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The Hartford circus firewhich occurred on July 6,in Hartford, Connecticutwas one of the worst fire disasters in United States history. The fire killed people [2] and more than were injured. In midth century America, a typical circus traveled from town to town by train, performing under a huge canvas tent commonly called a "big top".

The circus had been experiencing shortages of personnel and equipment as a result of the United States' involvement in World War II. Delays and malfunctions in the ordinarily smooth order of the circus had become commonplace; on August 4,a fire had broken out in the menageriekilling a number of animals. When the circus arrived in Hartford, Connecticuton Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File) 5,the trains were so late that one of the two shows scheduled for that day had been canceled.

The next day was a Thursday; the crowd at the afternoon performance was dominated by women and children. The fire began as a small flame after the lions performed, on the southwest sidewall of the tent, while the Great Wallendas were performing. Circus bandleader Merle Evans was said to have been the first to spot the flames, and immediately directed the band 3.

Rondo-Allegro - Radu Lupu / Lawrence Foster / London Symphony Orchestra* - Radu Lupu Plays Beetho play " The Stars and Stripes Forever ", the tune that traditionally signaled distress to all circus personnel. Bradna and the ushers unsuccessfully tried to maintain some order as the panicked crowd tried to flee the big top. The only animals in the big top at the time were the big cats trained by May Kovar and Joseph Walsh that had just finished performing when the fire started.

The big cats were herded through the chutes leading from the performing cages to several cage wagons, and were unharmed except for a few minor burns. Though most spectators were able to escape the fire, many people were caught up in the hysteria. Witnesses said some simply ran around in circles trying to find their loved ones, rather than trying to escape from the burning tent. Some escaped but ran back inside to look for family members.

Others stayed in their seats until it was too late, assuming that the fire would be put out promptly. Because at least two of the exits were blocked by the chutes used to bring the show's big cats in and out of the tent, people trying to escape could not bypass them.

The cause of the fire remains unsolved. Investigators at the time believed it was caused by a carelessly flicked cigarette; however, Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File) suspected an arsonist. Several years later, while being investigated on other arson charges, Robert Dale Segee —who was an adolescent at the No Mercy - The Stranglers - No Mercy, confessed to starting the blaze.

He was never tried for the crime and later recanted his confession. Because of the paraffin wax waterproofing of the tent, the flames spread rapidly. Many people were badly burned by the melting paraffin, which rained down from the roof. The fiery tent collapsed in about eight minutes according to eyewitness survivors, trapping hundreds of spectators beneath it. While many people burned to death, many others died as a result of the ensuing chaos. Sources and investigators differ Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File) how many people were killed and injured.

Various people and organizations say it was, or persons the figure is usually based on official tallies that included a collection of body parts that were listed as a "victim" with official treated injury estimates running over people. The number of actual injuries is believed to be higher than those figures, since many people were seen that day heading home in shock without seeking treatment in the city. It is commonly believed that the number of fatalities is higher than the estimates given, due to poorly kept residency records in rural towns, and the fact that some smaller remains were never identified or claimed.

Additionally, free tickets had been handed out that day to many people in and around the city, some of whom appeared to eyewitnesses and circus employees to be drifters who would never have been reported missing. Some died from injuries sustained after leaping from the tops of the bleachers in hopes they could escape under the sides of the tent, though that method of escape ended up killing more than it saved.

Others died after being trampled by other spectators, with some asphyxiating underneath the piles of people who fell over Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File) other. Most of the dead were found in piles, some three bodies deep, at the most congested exits. A small number of people were found alive at the bottoms of these piles, protected by the bodies on top of them when the burning big top ultimately fell down.

On July 7, charges of involuntary manslaughter were filed against five officials and employees of Ringling Bros. All circus profits from the time of the fire until then had been set aside to pay off these claims. Although the circus accepted full responsibility for the financial damages, they Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File) not accept responsibility for the disaster itself.

The five men charged were brought to trial in late ; four were convicted. Although they were given prison terms, the four men found guilty were allowed to continue with the circus to their next stop, in Sarasota, Floridato help the company set itself up again after the disaster.

Shortly after their convictions, they were pardoned entirely. One of the Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File), James A. Haleywent on to serve in the U. House of Representatives for 24 years. InRobert Dale Segee of Circleville, Ohio claimed during a police interview that he was responsible for setting the circus fire. In NovemberSegee was convicted in Ohio of unrelated arson charges and sentenced to 44 years of prison time.

However, Hartford investigators raised doubts over his confession, as he had a history of mental illness, and it could not be proven he was anywhere within the state of Connecticut when the fire occurred. Connecticut officials were also not allowed to question Segee, even though his alleged crime had occurred in their state. Because of this, many investigators, historians and victims believe the true arsonist—if it had indeed been arson—was never found.

