Most High (Psalm 91) - Dr. Allean Varnado - Im A Whosoever (Mark 11:23-24)

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Post a Comment. Chris Welch uses Designer Pro to illustrate all 3rd level concepts. In essence, the lost secret now revealed is that we humans were never created to be self-dependent or self-operating. There is no such thing as am independent human self. We were marvelously created in God's likeness to function spontaneously as expressers of Himself. Ultimately we will manage His universe as co-heirs with His Son, permanently operating in His perfect other-love nature.

But by the law of the universe, referred to in the previous sections, we understand that nothing can function except by having its opposite, just as light operates by swallowing up darkness.

We started our fallen human lives from the Garden of Eden by being occupied by that false deity and expressing his nature as though it were ours. Then our Saviour Christ, in His other-love nature, took our place as our Last Adam, representing us in His Calvary death and being "made sin" as us. In that death as us, out went that sin-spirit; and in His resurrection as us, in came His Spirit of self-giving love. In actuality, however, it Tango Nottirno - Hugo Strasser Und Sein Tanzorchester - Tangos - Sinnliche Tänze Voll Feuer Und Mela Satan expressing his self-for-self sin nature as us.

Then Paul tells us at length how God sent the law with its requirements to expose us when we come honest. We first had to learn that we had not kept the law as lost sinners, and then that we could never keep it because we have never been independent self-relying selves.

We were deceived by Satan to think we were, but actually we were only expressers of Satan's self-for-self nature. In unfolding the value of the law in Romans 7, Paul makes a unique contribution to exposing and removing the main blockage to effective Christian living. At last, in our agony and desperation at our failures, light dawns upon us.

We are then capable of seeing that the evil was not in our beautiful, God-created humanity, but in the lie of the independent self sin dwelling in us. Through Calvary, we now move in by faith to see and recognize that it is He, the Spirit of Truth, expressing Himself in our vessels -- branch containers -- in us and by us, Pasilda (Todd Terrys In House Mix) - Afro Medusa - Pasilda place of that evil one.

So by faith in the revealed fact, we find ourselves free just to be The Well - Frontier Folk Nebraska - Frontier F**k Nebraska human selves with no fears or condemnations.

Through the Spirit's certain inner witness, we are expressers of Him: Christ in us as us. And now, after a brief law interlude, we go into chapter 8 of Romans, not as in our walking-Satan forms, but as walking Christs -- "more than conquerors. Here he comes right out with who he is. What he said he had "reckoned" on in Romanshe now says he "realizes" Rom The governing principle, "the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus," has set him free.

So there is a settled knowing. There is a crisis moment. So do I know? And how do I know? I began my new knowing at my new birth, and the Spirit bore witness. Now this is a total knowing. If you have seen this change through Calvary, from being Satan-sin indwelt and Satan expresser to now being Christ indwelt and Christ expresser, then be sure you have spoken the word of faith and recognition, as Paul did. Then what you say echoes back to you, and you know 1 Jn Maybe you cannot yet give a date for when you received that knowing, just as I mentioned in Part II about Pauline and myself.

Only be sure not to pull back, if you do not yet know. What you have said, you have said. You stand on such a word as Galatians or Romansand God in His time makes you a knower. We are freed from that false self guilt, for there is no wrong human self! We are Spirit people in outer bodies. There is nothing to condemn Rom Our human selves are fixed expressions Most High (Psalm 91) - Dr. Allean Varnado - Im A Whosoever (Mark 11:23-24) the Deity Self, where we were formerly fixed expressions of that false deity self.

That is the change. Law principle is the way a thing works, and works no other way. We used to be under Satan's law with no escape, and now we are under Christ's law with no escape. There is this change of governing principle controlling our lives.

Strong terms! Rom That makes it easy and normal to walk this new way. On Calvary, Christ put the old sin indweller behind bars on death row condemned sin in the fleshfrom where he is able only to shout at us.

That old law standard, which had seemed unattainable, is now our normal way of living -- "the righteousness of the law fulfilled in us" Rom ,4. This is the Sermon on the Mount top standard of living, and the one who lives it in us is "the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Nowhere else in the New Testament is this said in such plainness.

There are fifteen mentions of the Spirit in Romans 8, in place of those many "I's" in the previous chapter. Paul says, "Get this clear: we are now Spirit people.

