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Prior to his active interest in Lincoln's murder Steers was occupied in the field of biomedical research. Joan Chaconas specializes in the history of Washington, DC. Late last year Steers and Chaconas visited Terre Haute to examine the material, and according to onlookers were dumbfounded by its size and complexity. They stayed four hours and as of this writing have not returned. The first four paragraphs of their article are a succinct account of what occurred some forty years ago prominently involving Civil War Times and its then editor, Robert H.

Steers and Chaconas then introduce Otto Eisenschiml, as if that long-dead researcher had not been savaged enough by William Hanchett, professor emeritus, University of San Diego. Davis, former editor of Civil War Times -- citing three articles written between and for his own magazine later, Civil War Times Illustrated. The proprietor of the Baker Funeral Home in Manassas, some thirty years ago, recalled in writing the arrival of Potter's body from Colorado, where he had died in Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe automobile accident.

The funeral was at the U. The Steers-Chaconas article is vulnerable on numerous points but on few more curious than its stumbling over the name of William A. Its Browning family photo is also in the Neff-Guttridge Collection, accompanied by a letter I received in October from Peregrine Browning's great grandson who identifies the man in question as William Arthur Browning.

He also names a small boy in the photo as Ringgold, in adulthood a Confederate scout and sometime member of Colonel John Mosby's unit during the Civil War. Superintendent Almarin C. Browning letters reflect in part his successful efforts to spring his brother Ringgold from the Old Capitol Prison. Are Steers-Chaconas ignorant of all this?

But then, with respect to names, we have to contend with Steers's mispelling of Louis J. Weichmann's name throughout his Blood on the Moon If his spelling is correct then all other writers on Lincoln's murder, including Floyd E. Risvold, who edited Weichmann's letters, and Louis J. Weichmann himself have been misspelling the young man's name.

Admittedly, Dark Union relocates Booth's meeting with Confederate soldiers to some yards across the Rappahannock River. And Sergeant Silas Cobb is not placed in the correct military outfit.

Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe were in Montreal. The two rebel commissioners were in that city's Donygana Hotel for at least part of October As William C. Claiming that the Confederate Captain James W. Boyd's middle name was Waters, as Steers-Chaconas do, may to the reader seem a very small error. But this one has special significance. Most of the confusion springs from garbled family records. There was neither space nor necessity in Dark Union for the story of more than one James W.

It can be summarized here. First, James William Boyd of the 6th Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States Army, in February as a prisoner of war cut a deal with Secretary Stanton for permission to go home to Jackson, Tennessee, to take care of his seven motherless children.

Steers-Chaconas are remiss in failing to mention that not only did Boyd refer to Caroline Boyd as deceased in his February 14, appeal to Stanton for a private interview, in Decemberwriting to William P. Wood, chief of the Old Capitol Prison, he makes clear that his wife had died. The proof is easily found in War Department records at the National Archives.

Within twenty-four hours of his Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe for a personal interview with Stanton, Boyd was released. There his official record ends. The other James W. His middle name was Waters and he was born in Ireland in He became sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee, in the s.

He fought a two-hours bare-knuckles fight in a horse pasture outside Purdy with a Joel Rowark whom he had wrongfully arrested for horse-stealing and the Rowarks swore vengeance. Their chance came during the Civil War when Boyd, accompanied by two Chickasaw Indians named Ollie and Ossie Feather, rode with the Union colonel, Fielding Hurst, and acquired a reputation for killing and torturing Confederate prisoners of war.

Boyd escaped. On January 1,he was Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe the Jackson railroad depot awaiting the train for Nashville where he expected to sign on as a deputy federal marshal. There Joel Rowark's I Wont Be Doing That Tonight - Don Black & Geoff Stephens - Off The Wall: A Revuesical killed him with a shotgun.

Boyd's grave in Tennessee would bolster their claim that he couldn't have been the man killed at Richard H. Garrett's farm in Virginia eight months earlier.

They reportedly searched, and found nothing. Boyd's grave, the stone half sunken but plainly bearing his name. And Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe date This obviously was not Captain Boyd's grave, who was born in Moreover, nearby we saw and photographed stones that marked where the Feather brothers were buried, side by side.

