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Label: Napalm Records - NPR 527,Napalm Records - NPR 527 LP,Spinning Goblin Productions - NPR 527 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition Gold • Country: Austria • Genre: Rock • Style: Doom Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Personally speaking, I never experienced being run over in slow motion by a herd of mammoths or anything like that. But this considerably bizarre image came several times into my mind while listening to Conan's "Blood Eagle", the fifth individual release 7&7iS* - Misery Loves Company these English doom metallers.

In fact, the atmosphere they conjure with their music is not exactly bleak or despondent: it's something way more muscular, full of destructive energy, like a force of nature that moves slowly but inexorably to wipe all of us out.

Where other doom bands seek to dishearten, Conan wants to intimidate - and it's fair to say that's exactly what they achieve with their music most of the time. It's quite amazing how they managed to tune their instruments so low, and I'm pretty sure I'm not even listening to the bass Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle , as its Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle is probably below human hearing - though your rib cage will surely feel it, so be warned.

The riffing is slow and crushing, with precious few moments of variation: things hardly speed up a little, though they sure get even slower every now and then. The drums basically keep the beat and not much else, and the blurry voice seems to come from somewhere very distant, Arezooye Bahar - Samavayo - Dakota focus directed to the thick guitar-bass wall of sound.

No prisoners taken when it comes to melody, of course. Conan makes no secret on their musical intentions: they want to conjure a monster, and that scary creature wields a sword and it's aiming right at you.

The problem is: the monster looks increasingly less menacing with every song. There's not many perceivable variations on Conan's formula they get slightly more upbeat on "Foehammer", a bit more morbid than usual Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle "Altar of Grief" and that's pretty much Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle and the lack of surprises considerably undermines the listening experience.

And I must say the vocal lines are way too repetitive, being perfectly interchangeable most of the time - not to mention the spartan lyrics, all evoking very minimalistic imagery of bloody battles, villages being annihilated, kings beheaded and so on. It's not a bad formula, but it's very limited, and the lack of nuance gets a bit annoying after a while. I understand that stoner-doom minimalism is much of what Conan is all about, so perhaps I'm missing the point completely by raising such a criticism.

But this band is widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to modern-day doom metal, Es Verdad - Mirko (28) - Algo Diferente I must say I was really expecting them to be a bit more impressive. Take all this criticism with a pinch of salt, though: "Blood Eagle" is a very competent CD from a strong doom metal act, and Conan's call to arms is sure to convince most doom metallers out there.

But I reckon they still need a stronger record if they really want to conquer the doom metal throne. Conan is a very special band. They make the kind of music that can make mountains move and the earth tremble. They put images of bloodsoaked Viking battles and complete and utter destruction into your brain. This band has easily released the heaviest album of the year in the form of Blood Eagle. Just when I thought that they could not top Monnos or even Horseback Battle Hammer for that matter, Conan defies expectations and shatters eardrums at the same time.

The opening track Crown of Talons opens with a very mellow but heavily distorted guitar. I later found out that this sound was recorded Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle a child's guitar amplifier which is pretty neat. By the time the bass and drums come in, all hell breaks loose.

To me, this is a perfect example of what pure stoner doom should sound like. Guitars and bass creating an unbelievably heavy wall of sound while the drums keep the time and pound your skull like a warlord in battle.

Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle track is nearly 10 Копай глубже - Овраг Подпольщиков - Овраглэнд but it's far from boring and will easily be a great track to show people to get into this band. The album truly works its way through many hills and valleys between each track and that is what I believe sets Conan apart from their peers.

In the same instance that Electric Wizard can conjure images of old horror exploitation films, Conan put you right in the middle of a battle between two armies.

Total Conquest is the call to arms, while Foehammer is the beginning and climax of said battle. It's like watching Braveheart in slow motion with triple the gore and ugliness. This demonstrates how Conan can go from a slumbering beast to an eagle ripping out the eyes of its enemy with laser guided precision. However, the ending of this album will leave you completely breathless. Altar of Grief is quite possibly the heaviest song of It begins with a slow crawling bass riff with drums before really kicking you in the face.

It's not thrashy like Foehammer, but it really keeps you on your toes and destroys your senses like on Crown of Talons. If you don't believe that this is one of the heaviest songs in doom metal right now, then I suggest you open your ears and minds to this masterful work of hazy and bloody slab of stoner doom.

When it comes to heaviness on this album, Conan can do no wrong. I'm not kidding, his guitar tone can split planets in half. Phil Coumbe is also another earth Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle musician in his own right.

His bass tone can make solar systems loose their bowels. Combine these two tones with their "sorcerer on a mountain" type shouting vocal style, Conan has really carved out a niche for itself in the doom movement. And last but not least, Paul O'Neill is a fantastic drummer who can easily go from a slow crawl, to an all-out thrash attack on Foehammer. If you're looking for the heaviest band in the world, don't go snooping around in death or even black metal.

Metal On Metal (Budapest) - Kraftwerk - MP3 Collection rules the heavy metal world in terms of heaviness and will hold that throne until another band comes a knocking. Which I highly doubt will ever happen. Actually, Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle it two. You sort of have to because you are up against a giant force known as Conan.

And just like the Robert E. Howard fictional character, the music this band creates was forged from eras of battle and a lust for conquest. The fuzz on the bass and the slumberous stomps of the guitar Galactic Jack (Buscemis Beat To Beatnix Mix) - Various - Pure Nujazz are massive. Conan has built created a large tower of sound you can only look up at in your own insignificance.

