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He was the lead singer of the band T. Rex and was one of the pioneers of the glam rock movement of the s. I saw genius. I saw a potential rock star in Marc — right from the minute, the hour I met him. Bolan died at the age of 29 in a car crash two weeks before his 30th Metal Guru - Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Truck Off (Truck Off Tour Rehearsals) . His father was an Ashkenazi Jew of Russian and Polish ancestry, while his mother was of English descent.

He appeared as an extra in an episode of the television show Orlandodressed as a mod. At the age of nine, he was given his first guitar and began a skiffle band. While at school, he played guitar in "Susie and the Hula Hoops," a trio whose vocalist was a year-old Helen Shapiro.

During lunch breaks at school, he would play his guitar in the playground to a small audience of friends. At 15, he was expelled from school for bad behaviour. Bolan briefly joined a modelling agency and became a "John Temple Boy", appearing in a clothing catalogue for the menswear store. He was a model for the suits in their catalogues as well as for cardboard cut-outs to be displayed in shop windows.

Town magazine featured him as an early example of the mod movement in a photo spread. InBolan met his first manager, Geoffrey Delaroy-Hall, and recorded a slick commercial track backed by session musicians called "All at Once" a song very much in the style of his youthful hero, Cliff Richardthe "English Elvis"which was later released posthumously by Danielz and Simulacrima - Beyond Solutions - Sleeping Surfaces (Memory Stick) Willans in as a very limited edition seven-inch vinyl after the original tape recording was passed onto them by Delaroy-Hall.

This track is one of Bolan's first professional recordings. Bolan then changed his stage name to Toby Tyler when he met No Te Importa Saber - Caterina Valente - Edition 6 - Granada (1956) moved in with child actor Allan Warrenwho became his second manager. This encounter afforded Bolan a lifeline to the heart of show business, as Warren saw Bolan's potential while he spent hours sitting cross-legged on Warren's floor playing his acoustic guitar.

Bolan at this time liked to appear in boho-chicwearing a corduroy peaked cap similar to his then current source of inspiration, Bob Dylan. A series of photographs was commissioned with photographer Michael McGrath, although he recalls that Bolan "left no impression" on him at the time.

A year or so later, Bolan's mother pushed into Kirch's office and shouted at him that he had done nothing for her son. She demanded he tear up the contract and he willingly complied. Their eventual release on CD in made available some of the earliest of Bolan's known recordings. He signed to Decca Records in August At this point his name changed to Marc Bolan via Marc Bowland. There are several accounts of why Bolan was chosen, including that it was derived from James Bolama contraction of Bob Dylan, and - according to Bolan himself, that Decca Records chose the name.

Two solo acoustic demos recorded shortly afterwards by the same team "Reality" and "Song For A Soldier" have still only been given a limited official release in on seven-inch vinyl. Both songs are in a folk style reminiscent of Dylan and Donovan. In Junea second official single was also released, with session-musician accompaniment, "The Third Degree", backed by "San Francisco Poet", Bolan's paean to the beat poets.

Neither song made the charts. InBolan turned up at Simon Napier-Bell 's front door with his guitar and proclaimed that he was going to be a big star and he needed someone to make all of the arrangements.

Napier-Bell invited Bolan in and listened to his songs. A recording session was immediately booked and No Tabuleiro Da Bahiana - Various - Chega De Saudade (Saudade Do Brasil Vol.

2) songs were very simply recorded most of them were not actually released untilon the album The Beginning of Doves. Only "Hippy Gumbo", a sinister-sounding, baroque folk-song, was released at the time as Bolan's third unsuccessful single.

One song, "You Scare Me to Death," was used in a toothpaste advertisement. Some of the songs also resurfaced inwith additional instrumentation added, on the album You Scare Me to Death. In early he eventually settled instead for John's Children because they needed a songwriter and he admired Bolan's writing ability.

The band achieved some success as a live act but sold few records. His tenure with the band was brief. When the band split following an ill-fated German gig with The WhoBolan took some time to reassess his situation.

Bolan's Metal Guru - Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Truck Off (Truck Off Tour Rehearsals) was filled with new ideas and he began to write fantasy novels The Krakenmist and Pictures Of Purple Twas My Beauty - Siberian Russian Folk Chorus - Vladimir Chirkov - Siberian Russian Folk Chorus as well as poems and songs, sometimes finding it hard to separate facts from his own elaborate myth - he famously claimed to have spent time with a wizard in Paris who gave him secret knowledge and could levitate.

The time spent with him was often alluded to but remained "mythical". Given time to reinvent himself, after John's Children, Bolan's songwriting took off and he began writing many of the poetic and neo-romantic songs that would appear on his first albums with T.

