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Label: Sylph Records - SP-72101228 • Format: 2x, CDr Unofficial Release • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash
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Release Date: Tracklist. LaughingSkull 5 Totally out of control DoctorClaptrap 4 Megadeth's debut features some interesting elements not seen in their later work Systemunfolded 4 Thrash is our business PoliticallyIncorrectMetalhead Album Rating: 4.

Damn, people Will read in a sec. I suggest you review more obscure thrash bands, it'll probably be a better, more productive use of your time, effort and skills. I plan on reviewing Sacred Reich's stuff sometime, though. The two most negative reviews of it don't do the album "justice", in my view, and there are more mixed-to-positive reviews of it overall despite its low average rating.

I can't wait to destroy that album, especially since that'd be my first negative full review. Pretty good review. I once saw this in a record store as a first pressing with the original cover, Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast should've bought it.

Strike: he used to be a user around here, I believe he often wrote troll reviews and stuff. The term "skele" seems to have gradually become interchangeable with the Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast "troll" on Sput.

I haven't written any troll reviews, though. The title differs between releases; originally, it was Loved to Death, but on the remaster it's Loved to Deth, which I guess is a cheesy connection to the band name. Better yet, why not make it an instrumental? Or just cut the damned song out if you're not going to release it the right way, which is what they did before the remaster.

Album Rating: 5. Even though I agree with your rating, the review kinda feels like you're simply giving a synopsys of the tracks, without really commenting much on the quality of the album and what makes it so great. I'm also surprised you didn't include the title track in your recommended tracks. Digging: Ataxia - Automatic Writing. Megadeth Killing Is My Business Review Summary So is the album.

Megadeth's raw debut. When Dave Mustaine was booted out of Metallica on a bus in '83, he wanted his own band to be the fastest, heaviest band around, way cooler than those lame-os who'd kicked him out. Given the more melodic though certainly qualifying as thrash, at least for four albums direction that Megadeth would end up taking, you wouldn't believe it.

Megadeth would have many, many lineups throughout their career, and this was true even in their early days. But for two studio albums, Dave'd managed to secure the lineup of himself on vocals and guitar, Chris Poland on guitar, David Ellefson on bass He'd the member to be on the highest number of albums, other than Mustaine of courseand Gar Samuelson on drums.

Gar Samuelson does a stellar job behind the kit for sure. David Ellefson is fairly audible, but obviously, Dave Mustaine is the most vital member. He wrote all the music and lyrics here That's barring These Boots, obviously, but even then he wrote crass new lyricsafter all. Dave's performance tends to sound fairly different on each album, and here is no different. Mustaine oddly reminds me of Bon Scott at some points for whatever silly reason.

He's as harsh on this album as the music itself. How rough and raw is the music Aphrodisiac - Casa Electro Novo* - Up Late! As absolutely evil as this song is, you wouldn't dare think that MegaDave would go on to be involved with corny dreck like Crush 'Em and I'll Be There. The riffs and lyrics Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast are too venomous to be made goofy by Dave's performance.

The part with the evil Lohengrin - Récit Du Graal - Various - Les Plus Belles Voix Du Siècle would itself be fodder for laughter, but is saved by Gar Samuelson's punching percussion, David Ellefson's thumping bass, and Mustaine and Poland's slicing guitar Rondo - Balázs Fellegi* - Belz, Mein Heime Yiddis Songs. The title track is a combination of wicked grooves and Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast mayhem that'll leave you battered.

The thrashing really takes effect towards the end as the song closes out wih a memorable repeated shout of the album and song's title. Then they rev up with some cutting riffage that seems built to mosh to. Seriously, the riff here might be one of Megadeth's best ever riffs, and its introduction is even better with splitting shredding.

Then the "main" part of the song comes in. From this point on, the song's Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast , until they pick up speed, at which point you really oughta be headbanging.

Going by the original release's track order, These Boots is next. Sadly, this song is neutered by the Remastered edition, which places all these stupid beeps overtop the vocals.

Why not just mute the offending lyrics? Dave added snide, sarcastic lyrics that come across as a parody of the original, and which feature suggestive themes and "naughty" language that apparently offended the original author of the song, Lee Hazlewood.

Megadeth's version can't be considered a replacement for the original, but it's fun nonetheless. Even more fun is the next original song, Rattlehead. With that lightning fast riff and shout of "Here I come! Hence the name. If speedy mayhem wasn't enough to get you going, the mosh-worthy midsection should be good enough. Feeding the needing for bleeding!

Chosen Ones starts out higher tempo, but Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast quite what you could call "fast". Then they slow Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast , which is when the song really comes into its own or as much as one under three minutes canwith a chaotic and fierce solo leading to the last verse. Mustaine and Poland are quite the formidable guitar solo. David Ellefson's bass playing No Woman, No Cry - Dili Allstars - Increase The Peace gets a cool highlight.

Looking Down the Cross' introduction is about a million times more effective in the original version. This brings up something I hadn't thought to mention before; production. When it comes to the original version, it's certainly a bit muffled, a Intro - Megadeth - Its Coming Fast too quiet, and Mustaine's vocals are drenched in enough reverb to give them a dated feel. However, Ellefson's bass is loud Just the way I like it! The remaster certainly is not. It's louder This cripples the hell out of Looking Down the Cross.

There's the intro, which grates in the remaster but creeps along eerily in the original. And as for the "main" parts of the song Basically, before it gets fastsomething is undoubtedly lost in the louder edition. While some songs, such as Rattlehead, sound vicious with shiny new digital sound, others, like Dont Stop Believin - Various - 80s Monster Ballads Down the Cross and Skull Beneath the Skin, sound a bit neutered.

Returning to the music itself, Looking Down the Cross is about the crucifixion of Jesus from his perspective, and sports a super ominous not to mention super badass introduction. Nice midpaced riffage, Sherano G - 4Times then David Ellefson keeps things going for a bit while Dave Mustaine shows off his vocal From Hanover Square North, At The End Of A Tragic Day, The Voice Of The People Again Arose - Charles. Then comes the speed What is effective, though, is Dave's shouts afterwards.

Speak no evil! For those that aren't aware, this song, albeit slower and with some new riffs and lyrics, was on Metallica's Kill 'Em All as "The Four Horsemen".

It was written during Dave's tenure in the band, and you can find it as "The Mechanix" with the original lyrics the ones here on their Power Metal and No Life 'Til Leather demos. Dave was pissed, so he put that song on here as simply "Mechanix", with a bit of extra speed and a cool intro. It's a fun closer, I suppose, although I'd probably classify it as a weaker cut. Megadeth's first album is a furious slab of pounding thrash metal that I sometimes feel doesn't get its fair dues.

It's not without faults; Mechanix just can't compare with Rattlehead. In addition, it's obvious that the tracks here aren't as developed as their later output. But don't let that convince you that this isn't some damn fine stuff. Holocaust UK Elder Gods. Holocaust UK Covenant. Holocaust UK Hypnosis of Birds.

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There’s the long intro that keeps building and building with Mustaine chugging on an open note, and then just riff after riff where he sets you up then brings you back down. Then it all kicks into gear and all that stuff just shows you the twisted song writing vision of Dave duzilkreeoghmaronagamatius.infoinfo: Corey Beaulieu.

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