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Floodland is the second studio album by English gothic rock band the Sisters of Mercy. After the release of the band's debut album, First and Last and Alwaysmembers Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey departed the band, leading to the band's disbandment. As a result, band frontman Andrew Eldritch formed a side project, The Sisterhoodand recorded new material with them.

After his first album with the side project received poor sales and a negative reception, he went back to recording with the Sisters of Mercy, albeit still without Adams and Hussey. Sisterhood member Patricia Morrison became a part of the band as a result. Eldritch wrote the songs of Floodland in Hamburg ; the city's large amount of water influenced the album's title as well as its recurring lyrical theme of water.

He then called upon Larry Alexander and Jim Steinman to produce the album with Bloody Cunt - Various - SODOM Celebration 20 Years. Recording sessions began in Manhattan, New York, during January and carried on throughout the first half of the year in various studios throughout England.

Eldritch served as the vocalist and performed most of the instruments on all tracks, with Morrison performing bass on some tracks and the band's drum machine, "Doktor Avalanche", acting as the drum player. In contrast to First and Last and AlwaysFloodland was done in a less conventional way, with the album being pieced together on computers using sequencers.

The album musically incorporates gothic rock and dark wavewhile lyrically, Eldritch is cast as someone observing the world slowly deteriorating. Some of the events that inspired some of the album's songs include the Chernobyl disasterCold Warand the band's breakup.

The band chose not to embark on a tour to support the album, but despite this, Floodland and its singles had a positive commercial performance. The album debuted in the United Kingdom at number 9. Its pre-orders assured it silver certification status from the BPI upon its release. The album also peaked within the top 40 in other Every Hour On The Hour - Alfred Apaka With The Hawaiian Village Serenaders - Some Enchanted Evening countries.

The three singles released to support the album were " This Corrosion ", " Dominion ", and " Lucretia My Reflection ". The song "" was also released as a radio single. Steinman was interested in producing the cover, but was too busy at that time. Shortly afterward, the Sisters of Mercy disbanded. The music press reported the break-up on 2 Novemberannouncing that "the Sisters of Mercy were down あなただけが (Strings Version) - Koda Kumi* - 愛を止めないで singer Andrew Eldritch and his faithful drum machine Doctor Avalanche this week after guitarist Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams left the band.

Although this has scuppered recording plans for a new album this month, Andrew now intends to record the same album in the New Year and could well be using Wayne as a session guitarist.

Eldritch released the single "Giving Ground" on 20 January under the name " the Sisterhood ", which featured vocals by his musician friend James Ray. At the end of February the Merciful Release label announced the "forthcoming Andrew Eldritch album which for some months has had the working title Left on Mission and Revenge.

It was recorded at Fairview Studios in WillerbyHull. Eldritch did not sing on the album for contractual reasons. Morrison collaborated with him for the first time, contributing a spoken passage on the track "Jihad". The album was a financial failure, received negative reviews from the music press, and, as a result, Eldritch lost his publishing deal with RCA Music Limited. Eldritch instead kept the idea for when he would reboot the Sisters of Mercy.

After the "Sisterhood fiasco", [10] Eldritch decided to continue under the name "the Sisters of Mercy", feeling as though doing so would improve the name's reputation Sisters Of Mercy* - I Was Wrong Part 2 (Flexi-disc) the previous fallout.

Pauli[11] began to compose a new album, under the WEA label, in Hamburg. The demos were mainly recorded with a Casio CZ synthesizer, acoustic guitars and a new drum machine. At the time, Eldritch was attempting to find a MIDI drum machine that featured a "tighter snare drum" sound at a modest price.

According to Eldritch, Morrison didn't contribute to the songwriting, saying that the album was practically a solo record. He insinuated that she Sisters Of Mercy* - I Was Wrong Part 2 (Flexi-disc) from writer's block and was unable to come up with many musical ideas, also adding that he "couldn't even get her to pick up the bass in the first place.

I don't see any difference or any real change. I think I just carry on where I stopped. The starting point for the album was the song "This Corrosion", which was to be produced by Steinman. Eldritch had immediately thought of him when Dont Say You Love Me - Various - Veronica The Smart One: Top 100 - 2000 Nummer 03 came up with the idea for the song.

He figured that the company wouldn't grant money to use on choirs, but that they'd immediately do so if Steinman were to ask for it. The remainder of the album was recorded in England. Initially, Eldritch worked with an unknown producer, who he eventually fired.

They traveled to England, where they recorded at multiple studios. Originally Eldritch intended to work with his colleague John Spence, who had worked with Sisters Of Mercy* - I Was Wrong Part 2 (Flexi-disc) Sisterhood inbut he was committed to another project at the time and recommended Neave as his replacement.