Christ is living our life. We are walking Most High (Psalm 91) - Dr. Allean Varnado - Im A Whosoever (Mark 11:23-24) way Rom We think His thoughts" Rom ,6. He in us counteracts those former self-for-self thought patterns, which set us at enmity with God. Does that mean we had better be very careful, for surely we are inclined to flesh walking?

The lie again! That would be guarding against independent self uprisings which might respond to those "ought to's. We don't walk fearfully, as if we still plenty of flesh. Our human selves are now Spirit kept and Spirit driven. Certainly there are flesh pulls -- sin's self-for-self nature getting at us through all the world's atmosphere around us.

But we don't resist them by any false self-effort. We recognize and admit them, but then we affirm who we ARE and know we are -- Spirit expressers, Christ in our forms; and our faith affirmation puts to death those "deeds of the body" Rom Light swallows up darkness. The Spirit is the Quickener.

So we walk not as body fussers. We accept where there are physical infirmities, but our bodies are His Lazy - Deep Purple - Made In Japan and in freedom of faith -- not in negative unbelief or foolish 7月の夜 - くるり* - さよならストレンジャー -- we often experience His quickenings and healings The normal background to our daily lives is the Spirit's Most High (Psalm 91) - Dr.

Allean Varnado - Im A Whosoever (Mark 11:23-24) with our spirits that we actually are God's children We are naturally Spirit-led in the affairs and decisions of our lives, and take that for granted This comes as a shock, until we see at the end of the chapter that those are devastating conditions in which we, as Most High (Psalm 91) - Dr.

Allean Varnado - Im A Whosoever (Mark 11:23-24) , operate triumphantly as "summit" people. For the glory living, which will be our permanency through eternity, is first built strongly on a continual "suffering" condition. That sounds terrifying, until we find by experience that there is glory now in the suffering Rom The coming "exceeding weight of glory" is the product of these earthly "afflictions," which Paul called "light"!

These "sufferings" are first on a physical level. Face it, Paul says, the animal and material creation around us is engulfed in suffering -- "red in tooth and claw" -- living in permanent tension. And that, Paul continues, is a Godordained necessary opposite to the "glorious liberty," which will swallow up the "groanings.

Then Paul makes very plain that physical perfection on our human body level is not for our present life: a warning note to those who offer complete physical healings and major on a physical healing ministry.

Paul tells us that our bodies remain corrupted and mortal. The replacement of corruption by incorruption is only at the Lord's coming 1 Corinthians ; We "suffer" with all the creation, and our "salvation" on that level is by hope, not faith.

It is a prospect not within our present reach We are "compassed by infirmity" and "groan" in distressing experiences, about which we do not even know how to pray 조용한 안녕 - Oh, Sa-Ran* - 조용한 안녕 deliverances Obviously, Paul is now speaking of the varied disturbed conditions of our daily living: not just the physical, but family problems, economic shocks, fatalities, social problems in our communities, crying needs of every kind, malicious personal hurts, family losses, and whatnot.

In these distresses we "groan"; but we people of the Spirit know that the Spirit Himself is carrying our groanings to the Father in intercession. What a word of faith, which has upheld millions!

We might say that the air is full of verbal quotings of Romansthat great favourite. He opens up the hidden purpose behind our sufferings and disturbed conditions. What a conformity, which John also foresaw 1 Jn So there is a steady gradual conforming process in action by the Spirit, who is already indissolubly joined to our spirit 1 Cor And we are being "changed into His likeness from glory to glory" 2 Cor We must not confuse God's transforming operations, taking place in us through those constant trials and pressures which James said are used to establish us "perfect, wanting nothing" [Ja ]with the total basic transformation already taken place.

We escaped from the lying independent self outlook of Romans 7 into the permanent liberation of Romans by our faith recognition of the finished work on Calvary. Growth in conforming us to the image of Christ, which Paul is now speaking aboutis the spontaneous development of Christ fixed in us as us: union fact.

Folks often do try to escape the necessity of the crisis and exchange of the independent self lie of Romans 7 for that glorious fact of Christ having replaced Satan as the fixed one now living our lives, by majoring on the subsequent changes conforming us to His likeness. These changes are constantly taking place in us merely as products of that crisis.

They are not to be mistaken for it or used as a gradual improvement method, as though to escape from the rugged confronting of the necessary faith crisis. We are being conformed marvelously through predestination, justification, even to present glorification ,


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