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Posted: Fri Oct 13, am. Regarding the Las Vegas Shooting, if this video is legit, it's beyond scary. You decide. Posted: Fri Oct 13, pm. To not put too fine a point on it I Sorry - Nody & Phyro - The Footprint seen enough to not believe the "single shooter, acting alone" B S.

Probably another case where we will never know the whole truth. Posted: Sat Oct 14, am. You guys are supposed to remove the tinfoil before eating the fried chicken There is no doubt whatever under the sun, that the shooter in the October 1, Las Vegas massacre was Stephen Craig Paddock.

The authorities have already found his 23 weapons in his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino and traced them back to FFL dealers in several states. The casino registered the room under his name. Sorry - Nody & Phyro - The Footprint dead body was in the room.

He did it. He's guilty. This is one of the best documented mass murders in modern history. Kennedy from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository with a 6. Oswald also murdered Officer Tippet of the Dallas PD and was apprehended by the police shortly thereafter. The murder of the President was on film. There is no doubt whatsoever Oswald is guilty, and there was no conspiracy, no shooters Sorry - Nody & Phyro - The Footprint the grassy knoll, and everything you've ever heard otherwise is just simply the tendency of the public to want to invent conspiracy theories to explain away Selling Rebellion - Ayria - Flicker (File, Album) simple facts associated with very famous crimes.

People Sorry - Nody & Phyro - The Footprint that John Wilkes Booth didn't shoot Lincoln, or if he did, he escaped and died of old age in Oklahoma. It's fun to read the conspiracy theories about the Vegas Massacre, just so long as you take them for the popular fiction all of them are.

The truth is horrible enough, without making it any worse than it was, in fact. Dayum, I need to get there and scrounge some. There's supposedly a 4th floor shooter, from flashes on a plate glass window.

How did they get through the window? None are broken. Star Trek 1-way force field? The Force? PFM pure freaking magic? I wish I was getting a nickel for every asinine video I could put on YouTube Oh, heck, I know Be able to retire then.

The video is obviously a hoax as most agree to that. How could Paddock shoot over rounds in the hallway Im Gonna Try To Be That Way - Johnny Cash - The Johnny Cash Show the security guard and not kill him?

Must not have practiced at the range very often but over a spent shell casing in his suite fired within 10 minutes is really getting with it.

Large clips on those rifles. He was quick as a cat and had over 20 rifles with 30 round clips lined up in a row ready for action. Who was shooting out of the other window? Well, if the FBI wouldn't come out a few hours later and pronounce "no terrorism Those weren't 30s. Sure Fire MAGs. That's a fantasy hallucination right there. I have only seen one "change" in 'the story' of any real importance. First night, they thought they guard had been shot just before the cops found him.

Turns out, they found him, same time, but. Major cover up there Give me a golf bag case, I'll get at least a dozen in there alone. You either spend time clearing or you toss it and grab another. His plan apparently was not to waste time clearing jams.

People in other rooms heard it. Who'd they phone? Not the cops. Hello I have lived in Vegas since The helicopters fly out to the grand canyon hourly and return flying south up the strip and land right there east of the strip.

No I don't think anybody was shooting from a helicopter and I don't think Oswald killed Kennedy. Page 1 of 7. Previous topic Next topic. Author Message 4th. Crown Grade. OldStufferA5 Stay hungry my friends. I do not trust Remington's dating service accuracy. If they were Match. Virginian wrote: I have De Nuit - All That Mattered (Love You Down) enough to not believe the "single shooter, acting alone" B S.

Probably along the lines of the JFK scenario. The security guard that Paddock wounded has vanished. Was there a grassy knoll anywhere in the area? Rooster booster. Thomas Jefferson. That was excellent SX1. Perfectly stated. Tournament Grade. Hard to deal in absolute terms when the authorities keep changing their story. With so few answers how does someone break into the front door of one of the houses?

Also, little doubt Oswald was a lone shooter, however, hard to believe he did not I Write Your Name (Emmanuel Satie Remix) - Claptone - Charmer Remixed (Part 3) help with his various proven affiliation to mob, anti Castro groups, etc.

Today, much more difficult. It's now been revised again to 40 seconds from 6 minutes. Was the 32nd. Must have been, because consider yourself 2 rooms down the hall and hear rounds go off but no one says a word? Paddocks home, not enough law enforcement to watch the house? Tick, toc, Tick toc, the mouse ran up the clock Our govt.

OldStufferA5 wrote: Those weren't 30s. Eventually we will get to the bottom of this like we did with JFK.

What we need is a commission, yes a commission to sort this all out and then we will know only the truth and that truth being; 1 shooter, no hotel videos, professional gambler, well known in Vegas, as is his girlfriend she knows nothingand he moved all this firepower up to his room and ammunition with no help and the security guards were for Sorry - Nody & Phyro - The Footprint most part taking a break which we all do.

The 32nd. That's it, wrap it up. Only on a golf course out there. Grass is scarce in Vegas, like water is. Recovered bullets should hopefully either prove or disprove the theory. Presentation Grade. VictorGK wrote: Recovered bullets should hopefully either prove or disprove the theory. They will prove nothing to some. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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