Robert Cartmell, a local farmer who periodically entered Jackson and picked up items of gossip, kept a journal. He learned of the shooting at the railroad depot but identified the victim as James W. It does nothing of the sort. This shouldn't be overlooked because the sources Steers-Chaconas rely upon give that date for the death of James Waters Boyd's wife, not the Confederate captain's. George's son Harry born sought a federal pension in the s for what Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe claimed were his grandfather's Civil War services to the Union.

He had it figured out wrong. Harry's grandfather's name was James William Boyd. He was a rebel captain. Harry's efforts failed to convince the War Department which informed him in a letter signed by the adjutant-general, dated April 13,that detailed his grandfather's military record, not as a Union scout but as a Confederate officer. So we know how the pre-war McNairy County sheriff, ruthless scout for Fielding Hurst in wartime, met his end.

In Selmer, McNairy County, is a monument bearing names of the area's early notables. They include that of James Waters Boyd. And Captain James William Boyd? Following his release upon Stanton's orders, he wrote to his son James, that he would soon be heading for Mexico, well-funded. Young James was to meet him at Brownsville, Texas, but his father did not appear nor did the family ever see him again. The possibility isn't easily dismissed because the evidence that it was John Wilkes Booth is far from closed to questions.

The justly respected researcher James O. Yet the identification was for the most part by people who knew him casually. If the case rested on that identification done on the Montauk it would be weak indeed.

Guttridge, Navy MedicineJanuary-February As for the Steers-Chaconas assumption that David Herold was fully identified along the trail to Garrett's as Booth's companion, study of the statements in the Conspiracy Trial transcripts and LAS Files shows otherwise.

Mudd's statement as published for the first time in its entirety in the Georgetown Medical BulletinVolume 29, No. He gave his name Sorgens Kammer - Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst Henston. John Lloyd? That picture of Herold on the reward poster! A post-assassination souvenir, according to Steers-Chaconas, who base this chiefly on two sources, one an article by Steers in the Lincoln HeraldVol.

Nothing at all is found in either article to prove Steers-Chaconas's point. What is going on here? There seems something a bit too artful in the Steers-Chaconas approach to the argument about Indiana Congressman George Julian's journal.

And fortunately, the entry for April 24 is among those published. In one breath Steers-Chaconas say correctly that only portions of the diary were made public, in the next they purport to know a complete day's entry.

When they wrote that second sentence, had they forgotten or presumed that their readers had forgotten, the wording of the first sentence? Booth's Outro - Starbomb - Starbomb Ex Plus Alpha. And what was he writing on April 25, as there is nothing in Booth's diary dated beyond April 21?

Those alleged last words, his mother, his country, Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe brushed away by Lieutenant Edward P. There is much in the Steers-Chaconas article open to contest or correction.

The pity of all this is the writers' apparent refusal or inability to explore that period Contaminant - Dark Union!* - Seethe Lincoln's career as chief executive when he struggled with a dilemma relatively few history books even mention. By that high-tension election year of the fate of the Union, as Lincoln saw it, depended markedly on restoration of the transatlantic cotton trade.

Dark Union is largely devoted to this drama and based almost entirely on public archival sources, to many of which Andrew Potter's transcribed investigations served as valuable and trustworthy guideposts. The Steers-Chaconas article doesn't pretend to be a review of Keep My Face Clean - Anton Barbeau - Empire of Potential entire book, it is more concerned with themes or theories about John Wilkes Booth than the dozens of cotton passes Lincoln quietly signed and which were afterwards deliberately altered to enrich the profiteers.

Booth placed himself in the story when he signed in at the St. Lawrence Hall, Montreal. Much of his role thereafter is peripheral until, flamboyant actor, he proved of little use to Lincoln's would-be kidnappers, a point made in James V. Barnes's letter to R. Watson six weeks before Lincoln's murder. This original letter is in the Neff-Guttridge Collection.

Barnes's name was found A Black Thunder - Coldgeist - LIncal Booth's hotel room within forty-eight hours of Lincoln's murder.


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