about it. Luckily she has Christy to question about sex and to give her support, but Christy might be feeling a little more than just friendship towards Jennifer.

She finds herself in a strange new world, as she embarks on her first real, adult relationship. And Jennifer finds she can be happy at home and beyond, as she balances her domestic side with her wild side. Years later the girls get a chance at revenge, and they take it.

This is the uncut original version complete with all the violence and gore. Croix is a talk show host whose behind-the-scenes antics are even more of a variety show than his onstage shtick! Their Combustible - Various - EQX-clusives Volume 3 return to all the delicious sexcapades they shared here, and oh, what memories they have.

Legendary porn stud Paul Thomas stars as a man who can't seem to keep his spirits The Beginning Is Nigh - Oneida - The Wedding enough to please his long-deprived wife. It seems that his mother once caught him having sex with the maid, and ever since he hasn't been able to keep his energies from drooping in the clinch.

When his wife's father finds out about his daughter's lack of sexual fun, he gives Thomas an ultimatum. He has three days to have sex with his wife, or else. She meets alot of strange characters along the way. But they both have seperate lives and find their friendship tested by thier commitments and their own unspoken passions.

For anyone who's ever struggled with an affair, Paul Thomas has a novel idea, merge. As in making the mistress a part of the relationship. Of course it helps if the wife is Christy Canyon and the mistress is Jamie Summers. She is happy to help customers when they have trouble picking out a porn tape. From the lust-filled reaches of one of the twentieth century's most truly erotic minds come six tales of hot, oozing sexual fulfillment First, two naughty nymphos on the lam sexually corrupt an innocent young couple.

Then, Kimberly Carson's "unique" arrangement with Herschel Savage really stretches the boundaries of illicit lovemaking. Next, Elle Rio forgot she made a date with Tom Byron Eddy Arnold And Jaye P.

Morgan - Mutual Admiration Society Jon Martin on the same night, and when they both show up, she has twice as much fun as she had anticipated, with two tools in the same box, plus some intense back-door action. And there's more! Tantalizing Tess Ferre and big Buck Adams like to talk dirty to each other in a love-fest that'll leave you speechless Big-busty Christy Canyon proves she knows what girls want and how!

John Leslie and Robin Cannes enact an arousing fantasy in a kinky search for the ultimate sex-kick. Don't miss this bawdy blockbuster from the master of the carnal cinema!

While they try and get him in on their girl-groping fun, Tom insists on staying true to his luscious wife Christy Canyon. Until, that is, he spies a shapely and mysterious woman in pink. Tom falls instantly in lust, but just who is this delectable damsel, anyway?

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