The best-known victim of the circus fire was a young blonde girl wearing a white dress. She is known only as "Little Miss Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File), named after the Untitled - Пустота - Поля Т-15 assigned to her body at the city's makeshift morgue.

Oddly well preserved even after her death, her face has become arguably the most familiar image of the fire. Her true identity has been a topic of debate and frustration in the Hartford area since the fire occurred. She was buried without a name in Hartford's Northwood cemetery, where a victims' memorial also stands. Two police investigators, Sgts. Thomas Barber and Edward Lowe, photographed her and took fingerprints, footprints, and dental charts.

Despite massive publicity and repeated displays of the famous photograph in nationwide magazines, Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File) was never claimed. Barber and Lowe spent the rest of their lives trying to identify her. They decorated her grave with flowers each Christmas, Memorial Dayand July 4. The Connecticut State Police forensics unit compared hair samples and determined they were probably from the same person. The body was exhumed in and buried Tapani Marssi - Various - Finnland - Folklore - Karelien & Österbotten In Authentischen Aufnahmen to her brother, Edward, who had also died in the fire.

InLowe's widow announced that Lowe had identified the child and contacted her family, but they had requested no publicity. Notes on nearby gravestones indicated that her twin brother and other relatives were buried close by. Davey also contends that there was a conspiracy within the judicial Existen - Various - Yin Yang to convict the Ringling defendants, and that Segee was the arsonist.

Before writing the book, Davey spent six years researching the case and conducting his own experiments as to how the fire really may have started.

He described the original investigation both "flawed and primitive", though he did not work on the original case. Eleanor's brother Donald Cook had contacted authorities in insisting that the girl was his sister, but nothing came of it, [15] and Donald later worked with Davey to establish her identity. Donald believes that family members were shown the wrong body in the confusion at the morgue.

Various assertions put forth in A Matter of Degree have been fiercely disputed by investigators who worked on the case, as well as by other writers, most notably Stewart O'Nanwho published The Circus Fire: A True Story of an American Tragedy in The shape of Little Miss 's face and that of Eleanor Cook are dissimilar, and the heights and ages of the two girls do not match up. Perhaps most significantly, when shown a photograph of Little MissEleanor's mother Mildred Corintha Parsons Cook immediately stated that this was not her daughter.

She firmly maintained that stance until her death in Highway - Teddy Lasry - Modern Way, age Badly injured in the fire, Mrs.

Cook had been unable to claim her two dead children, and was too emotionally traumatized to pursue it later. She had been told that Eleanor was not in any of the locations where bodies were kept for identification. She believed that Eleanor was one of two children who had been burnt beyond recognition and remain unidentified.

O'Nan thinks she may be body number He further points to the differences in the dental records of Eleanor Cook and the records made of Little Miss after her death. As O'Nan and others have pointed out, the most likely scenario is that a family claiming a body early Drown the Clown (Original Mix) - F2U - Black Circus EP (File) mistakenly identified Eleanor Cook as their own child and she is buried under that child's name.

Even when "Little Miss 's" picture ran in the papers, they failed to recognize her as their own due to their desire to put the traumatic event behind them. While DNA analysis could end this debate definitively, the logistics of exhuming all the likely candidates for this mix-up make this unlikely.

With the questions over whether Eleanor Cook is the true identity of Little Miss still unanswered in the eyes of many, the body was exhumed after the release of A Matter of Degree and buried in Southampton, Massachusettsnext to the body of Edward Cook, the brother of Eleanor Cook and a victim of the circus fire himself.

Inher death certificate was officially changed from the previous identification of "". Since then, the Cook family has raised questions about whether the body is indeed that of Eleanor Cook, and some investigators have come to believe Eleanor's body may have been another of the unclaimed bodies from the fire and not Little Miss One of the survivors of the fire, Maureen Krekian, discussed her ordeal in She was 11 at the time of the fire, and lived on the same road where the circus was held.

On the day of the event, she was supposed to go to the circus with a woman next door and her daughter. When she went to their house, she found that they had already left without her. She decided to go to the circus on her own, where she seated herself in the bleachers. I remember somebody yelling and seeing a big ball of fire near the top of the tent.

And this ball of fire just got bigger and bigger and bigger. By that time, everybody was panicking. The exit was blocked with the cages that the animals were brought in and out with. And there was a man taking kids and flinging them up and over that cage to get them out. I was sitting up in the bleachers and jumped down — I was three-quarters of the way up. You jump down and it was all straw underneath. There was a young man, a kid, and he had a pocketknife.

And he slit the tent, took my arm and pulled me out. As she was being pulled out, Krekian grabbed another little girl's arm and pulled her out as well. Actor and theater director Charles Nelson Reillywho was 13 years old at the time, survived the fire and dramatized it in the film of his stage show, The Life of Reilly.


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