Hullabaloo (N.I. Stroke City Mix) - Various - Zouk The Next Generation Vol. One

Label: VMP - VMP 160295-2 • Series: Zouk Culture • Format: CD Compilation, Mixed • Country: Singapore • Genre: Electronic • Style: House
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Sincethrough many generations of corporate ownership, John Atkinson right, above has been the Editor and bedrock of the magazine. Stepping into his shoes as Editor will be long-time Stereophile contributor Jim Austin left, above. Deputy Editor Art Dudley will continue to do what he does best and what he prefers to do : writing columns and reviews and editing the prose of Stereophile 's other contributors, while managing an expanded suite of responsibilities.

These changes will be effective as of the July issue of Stereophile. Gordon Holt and John Atkinson, and to hold the reins of the world's most important high-end audio Hullabaloo (N.I.

Stroke City Mix) - Various - Zouk The Next Generation Vol. One . It's an opportunity I relish, though. It's hard to even imagine a job I'd enjoy more.

Pierce, Florida. That's where he bought his first serious pair of loudspeakers, Polk Audio Model 7Bs, which he paired with a succession of Japanese receivers and Technics turntables. Later, he earned a PhD in physics and worked for a while as a research scientist, applying methods from nuclear physics to study of semiconductors and other materials. Despite the change in leadership, Hullabaloo (N.I. Stroke City Mix) - Various - Zouk The Next Generation Vol.

One editorial changes are not envisioned at the magazine. I intend to look for opportunities to make Stereophile better: more engaging, more relevant, more entertaining, with the best, most insightful writing about music and audio.

In particular, Stereophile I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like / Its My Car always been a subjectivist audio journal.

Its main concern has always been with how music sounds through the equipment we review and how it affects us, the listeners. But for 30 years Stereophile has been built upon the edifice of John Atkinson's measurements, which examine whether the components we review are thoughtfully and solidly engineered.

Under my watch, we'll continue to do both those things, with, I hope, renewed vigor. But yes, approaching 71 years old, I am long in the tooth. The June issue of Stereophile will be my th and though my hearing is still good, I decided it was time to hand the reins over to a new and, more importantly, a younger man. But having worked with Jim for the past 15 years, I know as Editor he will succeed in taking J.

Gordon Holt's and my magazine to even greater heights. You have the conn, Jim. Thanks to you both. John you have taught us so much and I hope to learn more with each issue. Jim you have the right stuff to push forward and gain readership. But of course, thank you and all the best. Aldous Huxley We like to promote from within.

All qualified applicants with the initials "JA" are encouraged to apply! I find this interesting. First, let me congratulate both men - JA, I was 9 years old when you took over and you arguably shaped many of my current beliefs about sound and many of my considerable spending decisions through the years; and JA2, whose conclusions I haven't always shared, but whose articles I have always read from beginning to end with interest.

I've viewed JA's "quant" a welcome counter to the pages of "qual", which has always been Stereophile's yin to TAS's yang. In this regard JA2's appointment is a continuation of something that I have always regarded as a quality that made Stereophile the absolute best I have hired many people that I feel counter the norm, or my own personal beliefs, on the hope they'd create a diversity of thought that hedge the downside risk of groupthink and hivemind; in that regard I think this change ensures Stereophile's relevance for years to come, albeit with some turnover in staff given what I suspect is a strong personality.

I say this in a positive sense. I don't know JA2, but my inference from his articles and comments is that he will kick the tires at every turn! Congratulations to both of you! Thank f for that. For a moment there I thought we'd be losing him. With Jim at the helm I would assume Stereophile will remain as good as ever considering the fact he has been part of the team for eons. And JA a well deserved reduction in workload from what was a long and fruitful tenure.

My yearly subscription will be renewed. As the bad-boy of planetary-geology who's had his fair-share of AAAS rejections and one success!

In communications with Jim, I've found him to be enthusiastic, searching, Hullabaloo (N.I. Stroke City Mix) - Various - Zouk The Next Generation Vol. One , and knowledgeable -- perfect material for the job.

