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Sound vrag.dk - Point Reyes - Golden (File storage technology seems to be changing, upgrading, and taking up less space by the hour. So it might seem questionable whether we — as individuals or as a society — should be archiving vinyl record sleeves. Why hold onto what are, after all, just glorified pieces of cardboard?

At the very least these should be digitized, and archives be careful not to eliminate duplicates if vinyl editions contain entirely different annotation. The surprise winner in my choice for the vinyl release that contains the most valuable historical vrag.dk - Point Reyes - Golden (File notes vrag.dk - Point Reyes - Golden (File ever to be reprinted.

It would be impossible to list, let alone review, all the vinyl reissues from the pre-CD era that had fine liner notes. Some are thorough artist histories; some are artist appreciations; and some are, for lack of a better description, something else. Even back in the s, however, there were exceptions. For the album came out with an extensive interview with Yardbirds lead singer Keith Relf — the longest interview he ever gave about the Yardbirds, as far as I know.

The back cover of More Golden Eggs had the first part of the interview with Yardbirds singer Keith Relf featured in the liner notes, continued on an insert inside the sleeve.

Keith Relf of the Yardbirds was living nearby. He was just forming Armageddon, and he needed rent money. So we paid his rent that month and in return we were able to interview him and play him the bootleg record and he commented on each of the songs as they were being played…We printed the interview on the Album) and as a four- or five-page insert as well, and got his signature on the cover too. There was a catch, though — it was missing most of the interview.

The first page was printed on the back cover, but the insert with the rest of it was gone. The Move, The Best of the Move. When this double LP appeared init was early days for archival reissues of groups that never had a hit in the US, to say the least. Best of all, the inner gatefold featured extensive, well-written liners by drummer Bev Bevan that commented on every song, Album) in July Adorning the front was a drawing of a moving van — one of several instances when early best-of comps for British Invasion bands like the Zombies, Animals, and Yardbirds had artwork which illustrated the name of the artist all too literally.

Them, Them Featuring Van Morrison. At his best he was very good, however, especially when he seemed reined in by some nominal space limitations that forced him to focus more than usual.

And he never wrote anything better than Without sincerity - Disrupt - Discography (Box Set, LP, LP, Album, LP, LP) notes he penned for this double-LP Them compilation on the London label, crammed into the inner gatefold with barely a line to spare.

I said tomorrow and stayed up all night and banged them out and stuck them in an envelope the next morning. The Velvet Underground, Live. Not all liner notes have to be historical or lengthy to be memorable. Now the very notion of the Velvet Underground getting studied in or whatever would have seem absurd, even laughable, to most academics and Album) pundits in Then he kind of offhandedly asked me if I wanted to write the liner notes for the album, which came as a big surprise.

Paul made acetate copies for me to bring home. Regardless, I knew it was the world I was determined to enter, and those notes were my calling card to get in the high gates. Album) least one member of the Velvets appreciated what Elliott had to say about the music. I was out and he had a nice chat with her, because when I came back to her apartment she said a nice boy named Lewis Reed had called for me.

The Easybeats, Absolute Anthology. Getting back to Absolute Anthologythe liner notes also had a stupendously detailed discography before those things were common in rock reissues. That LP-sized stitched-in format remains neat to behold, however, and was also used on a few other reissues whose notes this post will discuss. Monstrous box sets have become a fact of life these days, at least for those of us either foolish enough to spend the money on them, or clever enough to get comps.

For not only was there an LP-sized page booklet with the kind of ridiculously detailed sessionography only the British seemed to able to summon the energy to do in those days. Icing the cake, each of the sleeves for the inch discs had detailed notes on the musical contents, none of them duplicating the text found within the main booklet. No doubt there were other such boxes that I missed from the late s through the late s, when CDs started to overtake vinyl as the dominant format in record sales.

There have been yet more extensive Vincent CD boxes, and for all I know, those have yet more extensive notes. A terrific bonus was the page LP-sized booklet of liner notes and photos — and, as with the Gene Vincent box detailed above, more music-specific notes on one side of each of the sleeves containing a vinyl disc. Uncoincidentally, Beecher co-wrote the notes to this box as well. The graphics are certainly better than those on the notes on this comparatively ancient vinyl box set.

Not to be confused with their self-titled debut LP, the vrag.dk - Point Reyes - Golden (File side of the Album) gatefold of this compilation featured a basic band bio by Jean-Charles Costa.

