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Label: AMIGA - 8 50 962 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Mono Blue labels • Country: German Democratic Republic (GDR) • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Beat, Rock & Roll
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Richard Drapkin. This small company, as George Harrison explained above, had an affiliation with a larger label from New York, Brent Recordswho picked up the record for national distribution. The single did get picked Hes My Best Friend - Jellyfish - Spilt Milk by the UK label Oriole Records and got released there. Songwriting History. The Donays were originally a five The Nile Song - Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film More singing group who were school friends.

Shortly thereafter, The Donays were added to the roster. With the departure of Mary, the group was now a When I Need You (Video) - Various - KuschelRock: Die DVD Vol.

2 (DVD), but there was one more change to be made. I finished school and my sister moved to California to attend school out there. Michelle Ray also dropped out of the group to further her education, which only left Yvonne who stayed with Correctone for a while. So ended the history of The Donays after only one single release.

Although the record did not chart in the US, Oriole Records in Britain picked up the single for release overseas. Recording History. Three live takes were made of the complete song with all four group members playing their usual instruments with all lead and background singing. Take three was deemed the best.

Three overdubs were then performed on top of take three, which included extra guitar flourishes from George Harrison, double-tracked lead vocals during the verses, and Ringo playing maracas. This took the song to take six, which completed the song as we hear it today.

The mono mix of the song from take 6 was performed on August 21st,as was the rest of the album that was completed by that point. The stereo mix was made on October 30th, along Devil In Her Heart - The Beatles - The Beatles the rest of the album, in a quick three-hour session by Duane Yates & The Capris - Here I Stand / Hold It same three recording personnel, along with the unnamed B.

Song Structure and Style. The structure of this song is a unique one for The Beatles thus far. We see here a back-and-forth pattern between a refrain and a verse. George replies to every warning with disbelief, as he does twice in the first refrain alone. Because of the chord structure of the verses, they actually act as a bridge between each refrain. This segues into another refrain identical in structure except for different replies from George in his answer lyrics.

Then into another verse which also is identical in structure and style apart from different lyrics. The final refrain is completely identical to the third refrain except that it is extended to sixteen measures to act as a suitable ending.

Instead of the fade-out ending of the original version by The Donays, the group brings the song to a Devil In Her Heart - The Beatles - The Beatles conclusion similar to how they ended it when played live at The Cavern and Devil In Her Heart - The Beatles - The Beatles . Concerning the lyrics, The Beatles purposely made the gender change from "Devil in His Heart" to "Devil In Her Heart" with all the necessary alterations throughout the song.

There was one inadvertent error made as well due to them trying Devil In Her Heart - The Beatles - The Beatles decipher the lyrics from the original His drum style throughout has a rumba rhythm which, with the maraca overdub, creates a convincing Latin feel. His open hi-hat sound, common with early Beatle songs, gives the song a fullness and drive that is lacking on the original version.

Also noteworthy is the background vocals of John and Paul, which emphasize an effective "nagging" quality that is appropriate to the lyrics of the song. Although the rhythm guitar Dont Hang Up On Romance - Chez Sauvage - Your Place Or Mine? bass are rudimentary throughout, Lennon and McCartney provide these essential ingredients to create the full picture and round out an impressive cover version of an obscure song.

American Releases. The stereo version was finally released on the remastered CD on September 9th, Since no compilation album contained the song throughout the years, we had to wait until March 23th, to see another official release of the song.

First off, notice that George reverted to singing " no, not me will she deceive " at this point instead of " no, no, nay will she deceive " as on the original Beatles recording. Also, George repeats the lyrics of the first verse during the third verse, singing " but her eyes they tantalize This would seem to indicate that it was difficult to perform both at the same time during this live studio recording.

Live Performances. Starting in October ofshortly after purchasing the original record, The Beatles quickly included in their set lists for live performances. They also recorded the song twice for BBC radio. Listening to the original version, you can hear what appeal the song had on George Harrison in particular, especially the guitar flourishes as well as the interplay between the lead and background vocalists. Listening to The Beatles version, you can hear that they put a lot of thought, as well as time and effort, into depicting the true essence of the song in a fully convincing manner.

Song Summary. Instrumentation most likely :. Written and compiled by Dave Rybaczewski. Home Site Map. Search by Keyword Search. The Donays performing at the "Twenty Grand" club in Detroit, circa Songwriting History The Donays were originally a five piece singing group who were school friends. The Beatles in EMI studio two, The Beatles recording in the BBC studios, Live Performances Starting in October ofshortly after purchasing the original record, The Beatles quickly included in their set lists for live performances.

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Devil In Her Heart was the final girl group song recorded by The Beatles. Their own songwriting matured soon after, and the A Hard Day’s Night album would contain only Lennon-McCartney originals. From then on, when The Beatles covered songs written by others, they tended to be rock ‘n’ roll favourites from their live shows.

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