Schmuck that I am, now I'm re-buying it all again. Two JAs on board now. Looking forward to this dynamic duo maintaining the helm of Stereophile. Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on March 2, - am 'C'ool This will also be my last at teaching school, but it was time for me to let someone younger deal with the new generation.

Sorry to say, judging by how JimA presented his MQA articles, I think we're safe from the semblance of critical thought. Much less actual scientific rigor despite whatever background he has. You're joking. The magazine has it already.

It's called Such A Good Feeling - Various - Oldskool Classics Vol.

3 measurements section of the review. Keep Stereophile exactly as it is. This is not Scientific American. It is art and magic and it cannot be explained with measurements or algorithms. If you can't accept that by now after 50 years of Stereophile and TAS, you're in the wrong hobby. Actually those stupid results prove double blind tests though useful for many things are often not.

And then as I found out when challenged to a double blind amplifier test that didn't go the way the test designer wished to prove all amps that measure the same are sonically indistinguishableexcuses are made and "outlier" results like when I got all identifications correct get tossed. I have an acquaintance who did the "Brita" challenge at a science meeting neurology conference with a good vodka compared to cheap vodka that had been filtered through a Brita.

There were six different Brita samples, corresponding to "one filtration," "two filtrations," etc. He nailed the good vodka, the cheap vodka, and identified each filter sample by how many times it had been filtered. At some point, someone skilled enough should be able to rise above the terrible deafness caused by DBT and be able to tell things apart, like you did with the amps! Also, what's true for an amp driving a Those Dayes (Aquellos Días) - Dos Mundos* - Dos Mundos (Vinyl, Album, LP) thing like a speaker may not apply to other things, like fuses, "wires," etc.

Still lots to flesh out! I was just perusing the Hi Fi News site and they actually published measurements of wires, fascinating! As a reader, I would love to see Hullabaloo (N.I.

Stroke City Mix) - Various - Zouk The Next Generation Vol. One technical editor compare and contrast an array of findings with these more subtle devices. Our local club does blind comparisons and nobody gets butt hurt about challenging our listening skills. In a recent club challenge, a plain over the counter fuse won the day vs. So, it seemed we had the ability to hear what was up, but the challenge was won by the little guy.

This was on a fancy system with King's Audio electrostats, etc. I digress Man, in the realm of measurements, how about comparing the differences between "broken in" and not for equipment, and see what may change! Everyone is so afraid of being wrong, or having their perceptions "judged" that we poo poo a very fun thing! In wine competitions, tasting is done blind and we get feedback on our perceptions, for better or worse.

When You Go - 21Octayne - 2.0 Fi should be able to emulate that and see what happens. KR was able to tell the difference between speakers in blind listening tests done at Harman It is probably going to be more difficult to tell the difference between electronic components, such as amps, pre-amps, DACs etc Are the "useful" ones those with whose outcomes you agree and the "stupid" ones those with whose outcomes you disagree?

A given test doesn't prove that all vodkas taste the same. It does demonstrate that a particular group of tasters could not reliably distinguish among the particular group of samples they tasted. If you're open-minded, you might consider conducting your own blind taste test to see if you reach the same conclusion, or not. Likewise, outlier results shouldn't be tossed out of hand. Rather, the test should be repeated to determine if those results can be confirmed.

I would be happy if people could just relax and roll with their own opinions rather than try to force everyone else to ride their train. Lots of people think their dog is the best dog, their religion is God's only true faith Question: If the only way to "test" equipment is by using your own equipment in your home, how do you shop? I listen in stores and at shows, as well. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to survey the marketplace!

Танец под водой - Линда - Почти Близнецы is something called 'confirmation bias' you can read about it in Wikipedia It is the tendency to confirm one's own beliefs Would you know how long "confirmation bias" will affect your own listening?

It often does not last long. That's why extended listening can nullify this bias. I can usually tell within a couple hours if I like the piece enough to purchase it. Results will always vary!! You take your chances, or hope you can arrange a buy-back Hullabaloo (N.I.

Stroke City Mix) - Various - Zouk The Next Generation Vol. One you don't like your purchase. But if you can't listen to everything, or like others to do the listening for you, then Stereophile does a great job! I agree with everything you said


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