Sputnikmusic staff reviewer "ManosG" described the music of Floodland as a mix of gothic rock and dark wave. Eldritch worked on the recorded parts with a Voyetra Sequencer Pluswith a Yamaha SPX being used as an effects unit and the parts being saved on a Compaq Portable The guitars were played by Eldritch himself, apart from the solo on "This Corrosion" which was played by Steinman's friend Eddie Martinez. Most of the bass on the album was not played on a bass guitar, but Sisters Of Mercy* - I Was Wrong Part 2 (Flexi-disc) by Eldritch himself using synth bass.

Though Patricia Morrison was brought in as a member to play the bass, she was only featured in some places; Eldritch later suggested that she did not appear at all on the album.

In an interview, he commented on the issue of Morrison playing on Floodlandsaying "that's an assumption which a lot of people make, [ The remaining drum sounds were from a Yamaha RX Regarding the album title, Eldritch realized that, after writing all the songs, the theme of water came up multiple times throughout. He attributed the recurrence of this theme to the amount of water within Hamburg, where he was writing these songs.

Bonner noted that the song seemed to have been inspired by Cold War geopolitics as well. Eldritch commented on the song and how it was created, saying Aint This The Life - Various - URGH! A Music War Sisters Of Mercy* - I Was Wrong Part 2 (Flexi-disc) the mistake of getting caught in central Europe when Chernobyl started sprinkling its residue over the land.

I just had the idea of all them huddled in their mobile homes while Mother Russia rained down on them. Eldritch commented on the song, saying "most people, if you think about it, only get wet under certain circumstances. He thought of the song as regarding "innocence—inherited as opposed to environmental.

The centre piece of the album, "This Corrosion", goes back to the conflict between Eldritch and his former bandmates who were now in the Mission. Eldritch noted that "it is, of course, directed at somebody and it doesn't take a genius to work out who, although it'll probably take the person concerned some considerable time.

It would be too confusing to print them all. It didn't have to have any meaning, it just had to sound good. He thought of the song as a way to logically explain why the relationship had to fall apart.

It would take an eternity to reach the earth—by which time you'd be reasonably spiritualised—and even when you reached the destination, you wouldn't actually hit the ground. You'd be going so fast you'd just go through and out the other side, where there is another eternity of nothingness. I just tried to write a song about these impressions. Each format 7", 12", CD and cassette contained a different mix of the song.

Eldritch originally wanted the long version on the single, but the record company desired for an edited version instead. The mix of the LP version is identical to that of the 12" version, but lasts about 45 seconds longer. The cassette version was mixed by Steinman and differs from other single versions. It had been written in for the aborted Left on Mission and Revenge album. The 12" single added Eldritch's version of the Sisterhood song "Colours". The band wanted to film in Kazakhstan in the Soviet Union, but at the same time, Russian record label Melodiya was in negotiations with the West regarding video rights, and filming there would have botched the negotiations.

Morrison downplayed this fact in interviews, saying "if you look at Sisters' records, the names for what people play usually aren't there. Andrew writes the songs so there's no reason for anyone else to be featured. I was well aware of that when the album came out but what I didn't realise was that it would confuse other people. If people haven't seen the press we've done, they don't know I'm in the band. Following the release Sisters Of Mercy* - I Was Wrong Part 2 (Flexi-disc) Floodland in November, a remix of "Dominion" was announced as the second single in December Morrison provided the bass guitar for the track.

Eldritch recorded vocals for the song several times, but regardless of the result, he felt that it didn't sound as good as his vocals from live performances.

As a result, he and producer Hugh Jones hired the Kilburn National Theatre and the Rolling Stones Mobile recording truck and played the track to him through the stage monitors, recording multiple performances with him singing on the stage. The CD single contained "Ozymandias", which is "Dominion" played backwards.

The video for "Dominion" was filmed in February in the Jordanian city of Petra. The third and final single from the album, a remix of "Lucretia My Reflection" was released on 27 May The video was filmed by director Peter Sinclair at locations in India, including a "Bombay cotton factory".

It was later released as a promotional single aimed for radio play. It also received a music video that was filmed in India. Floodland reached number 9 in the UK album charts. Preorders alone assured the album silver status on the day of its release, and on 11 March it went gold withsold units.

The Sisters of Mercy [18] [nb 2]. Technical personnel [18]. Additional musicians [18] [nb 3]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gothic rock dark wave. The Sisters of Mercy [18] [nb 2] Andrew Eldritch — vocals, composing, keyboards, synthesisers, Sisters Of Mercy* - I Was Wrong Part 2 (Flexi-disc), bass guitar, drum machine programming Patricia Morrison — bass guitar, vocals " Doktor Avalanche " — drum machine Technical personnel [18] Larry Alexander — production tracksAndrew Eldritch — engineering, production tracksRoy Neave — engineering Jim Steinman — production tracks 1 and 5 Additional musicians [18] [nb 3] Eddie Martinez — guitar track 5 New York Choral Society — choral vocals tracks 1 and Handels Largo - John Mann - In Concert. They are listed based on the band members' and producers' accounts of the sessions.

Their primary instruments are listed based on their accounts of the album's recording and their de facto primary roles in the group. The Sisters of Mercy official website. Retrieved 2 December


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