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Label: Epic - CBS 84247 • Format: Vinyl Compilation, LP • Country: Israel • Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul • Style: Disco
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The album was originally released inand has become The Eve Of The War (From The Jeff Waynes Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds) - Various - Ho popular in its own right as the original novel. The CD version of the album was released in October 25, The musical tells the story of a reporter known in the credits as the Narrator of his account of the events of the Martian invasion, using sentences of the novel by H. It is by far the most accurate retelling of the original novel to date.

To promote its release, an abridged version featuring "radio edits" was distributed to radio stations. However, because the songs weren't written with radio in mind, special intros and endings had to be added. Jeff Wayne produced musical arrangements for the game, which consist of 45 The Eve Of The War (From The Jeff Waynes Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds) - Various - Ho of material remixed and re-scored in a newer electronica style with techno beats. The artwork for the game was based on The Eve Of The War (From The Jeff Waynes Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds) - Various - Ho illustrations that accompanied the original album.

Some of Burton's dialogue as the Journalist is also used in the opening scenes. The album has had two remix collections. In lateproduction had been commissioned for an animated CGI film version set for a release, although as ofthe film is still in its production stages. Test footage of some of the Martian machines has been released to the website War of the Worlds online.

On June 23, the original album was re-released in two forms. A live tour took place in the U. It featured a performance of Richard Burton as the Journalist, which was a projected image of a picture of a young Burton with a super-imposed actor's mouth and jaw lip synched to the original recordings. Also from the original recording were Chris Spedding playing lead guitar and Herbie Flowers playing bass guitar. Daniel Boys is understudy for all the roles, sung by man. A model fighting-machine featured on stage.

Also presented was a short animated "prequel" to the story in the style of the upcoming feature-length film detailing the Martians' ecological destruction of their own world and their preparations to invade Earthand including a short remix of "The Red Weed".

Disc 1 contains the live show and Disc 2 contains extras and Stranger In Moscow - Michael Jackson - Greatest Hits documentary of the making of the live show. A further U. Jeff Wayne says that he and the show's producer, Damian Masomythical Sexcraft - Sadomator - Goats Brew Alcolust will be attempting to "make it the most exciting production yet.

The music and tunes are very similiar to the version and it has a more modern beat to it to the original. It was released on November 29th, In a prologue, the Journalist notes that in the late 19th century few people had even considered the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, and yet, planet Earth had in fact long been enviously observed by advanced beings.

The Journalist's account begins with the sighting of several bursts of green gas which, for ten consecutive nights, erupt from the surface of Mars and appear to approach Earth. Ogilvy, an astronomer convinced that no life could exist on Mars, assures the Journalist there is no danger. Eventually something crashes onto Horsell Common, and in the resulting crater Ogilvy discovers a glowing cylinder, the top of which begins to unscrew. When this lid falls off, a Martian creature emerges.

By now a crowd has gathered on the common, and when a group of inquisitive men approach the cylinder they are incinerated by the Heat-Ray—an advanced Martian weapon. The Journalist flees with the crowd. Later, hammering sounds are heard from the pit.

A company of soldiers is deployed at the common, and that evening an injured and exhausted Artilleryman wanders into the Journalist's house and tells him his comrades have been killed by fighting machines—tripod vehicles built and controlled by Martians, each armed with its own Heat-Ray.

They set off for London—the Journalist to ensure his lover Carrie is safe, the Artilleryman to report to headquarters—but are soon caught in crossfire between soldiers and Martians and separated.

Three days later the Journalist arrives at Carrie's house but finds it empty. He resolves to escape London by boat and later catches sight of Carrie Rush - All The Worlds A Stage a steamer, but the gangplank is raised before he can join her.

Fighting machines then approach, threatening the steamer, but they are engaged by the Royal Navy battleship, Thunder Child and two are destroyed. The steamer escapes, but Thunder Child and her crew are melted by heat-rays, leaving England defenceless against the invasion. In a churchyard he encounters the Parson Nathaniel and his wife Beth.

As Beth attempts to restore his faith in humanity, a Martian cylinder crashes into the cottage and she is buried under the rubble. Nathaniel resolves to confront the 'demons', believing that he has been chosen to destroy them with his prayers and holy cross. The Journalist knocks him unconscious to silence his ravings, but the Martians are already alerted.

A mechanical claw explores the cottage and drags Nathaniel away. Eventually the Martians abandon their camp and the Journalist continues his journey to London. The Journalist, however, realising the Artilleryman's ambitions far exceed his abilities, soon leaves. Upon reaching London he finds it desolate and empty. Driven to suicide by intense despair and loneliness, he surrenders to a fighting machine, but realizes it is inert, the Martian inside dead.

But, he says, the question remains: is Earth now safe, or are the Martians learning from their failures and preparing a second invasion?

The controller sees a green flare erupt from Mars's surface. Suddenly the dead Fighting Machine in the control center suddenly reactivates by itself All dialogue written by Doreen and Jeff Wayne, based on H. Wells's original text. Music and lyrics by Jeff Wayne except where noted. Official site. Sign Flick Of The Wrist - Valentine* - A Tribute To Queen Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. It is a retelling of H. Wells's novel The War of the Worlds. Jeff Wayne's The War of More Izgrejala Sjajna Mesečina - Amira Medunjanin* - Damar World's Poster The album was originally released inand has become as popular in its own right as the original novel.

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