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Public Pastes. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Your boy got it popping like Crisco. Penitence reachin' pinnacles of life and despair and me I solemnly swear to handle mine like a Taliban and die for it. This whole world gon' end up with some bad fucking tumors, listening to these Cash Money rumors.

I'll blast, bust, and shoot you, hit your block without the mask, fucking screw you. Buck 50 on the dash of the box but that's only approximately cause it really do like two?

I come up from a shit deep town, where you hear sounds like "Click", "Squeak", "Pow". Got that coke flying like birds, not the ones with feathers, I'm talkin' weight like birds. Keep my name out your yapper, or you gon' have to try to keep my flame out your cappa.

Niggas show off for them hoes, try play hard, with they chest poking out they shirt. I'm cookin', I'm cookin', I'm whippin', I'm whippin' into a rock up, let it lock up lock up. These bitches Bobby Digi* / Lex Diamonds - Never / Straight Out The Gutter fuck and suck dick and they bustin' for Instagram, get your clout up.

You can call my phone, got them prices for the L-O, don't knock at my door, Bobby Digi* / Lex Diamonds - Never / Straight Out The Gutter don't wanna talk to you.

Double up on me, no fended we winning, I drink a whole pint just to fuck up my kidney. I am the realest, I count up a milli, the flow we invented, they scared to admit it. These bitches went missing when I was just hurting these bitches went missing, where? I came out of jail to about thousand.

Gadgets on my whip, I'm lookin' at this mothafucka like how the fuck am I supposed to start this shit, man? Yeah Rich Nigga Timeline. I know you can't believe this shit. We did it. Nah, forreal. And if you, thinkin' 'bout calling your mommy, your daddy, your brother, your sister. Keep fucking with me nigga, they'll find you in a river somewhere in クリスマスの贈りもの - GAO - Gao, Tennessee gone!

Comin' up watchin' them niggas on TV like they were what I wanted to be wanted to. Now I'm the one Modern World - The Modern Lovers - Beantown Gems paid for it, thank God, it's blessing to see naw, for real. My niggas don't mean no harm, unless you come handling me My niggas don't mean it. She make me wanna have a million babies, when she poppin' the booty, hop-scotchin' it.

I reach in my pocket, I slap her on the ass, told her she better not stop poppin' it. Double R ghost with the stars in the ceiling, foot out the window with the wrist, fuck 'em up. Never know when it's your last supper nigga, so you gotta keep you some disciples, gone! These niggas they thinkin' bout runnin' in my trap while im in the kitchen with Kimora?

Pimpin' this bitch she gon bring me Summers Gone - Placebo - Without You Im Nothing money and dick and the perc what I feed her.

A zip in the two boy you teasin, get around broke niggas i get to sneezin, Takeoff! Some niggas came in the game dancing but Migos you know we came in with the fashion. Ain't talking 'bout Donatella but we the most underrated rappers reppin' and havin'.

And they wanna know why we pressing these niggas, they don't let us in they facility. Cause if you ask me I feel like I should get a percentage the way they be stealing me.

If you don't believe me you can ask Quavo, matter fact Offset was right there with me.


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The young man sighed. “I suppose I should thank him; in some weird, twisted way it turned out some of the negative publicity I got was still free press, and my agent said it actually got me noticed for other projects. Turns out it was a good thing that I never tried to hide being gay.” Paul shook Daryl's arm.

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