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Voce principale: Sherlock Holmes. Filmografia di Sherlock Holmes lista di un progetto Wikimedia. Portale Cinema. Portale Giallo. Portale Televisione. One Day We Will Put Out The Sun - Jorn - Out To Every Nation Holmes Baffled.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes i Livsfare. Sherlock Holmes in the Great Murder Mystery. Sherlock Holmes II. Droske Den graa dame. Otto Lagoni. Sangerindens Diamanter. Lauritz Olsen. Den sorte Haand. Den stjaalne millionobligation. A Confidence Trick.

The Copper Beeches. Flamme d'argent. The Beryl Coronet. The Stolen Papers. The Reigate Squires. The Musgrave Ritual. Sherlock Holmes Solves the Sign of the Four. Detektiv Braun. Der Hund von Baskerville. Der Hund von Baskerville, 2. Teil - Das einsame Haus. A Study in Scarlet. James Bragington. Eugen Burg. Der Hund von Baskerville, 3. Teil - Das unheimliche Zimmer. Il mastino dei Baskerville Der Hund von Baskerville, 4. Hector Dion. The Crimson Sabre.

Sherlock Holmes. William Gillette. The Valley of Fear. Der Erdstrommotor. Hugo Flink. Die Kassette. Der Schlangenring. Was er im Spiegel sah. Ferdinand Bonn. Der Hund von Baskerville - La Casa Di Valeria - Quartered Shadows - Quartered Shadows . Teil: Das Haus ohne Fenster. Willy Kaiser-Heyl. Eille Norwood. A Case of Identity. The Devil's Foot. The Man with the Twisted Lip. The Noble Bachelor. The Red-Haired League. The Resident Patient.

A Scandal in Bohemia. The Yellow Face. The Empty House. The Priory School. The Solitary Cyclist. The Tiger of San Pedro. Il cane di Baskerville The Hound of the Baskervilles. The Abbey Grange. Charles Augustus Milverton. The Naval Treaty. The Norwood Builder. The Red Circle. The Second Stain. Black Peter. The Boscombe Valley La Casa Di Valeria - Quartered Shadows - Quartered Shadows . The Bruce Partington Plans.

The Golden Pince-Nez. The Greek Interpreter. The Six Napoleons. The Stockbroker's Clerk. Silver Blaze. The Blue Carbuncle. The Cardboard Box. The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax. The Engineer's Thumb. The Gloria Scott. The Missing Three Quarter. The Mystery of Thor Bridge. The Speckled Band. The Three Students. The Crooked Man. The Final Problem. The Mystery of the Dancing Men. The Stone of Mazarin. The Sign of Four. Il cane di Baskerville Der Hund von Baskerville.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Paramount on Parade. Il re dell'ombra The Sleeping Cardinal. Arthur Wontner. The Missing Rembrandt. The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Robert Rendel.


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