Kidney Effect - Mole Says Hi - Spanking Pot Plants

Label: Hockey Rawk - 30 • Format: Cassette Album 50 coipes • Country: Sweden • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Lo-Fi
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Mopsiga Barn channels the work out guru Margit Friman Slowfox and creates 15 songs accompanied by instructions to gymnastical exercises. The songs is more of the old-fashioned talking-over-a-soundscape that has made Mopsiga Barn a favorite of both the cheerfuly young and the bitterly old.

It's songs about themes such as rich folks, wooden horses, taxis and work, work, work. It also makes a great "Learn Swedish"-tape. This is the third collection of collages made by the Hockey Rawk-team. This edition contains more chaos, colors and mishmash than ever. Oh boy. The record starts and ends with harsh noise and between these two songs you get post-kraut, lo-fi-pop-esque sounds, ambient and other genres.

There is something for everyone, from grandma Big N Bashy (Original Mix) - Fallacy - Big N Bashy the little fetus.

Tracks: 1. Kevin Shields "Champagne" 2. Kuupuu "Miuku" 3. Caethua "Old Cat" 5. Brian Ruryk "Four More Dissapointments" 6. The Moth "Itch" 8. Our aim with this tape is to make a document on how it was to grow up in Sweden in the go-go-Eighties.

This compilation sports christian krautgospel, a cover Kidney Effect - Mole Says Hi - Spanking Pot Plants Dr. Albans "No Coke", children speaking with ununderstanding adults, people talking about the worth of "selling yourself", drunk girls singing a queer version of "Ta Mig Till Havet" and lots more. It paints the picture of a pluralistic, strange and friendly country.

Tracklist: A 1. Peuan "Klassisk Thaimusik" 3. European Jazz Brothers "Mos 90V" 6. Anonymous "Eftermiddag, februari " 3. This is really intense, deep listening in nine states and 67 Kidney Effect - Mole Says Hi - Spanking Pot Plants . There something unsetteling over this recording.

Like an evil shadow cast over a sweet dream. The sounds are all around you. Christopher Cantillo plays prepared and non-perpared percussions and Daniel Karlsson plays electronics, voice and prepared guitar. The cover sports a screen-printed drawing by Peter Larsson. Altar of Flies have created quite a buzz, both literary and figuratively speaking. With several different releases on Cd-r, vinyl and cassette filled with morbid and eerie noise.

It sounds like being skinned and eaten alive in a dark and damp forest. Like your worst nightmare. This will only be pressed in 50 copies. Get your grubby hands on it. Tracklist: 1. Winston Salem Nightmares pt. Worms 4. Everything Has Changed. The tape will be packed in a sickbag together with a fanzine with drawings and Swedish texts.

The tape is also painted by hand. Cowboys 5. Isholmens Kulle 9. Kaffepaus This is the first record to come out on Hockey Rawk that will be packed in a plastic case. Mole Says Hi plays experimental lo-fi pop. It is simple, childish and surrealistic. Sometimes it sounds like David Lynch pressing early Smog through a meatgrinder.

A Stroll Up The Stairs 2. My New Jaw 3. Phantom Of Frogs And Others 4. Black Kollage 5. Bodyrinse 6. Random Is The New Loud 8. His Little Lordship 9. Kitchen Fixtures Soaked Meat And Whipped Cream The Healthy Life. Ourrefusalisourweaponlet'sfight "Nazi Fighter Audrey Hepburn" 2. Tsukimono "Smoke Sings" 5. Origami Traumatika "Nattlandia" B 1. Tom Karlsson "Nagelbitarvals" 4. Greta "Mount" 5. Henrik Kihlberg "Hellophone Jam" 6. Poised From The Bulb - Origamibiro - Collection "M26T02" Kidney Effect - Mole Says Hi - Spanking Pot Plants . Olle Oljud "Den Fantastiske, Otrolige".

A collection of stickes to put on your favorite book or outside on the street or what ever. Drawings by Lars and Peter.

Animated short film by Lars and Peter. Lars wrote the story and made the drawings, Peter did the animation. It was made during the summer of in Visby. Contacts 2.

Island Rock 3. Dartanjang 4. Deutschland 06 5. Zizou 6. Marginals 7. Varan 8. Voice and guitars put together with fruiti loops. Comes with four collages on stickers. Birthday 4. Our first collage book. There was a cd-r comp inside Frankie And Johnny - Michael Bloomfield* - Analine book.

Bird By Snow "Sasqatch Sings! Cake On Cake "" 4. Grapefruit And Bodybuilding "Mag. Bodyfruits" 5. Vldgmn "Nightphones" 7. Nim "Tea Party Zero Brides" 8. Conduo Orchestra "Cicada" 9. If this happened to your copy. Labels: releases. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. About Me Hockey Rawk View my complete profile.


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