Inverted Churches - NunSlaughter / Victimizer - On Our Way To Hell / Revenge Of The Hellhorde

Label: Ancient Darkness Productions - ADP#008 • Format: Vinyl LP, Numbered, Test Pressing Disapproved • Country: Denmark • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Death Metal
Download Inverted Churches - NunSlaughter / Victimizer - On Our Way To Hell / Revenge Of The Hellhorde

This is brutal in your face stuff!! With members of Blodfest, Wolfslair, Ogdru Jahad Limited to copies. Tracklist: 1. Destroyer Of Worlds Inverted Churches - NunSlaughter / Victimizer - On Our Way To Hell / Revenge Of The Hellhorde . Converging Into Singularities 3.

Through Ethereal Deeps 4. Forgotten Origins 5. Black Matter Vortex 6. Tempestous Radiance Out now! One might label this as necromantic doom as the atmosphere akins towards Necros Christos.

From the mastermind of Oath Of Woe and Pugnator. This is limited to copies. Colloquium Inferus 3. Features J. This is a fist in your face! This contains four tracks of old school death metal in vein of old Immolation, Nuclear Death and old Malevolent Creation. This violent and dark death metal. Featuring members of Blodfest and Ogdru Jahad. Logo and artwork by Voktor.

Limited to copies!! Altered Terrestials 2. Elogated Crystal Skull 3. Celestial Rituals 4. Yule Horror. Demo and compilation track taken from the original DAT tapes for the best sound possible.

The D-side of the vinyl has a cool etching! This version also includes a repress of the demotape with original tapecover from and a logo patch. Limited to copies on Inverted Churches - NunSlaughter / Victimizer - On Our Way To Hell / Revenge Of The Hellhorde vinyl! This is truly a hidden gem! Imagine brutal US death metal like Suffocation and Malevolent Creation with a touch of the more melodic swedish death metal and a touch of old Emperor.

Blood 2. Forever the Destiny 3. Universal Flood 4. On the Verge of Tears 5. Rise from Your Nest Side B: 1. Serpent 2. Hope Springs Eternal 3. The Surface Anger 4. Weakening Trip 5. On the Verge of Tears 2. Hope Springs Eternal 4. Forever The destiny. Portal delivers extreme death metal with a fury that we know from aussie bands mixed with technical efficiency in vein of Immolation.

This is like none other. Rites of Thy Degringolade gives us a lethal dose of black metal, and their canadian roots are easily detected. Extremity as we've come to know from the canadian scene. Portal: 1. The Sweyy. Rites Of Thy Degringolade: 1.

Chronophobia 2. Our Dreadful Sphere 3. Dominions thrones and power. This is the debut album from Ogdru Jahad. They got their own brand of Black metal of death that brings Profanatica, Archgoat and Beherit to mind. Features members of Sadomator, Ligfaerd, Wolfslair and Blodfest. Very lethal and ugly metal CD comes with a sticker and the mailorder edition a patch.

Features some awesome artwork from Alexander Brown of Witchrist! Intro 2. Profane Devastation 3. Unholy Blessings 4.

Empty Jehovah 5. Glories of Mary 6. Necromantic Rites 7. Hobo of Nazareth 8. Weeping of Angels 9. Sacred Sodomy Unclean Birth It Is Done. The fifth full length from Blodfest, this is pagan black metal. Not the folkish way but raw, dirty and relentless black metal that will make all make the usual pagan fans cower in fear!! The album is recorded live to best protray the spirit of the band.

The LP version has a bonus Nuclear Death cover track. Vinyl is limited to copies on black vinyl with insert! Tracklist: Side 1 1. Ild Vist Ulmer 2. Naar I Grav 3. Nedrig Er I 5. Ni Hjem Ved Jeg 2. Det Onde Kaar 4. Kun Ved Valen 6. Normal version copies black vinyl and Cumstained version copies clear vinyl w.

Intro: Satanic War Engine Female Club Cant Handle Me (Radio Edit) - Rivendell - Club Cant Handle Me Perversion The Sabbath Of The Goat Fragile Being On The Altar Blasting Black Goat Attack The Weeping Of Angels Intro: Perfection Of The Pentagram Delusional Necrotic Carnage Holocaustal Slaughter Of Christians Destruction Of All Holiness The Rise Of Shub-Niggurath Intro: Death-visions of Kadath Goatzone Massacre Permanent Return of Chtulhu Total Human Holocaust Goodbye To The Light Outro: Suicidal Vishnu Woods - Riley Rile / Shaman Tapes Etc


Sugar Daddy 96 (Radio Edit) - Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy 96, Johannesburg - Anti-Nowhere League - The Perfect Crime, Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard - Paul Simon - Paul Simon, Beautiful Shocker - Various - まじかる Pure X2 Gals, Chapel In The Moonlight - Jimmy Roselli - There Must Be A Way


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Tracklist Hell's Unholy Fire I Am Death Death By The Dead Cataclysm The Dead Plague Hell's Unholy Fire Killed By The Cross

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