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Marc's Bio: As an entertainer Marc Salem has performed around the world, astounding and entertaining millions. He has had two network television specials, with more to come. Marc has also completed 3 sell-out seasons in London. All proceeds will go to David's Sefer Torah Fund. My master! How can God cause so much pain for us? Is He angry? How can He be angry with David?

Look at all the people who came together on his behalf. Davening…learning…saying tehillim…doing extra mitzvos…giving tzedaka. Look at all the friends, family, and members of klal yisroel. How can God be angry when He sees klal yisroel coming together for 1 human being The Gemara in Brachos gives us a prescription for such tragic occasions.

So, lets take a look. Anyone that knew David can attest to the fact that his actions were pure. He was a tremendous masmid, he was scrupulous about Halacha, he davened with the utmost kavana, he was always makpid not to speak loshon hara. The Gemara goes on to say that if you cant find any The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy you should attribute the suffering to bitul torah.

David was one of the biggest masmidim we know, in the true sense of the word. He took his sedarim very seriously and always pushed his chavrusas to learn more.

There is no way we can attribute this pain to bitul torah. Then what is the solution? The gemara says, it must be that these are yisurin shel ahava, afflictions of love.

How did I come to realize this? How am I so sure that this is the case? It is because of you. You have all helped us realize this. Your tremendous support, encouragement, care and love for David has showed us this. Kol she hi tiferes lioseha vitiferes lo min hadam- anything that is glorified to God and glorified from amongst man. In other words, how do we know that a person is considered glorified by God, if we see that he is glorified by man. Your The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy this morning, in addition to your endless gifts of time, mitzvos, learning and prayers have assured us that David was truly glorified by man and thus loved by God.

David was amazingly meticulous about going to minyan on time. For shachris he needed to be there 5 mintues early to put on his tefillin. In teen minyan in hillcrest he was always the one to daven pisukei dizimra because he was the first one there. When he was in shul he showed a tremendous kavod hatefilah. He was careful not to talk and to have kavana throughout. To all of those who signed up to learn for david. As I mentioned, The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy took his sedarim very seriously.

He always tried to come on time and tried to never miss a seder. He was in seder and shiur just this past Thursday. David was extraordinarily humble. And in this honor we wish to thank all those who contributed anonymously. We all know that david would do anything for any of us. He always offered his assistance to his friends and family, and did so happily.

He loved you guys so much. So again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for all of the chizuk that you have given us. We ask that you continue your efforts to grow in memory of our dearest David, and that he continue be a melitz yosher for us and Scene II: Marion Et Robin - Adam De La Halle, Ensemble Perceval, Guy Robert - Le Jeu De Robin Et Mar of klal yisrael.

Eruvin 8 - Joey Rosenfeld. We've done so much but so much more has to be done. As the Jewish world prepares to recite in awe the once in a generation opportunity of Birkat Hachama, the blessing noting G-d's Un Hombre Sin Suerte - Los Linces - Un Hombre Sin Suerte in the return of the sun to the beginning of its orbit at the approximate same time, day, and place as creation, many of us have lost the focus on our Pesach preperations and our excitement for this wonderful bracha.

As circumstances have it, it seems appropriate to spend a few short minutes also The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy on another blessing we make numerous times daily, one which we often take for granted until we are shaken up by a rude awakening. After hearing the alarming news of Dovid Chaim Yosef Rottenstreich's, Rotty as he is affectionately known to us all, heart-rending condition, our initial surprise developed into a search for an avenue to channel our feelings in an effort to storm the Heavens and merit Divine compassion.

Those short words got us thinking about a little thing we may have never though about in our lives. That little brachah, Asher Yatzarthe bracha we so often make while running somewhere, if we remember to make at all, is one of the unsung heroes of our daily The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy , but we probably would never know.

Its ordinary, normal, and even surprising existence leaves it rather unnoticed, and certainly not understood. Though there are certainly many books, and rightfully so, documenting, explaining and seeking to capture the essence of Birkat Hachama, the bracha of Asher Yatzar remains without The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy fanfare.

In the The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy of Dovid Chaim, let us take a few short moments to begin a short analysis of this "ordinary" brachah, and hope to help his body back to its former The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy . Birkat Hachamah marvels at the miraculous existence of the world, and expresses our recognition of the As Rav J.

David Bleich so poignantly points out, it is not a berachah like others with the same text, but rather recognizes an ordinary occurrence, the existence of the sun but yet is restricted to the time it returns to its orbit; "The blessing on this occasion, it would seem, is evocativer rather than responsive.

It is designed to arouse man from his lethargy, to force him to reflect upon this cosmic phenomenon, to summon him to contemplation. Marking yet another solar milestone in the calendar of eternity, the occasion calls out to man: Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these?

As we marvel at the seven wonders of the world, sunsets, and the solar system, we often forget that the glory of G-d's creation is also expressed in us, our physical bodies bear testimony to the wisdom of G-d's creative ingenuity, and all our scientific advancements merely pail to the knowledge of the greatness of G-d, Galuy Viyadua only to Hashem the extent of the miraculousness of man's existence, though everyday may unravel another piece of the puzzle see Rav Pinkus, Siddur Tefillah.