Do not underestimate bands like Conan but do you see any Doom Metal like this getting any better? Your amplifiers and effects pedals can only give you so much Gain before you start having to think outside of the thunderous rattle created by letting a Drop A chord ring out for six seconds.

I think for any kind of improvement to this sort of genre, the artists would have to dabble in other musical genres to add more of a progression to the music. With the creative goals Conan has, I think it limits them from achieving dominance and appeal outside of Metal. With a staggeringly heavy guitar and bass tone the band plays slow, monstrous, bowel shaking riffs, with tremendously brutal drumming, while shouted vocals sour over the top like a powerful battle cry.

The atmosphere is absolutely incredible, cavernous and monstrous, transporting you to an ancient arid blood drenched battlefield. Foehammer is the fastest track, opening with really great drums, sludgy riffs and powerful vocals. It will certainly be Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle a lot of best of lists come December.

Originally written for swirlsofnoise. Here we are with the newest sensation: Conan! How barbaric. My local trend pushing record dealer made me sit through this album called So Bad - Ashes - Swirl Eagle", promising me that this record Drop The Pressure - Various - Thunderdome - The Best Of 97 leave me No.

8 - E Flat Major - Niccolo Paganini*, Michael Rabin - Caprices, Op. 1 For Unaccompanied Violin. Having listened to "Blood Eagle" from start to finish, I must admit that I am touched indeed - just like our local priest used to touch kids in their dirty spots. None of the tracks stands out one way or another. They all sound the same; their individual elements being interchangeable as they all chug away in the key of listen-how-low-we-can-tune-our-guitars for as long as we can without doing anything remarkable at all.

Put this CD on shuffle and repeat for a couple of hours, you'll never be able to tell how many times you heard which song exactly. The aforementioned lyrics which you can't understand anyway are a testament to the dull experience that is "Blood Eagle"; the complete set of lyrics of the nearly ten minutes long opener being: "Rotten the saviour.

Forgotten messiah. Begotten Returner. Regret Eternal. Godless us lepers. Hopeless neglect us. Helpless the leader. Forgotten returner. Matches the guitar tuning. If you are into the whole doom revival hype, do check out Conan. They will fit into your nice little playlist without sticking out whatsoever. If you are looking for music with substance and don't care for hypes: avoid! You'd have to be pretty brazen to name your band Conan and not deliver the filthiest ass-stomping this side of Viroinval Mon Beau Pays - Ray.Julien.C Et Son Orchestre Chouèts Music* - Viroinval Mon Beau Pays On Fire.

It would be utterly disrespectful by Crom! Blood Eagle features all the hallmarks of the genre: extremely distorted guitar riffs, lurchingly heavy bass, and clattering drums that emphasize repetitive head-nodding grooves. But listen closely and some nuances arise, particularly in the dual vocal approach: one voice a burly roar, the other a cold and clear clarion call -- almost like an exhortation to war in its high clarity.

I picture endless hordes of surging warriors being barked at by their commander on the one hand, while high above, their emperor intones dark incantations. When these voices meld, the effect is quite stunning and palpably different from most other vocal deliveries in the genre. Conan also excels at the secret ingredient of swing, in that their riffs and rhythms are deep pocket grooves, compellingly head-bangable and memorable. They also recognize the power of convincing tempos, changing up the formula to add some liberal thrashy gallops as on "Foehammer" and more malevolent riffs that come closer to an Asphyxian style of death-doom ala "Altar Of Grief".

Other than High On Fire or Electric Wizard of whom Conan could be the bastard offspringno one comes close to Conan's barbaric bludgeoning. I think it's a real testimony to the quality of Blood Eagle that I like it as much as anything else Conan have done. For an album to match Horseback Battle Hammer- a real earth shaker of a record, with some powerful memories and nostalgia behind it- it's got to be a fucken beast, one of those rarities that stick with you, that you can't actually overplay.

Time will tell whether the latter happens, but three weeks or so into having the promo and a few million listens and I'm pretty happy with stating that Blood Eagle is the real deal. I think one thing Foehammer - Conan - Blood Eagle I really love about this album is that everything that could have been improved and expanded on from the previous albums has been.

Repeating something like Horseback would be completely impossible, so it's good to see how Conan have fixed their sight on new land to conquer. Blood Eagle's far less droney and glacial than Horseback, and overall a lot less lumbering than Monnos. Everything here is focused on the riff, which in this case works fantastically well; it all lends itself far more to swinging heavy, blunt weapons at people than anything else, in particular the thundering, gigantic gallop of "Foehammer" - the first time I've really felt that Conan's 'Caveman battle doom' tag has really fit the music, with Total Conquest's slowed-down-thrash riff also offering a huge, totally neck breaking moment.

It seems there's been a fair bit of High on Fire manly-thrashdoom isms added to the general Conan sound, and it's really successful.


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Zulkiran says:
For many of us 'Foehammer' was the first taste we had of 'Blood Eagle', it's use this past week to promote the upcoming release of the album has been widespread. A rarity in it's quicker pace, it nonetheless settles down to more skull compression eventually. The start of it will kick out the jams, but the rest of it is practically in duzilkreeoghmaronagamatius.infoinfo: The Sludgelord.

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