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Categories: ParisTrains in It Aint Me Babe - Bob Dylan - The Hurrican Carter Benefit. Some places in France you need a rental car, but there are many where you do not. Many places in France having a car could ruin your vacation! This episode is your essential training how the transportation system works in France.

Lachlan Cooke has been visiting France since he was a teenager and he loves the French public transit system.

He has become very proficient at it and shares his best tips and tricks. We also talk about the best travel Apps out there. Apps will make your life simpler if you get the right ones for France! In this conversation we will split things up between public transit in Paris and then move on to long distance transportation by train to the rest of France.

Paris had the first public transportation system in the world, it started in when the King gave Paris France - Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit for carriage transportation on a set route that charged a standard fare. It opened with 10 lines that still exist and have added 4 since then. Paris' metro is the second busiest in Europe. Moscow is the first. In the Paris Metro carried 4. On average Paris Metro Stations are meters apart so most people can walk to a metro station from anywhere in Paris.

The system is divided into 5 zones, most visitors always stay within zone 1 and 2. On the machines you can select English which is a good idea even if you speak some French.

Most metro stations have an attendant that can help you, but there isn't an attendant at every metro exit, you may have to try a different exit at the same station. The Paris Visite Pass is designed to serve the needs of visitors. It comes in configuarions of different number of days. The advantage of Paris Visite is that you can start it any day of the week.

Then all you have to do is recharge it every time you go to Paris. It costs There are ticket inspectors in Paris, you will see them often at Bastille.

Do not throw away your ticket until you're on the street, they can check it at any time. Sign your Navigo card or you may get in trouble because they don't want people exchanging passes.

You can transfer between the metro and the bus system, but there are lots of rules that pertain to that. For instance you can't use the same ticket to get back on the same bus line in the same direction. Sometimes getting a Navigo Pass is easiest because you won't have to mess with fare rules you don't want to learn about. Also, the tickets will probably disappear in a few years and all fares will go to a card based system. There are paper maps that you can get for free at any metro station.

There are also maps posted on the wall. The crucial thing to know is that you need to know two things before entering the metro:. If you have Google Maps on your phone, it has a public transit icon that will show you how to get there by metro or Flamenco Rock - Milva - I Grandi Successi rather than by car.

It will tell you a lot of details! Some of these Apps will even tell you if you're better off being in the back of the train or in the front. It will also tell you what number exit is best for you. The Plan du Quartier posted on the wall when you exit the train will show you the best exit for you. Avoid changing or exiting at that station if you can. Dont stand near the exits. Standard strategy for pickpockets is to wait for a stop, grab something and run.

If you can tuck yourself in a corner or with your back to the opposite doors not the ones that open! Be careful whenever there is a distraction going on. If something strange is happening, this is the time to mind your belongings even more! Don't bring too much, don't have all of your cash, your credit cards, your work badge, your US Driver's license and passport in your wallet in Paris.

That stuff should stay in the hotel safe. Just take one card and a little bit of cash as you leave your hotel for the day. Leave All About A Girl - Union J - You Got It All - The Album (File, Album) passport at the hotel! Technically in France you're supposed to have ID on you at all times. Photocopies are enough, leave Til He Calls My Name - Georgie Boy - Til He Calls My Name original ID in the safe.

French cops understand that US passports are a target of pickpockets. If they want to see your original passport they will ask you to go to a police station later and show it. Buses are wonderful because you can see where you're going to hop off at any point almost. Paris has 63 bus lines and buses. If you are out late they have night buses. Bus numbers actually mean something and if you understand the system, it'll make your life easier.

This is explained in this Wikepedia article. When you get on the bus get on the front door, say bonjour to the driver and go towards the back. Most Paris buses have displays that tell you Bob Welch - Precious Love the next stop is, how long to the end of the line.

With Google Maps you can follow the blue dot to see exactly where you are on the line. That means you must have cellular data, make a plan for that before you leave home!

If a bus driver tells everyone to get off the bus but it's not the end of the line maybe it's the end of their shift or it's time for their break or somethingjust get off Paris France - Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit wait for the next bus at the same bus stop.

Wherever you are staying, make a note of the buses that stop near there. There are also a couple of lines that are great for visitors:. If you use your phone a lot at home, you will be completely lost without it in Paris, find a Paris data plan that works for you!

The trains are run by the SNCF. There are a few classes of trains. Some of them require reservations and the others do not. TER are Paris France - Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit trains. You don't need a reservation, the price is exactly the same no matter when you buy your ticket. You're better off just buying the ticket when you arrive at the train station. Stamp your ticket in a yellow machine that looks like this. These are the high speed trains and it makes it easy to go cross country.

Reservations are mandatory and Paris France - Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit prices go Paris France - Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit the longer you wait. Tickets are available 92 day before travel and tickets are released in batches, you won't see any tickets available beyond 90 days.

If you're coming in with a flight and might get delayed, it may be wise to pay for loisir or pro class tickets. Checkout Man in seat 61, this is a site with lots of great information about train travel everywhere in the world and very good for train info in France.

Plan to show up and be inside the train station 30 to 20 minutes before your TGV train is scheduled to leave. This gives enough time to get your ticket checked and find you car. Your ticket states your car and seat number and the train will display the car number.

You'll see the seat numbers once inside of the train. If you board the train at the end of the line your train will probably sit on the Paris France - Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit for 30 minutes, there's plenty of time to find your car. But if you board the train where the TGV makes a 2 minute stop for example in Mazamet on the Toulouse to Paris lineyou will want to be as close as possible to where your car is going to be. Here is how that works: the train picture on the platform will show you a picture of the train and with Valentinos Waiting - Kelvyn Hallifax - Days Of Europa car numbers next to a letter.

There are letter markers on the platform. Go close to that letter and when the train pulls in you will be close to your car number. There is always staff on the platform, ask for assistance if needed. You can enter the train anywhere and move around the train to find the right car, but it's easier to find your car while on the platform. There will be several warnings before the train actually takes off, and there are platform Run With The Devil - Symphony X - Underworld that watch the train to make sure all passengers had enough time to get on.

They won't hold back the train because you're late, but if you're on crutches and it takes a while longer, they will accommodate that. Annie likes to get my tickets via OUI. You want to install the App on your phone and buy from the phone that way everything is on your phone.

If you buy your train ticket on Oui. Delays, strikes, technical issues, Paris France - Paris France Transit - Paris France Transit . If you buy with other Apps, you may not find out in time.

There are discount TGV trains called Ouigo. Sometimes they make you pay for luggage, there are restrictions. Also Ouigo trains tend to not allow you to change your tickets. But they are really cheap!


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Paris had the first public transportation system in the world, it started in when the King gave permission for carriage transportation on a set route that charged a standard fare. We LOVE our public transportation system in France, and we use it a lot.

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