Once upon a time, science used to be the base of the philosophical battle against the existence of a Deity, but that has long since changed. As scientific discoveries disproved just about every one of Aristotle's scientific assumptions, his metaphysical conclusions were also obliterated. The laboratories of Science and Medicine have become virtual synonymous with believers though not always adhererswho find it impossible to deny a G-dly designer to a world so complexly magnificent.

A recent discussion in a law firm witnessed two Jewish attorneys, one observant and one not- yet practicing, discussing the connection between medical knowledge and belief in the Almighty. The observant attorney remarked that he has yet to meet a doctor who doesn't believe in G-d, to which the other lawyer challenged him that two mutual clients of theirs, both successful doctors and businessmen, leading lives which, suffice to say, are far from devote, could not possibly believe in G-d.

The observant attorney accepted the challenge and responded "why don't we ask them? But yet when all goes well, and our body needs only minor tuning to our inborn systems, we fail to concentrate on the debt of gratitude we owe for our bodies, and simultaneously lose a part of our soul in the process, because as we will see they are integrally connected.

Let the difficult situation we find ourselves in be a wakeup call to appreciate our health and daven for those who lack it. So let us begin with a few questions, The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy can hopefully underscore a small splatter of the uniqueness of this bracha's message:.

Soul and Body-Interconneted in Spirit The Awakened - Sam Arsh - Stacy Berachot. Why do we make this berachah, and why is it the second berachah we say in the morning, right at the beginig of the day? Why is it coupled with Elokai Neshamah, and why is there no request in the berachah, but a mere acknowledgement of G-d's hand in creating man with genius?

What is the meaning of the bracha and what does it seek to evoke within us? What is its power if said properly?

The Gemara Berachot 60b quotes Abaye who tells us that after one relieves oneself but Asher Yatzar seems to play a larger role, it's placement at the start of ones day seems to underscore its significance. The Jewish day begins with Modeh Ani, recognition of ones connection to the Almighty and his acknowledging and thanking the two definitions of "Modeh" Hashem for the return of his soul to his body. Our Teachers tells us that sleep is one sixtieth of death and to a certain degree every new day of ones life is a Techiyat Hameitima resuscitation of the dead, and a new bond between ones body and soul is formed.

The beracha seems to express our new creation of the day, and our ability to relive the Gan Eden experience in this world even in our current existence if we only know the secrets to success. According to a number of commentators, the reason why the beracha of Elokai Neshama doesn't begin with Baruch, is because it is the conclusion of Asher Yatzar. As Rav Hirsch explains, after concluding Asher Yatzar we begin to recognize that this new body which was given us today contains a pure soul, which cannot be contaminated by our sins, and gives us the ability to wake up Dont Smoke In Bed - Peggy Lee - The Best Of Peggy Lee morning to a new air of purity, with our soul and body working together.

Rav Yosef Dov Haleivi Help Yourself - Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed At Soul City zt"l pointed out numerous times in his writings and recorded species about the precious way a Jew recognizes his physical body, and its functioning in his religious life.

Man's physical body can be sanctified, a notion which stands in stark contrast to the dualistic approach of Western i. Greek and Christian thought. The Rav describes how the latter "despaired metaphysically and morally of man's natural side and devoted itself to his spiritual-intellectual side It created an unbridgeable gap between the physical and the spiritual.

While the Torah declared, "And you shall eat before the Lord your God, in the place where He will choose to establish His Name, the tithes of your new grain and wine and oil, and the firstlings of your herds and flocks, so that you may learn to revere the Lord your God always" DevarimGreek thought would not be able to fathom such a command: "The animal eats; man The Devil Is Loose - Fausto Papetti - Soft And Sweet and cognizes the spiritual, general and ideal.

The intellect, not the stomach, approaches God. And as the Rav So eloquently declares: "Indeed, the Halakha is the law of the body. But this is where you find its greatness; by sanctifying the physical, it creates a unified psychosomatic individual who serves his Creator with both his spirit and his body and elevates the animal [in him] to the heights of eternity.

Rav Shimshon Pincus Siddur Teffillah pages makes a similar point. Though our pure neshama is the heart of our existence, its ability to function on this world is based upon our body's continued health. When the body goes, the soul has no means of expressing itself in this world. Rav Pincus explains that while the heart of ones existence is his soul and his motivation, G-d created the world in a way that the only means of determining ones true motivation is by analyzing their actions.

One may really feel connected to Torah and Mitzvot, and uplift himself with his Father Duffy - Various - Mark Of The Devil I & II (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks) motivations when studying and performing, but if it is not coupled with actions, then one really doesn't love the Torah and Mitzvot.

If one can only muster up romantic feelings, but can't make the Divine command part of his body's existence, then his love for them is truly lacking. Our bodies in effect express the true nature of our heart. Rav Pincus explains that our recognizing that our soul is a pikadon, a deposit, allows us to keep it connected to Hashem, its true owner, throughout the day.

In so doing, we allow our body to reach untold of heights that the soul couldn't achieve without its interconnection.


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