The Merseybeats, Beat and Ballads. Many early Edsel releases came with a detailed four-page insert with thorough small-print artist histories and rare vintage illustrations. In the cases of some of the more mediocre Merseybeat bands like the Escorts and the Big Three, dare I say, the liner notes were much more entertaining than the music.

There have since been more extensive CD compilations for the likes of the Merseybeats and the Mojos, but the liner notes on these thirty-year-old-or-so collections remain the best. Del Shannon, The Vintage Years. But all of them were given Vintage Years volumes. I even remember getting the Troggs and Nuggets anthologies at the small cutout bin at Urban Outfitters!

Another such entry in the Vintage Years honored Del Shannon. Bomp Lost All Communication - Terrence Dixon - 12,000 Miles Of Twilight LP Greg Shaw crammed in as much microscopic-sized text as both panels of the inner gatefold could allow, save a right-hand column vrag.dk - Point Reyes - Golden (File a useful discography listing all his singles A-sides and B-sides and LPs.

For the next fifteen minutes, singer and musitronist worked on those chords, which were merely A-minor and G, until an entire new song had been constructed around them. Nobody there was quite sure what had happened, least of all the singer. The Troggs, The Vintage Years.

One more cheer for the Vintage Years series, this time for the Troggs installation, Travel - Dog Age - Two LPs On One CD by the estimable Ken Barnes. The Kinks, The Kink Kronikles. Stab him. With a knife. We were having eggs and chips after a gig and he reached over with his fork and took one of my chips and I…I could have killed him.

Those notes were by…John Mendelsohn. But now that its quite rare and fine tracks are not all that hard to find, those notes Album) you one more reason to snap this up should it show up in the used bin — in which case, alas, it will probably be a lot more expensive than vinyl copies of The Kink Kronikles.

For a time in the early s, United Artists inaugurated a conscientious reissue program that actually gave some early rock artists double LPs with respectful packaging and lengthy stitched-in LP-sized liner notes. There were a few good entries in this series, like the ones for Eddie Cochran with liner notes by Lenny Kaye and Ricky Nelson. Yet I must admit my favorite feature on Anthology Album is not in the liner notes. The Byrds, Preflyte.

Like this one for Preflytea collection of Album) early Byrds demos that was one of the first the first? The liner notes are by someone who knew them well, publicist Billy James. As it turns out, the music was not just historically interesting, but quite good on its own merits, perhaps enduring for far more years than even associates like James thought possible.

Preflyte would eventually be expanded to a whopping forty tracks from its original eleven on a two-CD reissue, with a fifty-page booklet of historical liner notes. Love, Best of Love compilation on Rhino. Though it soon became the leading reissue label in the world, in its early days, Rhino usually had to squeeze all its liner notes onto the back cover.

Even by liner-notes-printed-on-the-sleeve standards, this one has vrag.dk - Point Reyes - Golden (File type, the kind that makes friends with worse vision than mine ask me to read the menu to them at restaurants. These particular notes are not a serious contender for the Top Ten of liners from the vinyl era.

In fact, everybody in the band was out-of-it. These observations have been amplified upon and given different perspectives by other participants in the subsequent decades. But at the time, they were of great interest to Love fans, to say the least. Little Dont Ask Me Questions - Graham Parker - Live Alone Discovering Japan was available about the group then, and this and less controversial quotes on the sleeve from Botnick and Elektra chief Jac Holzman were part of the start in getting more knowledge about Love into circulation.

Lee himself, it should be added, offered some of his own prickly memories of the band in the EugeneKha - Techno Bit! Low Bit! (Compilation 2008) (All Media, MP3, MP3). After we became successful, they got big heads. Everybody had money, everybody Album) a house, a car, a flash Reap (What You Sow) (The Drums) - Junior Vasquez Presents Vernessa Mitchell - Reap (What You Sow). Money spoiled them — it spoiled me too.

It was a strange time. I thought I was gonna kick the bucket. Lastly, our sole entry that was not a reissue, but a contemporary LP, issued in These days, such an approach would either be laughed at as ridiculously earnest, or mistaken for tongue-in-cheek satire. In the CD era, the innocence of such seriousness has been lost. The liner notes are just a very basic overview; a huge disappointment compared to the LP.

Thanks for letting us know, Scott. The gatefold sleeves for single albums, no less were chock full of recording minutia that fascinated me as a pre-musician child. Actually they were pretty uuiqne at the time I would argue that they were quite underrated. They never reached their full potential as a band. I saw them live quite a few times they never disappointed.

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