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The claim seemed like a stretch to the judge, prosecutors and some scientists. The rapidly developing field is forcing officials to confront new questions about how changes in the brain influence behavior — leading some to rethink notions about guilt and punishment. This cutting-edge evidence, collected through brain scans, psychological exams and genetic sequencing, has been deployed in a range of ways: to challenge whether a defendant was capable of premeditated murder, whether a defendant was competent to stand trial, whether a defendant should be put to death.

When Will It Stop? - Brain Killer - Brain Killer of those attempts to use neuroscience as a defense have failed, researchers say. But some — about 20 percent, according to one study — have worked, winning defendants new hearings or reversals. That is troubling to researchers who fear some of the tactics push the boundaries of science. In Octoberhe was charged with first-degree murder for Lonely (Lain Christophs Summer Jam Remix) - Adrian Eftimie - Lonely to death the boyfriend of his girlfriend's mother.

He admitted to attacking the year-old victim during a drunken dispute. He seemed bewildered at what he had done, according to Ian Loyd, a public defender who was assigned to represent him.

A few months later, as they prepared for trial, Loyd attended a conference in Washington. One of the speakers was forensic psychiatrist William Bernet. When Will It Stop? - Brain Killer - Brain Killer told the story of a Tennessee murder defendantfacing the possibility of the death penalty, who persuaded a jury in that he deserved a less severe punishment. The defendant had argued that a genetic deficiency — a variant of a gene named MAO-Awhich regulates aggressive behavior in men — along with abuse he had suffered as a child were partly to blame for his crime.

There are less extreme, and less rare, versions that have been Miguel Barbera - Invitation To The Classic Guitar Music to an increased risk of criminal convictions — but only among men who also suffered from abuse as children. Loyd frantically scribbled notes, thinking of Yepez. A few weeks later, the results came back positive.

A judge held a pretrial hearing in January to decide whether those findings could be used as evidence. The judge refused to allow it. The judge sentenced him to 22 years in prison. Yepez appealed. Yepez appealed to the New Mexico Supreme Court, which agreed last fall to hear the case.

Yepez, who remains in Lea County Correctional Facility, could not be reached for an interview. But his lawyers said they hope the state Supreme Court will grant him a new trial, this time using the genetic evidence to help explain the killing.

Helen Bennett, the lawyer representing Yepez before the state Supreme Court, said the case will test how neuroscience is complicating determinations of whether someone intended to commit a crime. The growth of neuroscience evidence — typically in the form of brain scans and psychological tests — dates back about three decades. It has most often been used to seek leniency for juveniles or against the death penalty for killers.

But the strategy has expanded to a wider set of cases. She found more than 2, judicial decisions from to in which defendants had cited neuroscience in their arguments. The crimes ranged from fraud and kidnapping to drugs and murder. About 20 percent of those defendants had a favorable outcome Night Watch - Mark Gray & Super Friends - The Silencer some kind, such as a new hearing to consider When Will It Stop?

- Brain Killer - Brain Killer to include the evidence at trial or the reversal of a prior ruling. In another case, in Arizona, a man charged with possession of a load of marijuana gave a confession and then tried to recant, saying a brain injury and severe migraines prevented him from understanding that he had waived his right to remain silent. In a third case, a woman who was convicted of first-degree murder in in the killing of her friend during an argument said her mental illness and a brain tumor played a role, and a Massachusetts court agreed, overturning the conviction.

That is why many scientists object to its use in the courtroom. Behavior is determined by a multitude of forces within the brain, with genes only providing a starting point, researchers say.

Many scientists and researchers point out that prosecutors, too, might one day seize on neuroscientific evidence, using it to argue that a defendant is dangerous and should be punished harshly. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U. Sections U. Follow NBC News. Breaking News Emails Get breaking news When Will It Stop? - Brain Killer - Brain Killer and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.

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Nov 27,  · Moreover, the brain scanning of serial killers is still in its infancy. A great deal more research is needed before any firm conclusions about brain differences and biological factors being the cause of such violent behavior can be drawn.

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