When John's Children collapsed, among other problems, the band's equipment had been repossessed by their label Track Records. But Bolan, unperturbed, rallied to create Tyrannosaurus Rex, his own rock band together with guitarist Ben Cartland, drummer Steve Peregrin Took and an unknown bass player. The paper came out on Wednesday, the day of the gig. At three o'clock he was interviewing musicians, at five he was getting ready to go on stage It was a disaster.

He State Of Mind - Various - Hard Bass 2014 got booed off the stage. Napier-Bell said of Bolan that after the first disastrous electric gig, "He didn't have the courage to try it again; it really had been a blow to his ego Later he told everyone he'd been forced into going acoustic because Track had repossessed all his gear.

In Metal Guru - Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Truck Off (Truck Off Tour Rehearsals) he'd been forced to go acoustic because he was scared to do anything else. The original version of Tyrannosaurus Rex released three albums and four singles, flirting with the charts, reaching as high as number fifteen. Although the free-spirited, drug-taking Took was fired from the group after their first American tour, they were a force within the hippie underground scene while they lasted.

Their music was filled with Bolan's otherworldly poetry. InBolan published his first and only book of poetry entitled The Warlock of Love.

Although some critics dismissed it as self-indulgence, it was full of Bolan's florid prose and wordplay, selling 40, copies and in became one of Britain's best-selling books of poetry.

In keeping with his early rock and roll interests, Bolan began bringing amplified guitar lines into the duo's music, buying a white Fender Stratocaster decorated with a paisley teardrop motif. After replacing Took with Mickey Finnhe let the electric influences come forward even further on A Beard of Starsthe final album to be credited to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It closed with the song "Elemental Child", featuring a long electric guitar break influenced by Jimi Hendrix. Rexand then wrote and recorded his first hit " Ride a White Swan ", which was dominated by a rolling hand-clapping back-beat, Bolan's electric guitar and Finn's Seven - Spoon Wizard* - Believe Or Suffer. At this time he also shortened the group's name to T.

Bolan and his producer Tony Visconti oversaw the session for "Ride a White Swan", the single that changed Bolan's career which was inspired in part by Mungo Jerry 's success with " In the Summertime ", moving Bolan away from predominantly acoustic numbers to a more electric sound. Bolan took to wearing top hats and feather boas on stage as well as putting drops of glitter on each of his cheekbones.

Stories are conflicting about his inspiration for this—some say it was introduced by his personal assistantChelita Secunda, although Bolan told John Pidgeon in a interview on Radio 1 that he noticed the glitter on his wife, June Child's dressing table prior to a photo session and casually daubed some on his face there and then.

Other performers—and their fans—soon took up variations on the idea. The era of glam and glitter rock was born. The glam era also saw the rise of Bolan's friend David Bowiewhom Bolan had come to know in the underground days Bolan had played guitar on Bowie's single "Prettiest Star"; Bolan and Bowie also shared the same manager, Les Conn, and producer, Tony Visconti but their friendship was also a rivalry, which would continue throughout his career. Bolan followed "Ride a White Swan" and T.

Rex by expanding the group to a quartet with bassist Steve Currie and drummer Bill Legendand cutting a five-minute single, " Hot Love ", with a rollicking rhythm, string accents and an extended sing-along chorus inspired somewhat by " Hey Jude ". It was number one for six weeks and was quickly followed by " Get It On ", a grittier, more adult tune that spent four weeks in the top spot.

Metal Guru - Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Truck Off (Truck Off Tour Rehearsals) song was re-titled "Bang a Gong Get It On " when released in the United States, to avoid confusion with another song with the same title by the American band Chase. The song reached No. In Novemberthe band's record label, Flyreleased the Electric Warrior track " Jeepster " without Bolan's permission.

Outraged, Bolan took advantage of the timely lapsing of his Fly Records contract and left for EMIwho gave him his own record label, the T.

Rex Wax Co. Its bag and label featured an iconic head-and-shoulders image of Bolan. Despite the lack of Bolan's endorsement, "Jeepster" peaked at number two in the UK. Mixed in were surreal scenes shot at John Lennon 's mansion in Ascot and a session with T. Rex joined by Ringo Starr on a second drum kit and Elton John on piano. At this time T. Rex record sales accounted for about six percent of total British domestic record sales. The band was reportedly sellingrecords a day; however, no T.

Rex single ever became a million-seller in the UK, despite many gold discs and an average of four weeks at the top per number one hit. InBolan played twin lead guitar alongside his friend Jeff Lynne on the Electric Dont Forget About Us - Mariah Carey - Аллея Звезd Orchestra songs " Ma-Ma-Ma Belle " and "Dreaming of " originally uncredited from On the Third Dayas well as on "Everyone's Born To Die", which was not released at the time but appears as a bonus track on the remaster.

By latehis pop star fame gradually began to wane, even though he achieved a number three hit, " 20th Century Boy ", in February and mid-year "The Groover" followed it to number four. However, " Teenage Dream " from the album Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow showed that Bolan was attempting to create richer, more involved music than he had previously attempted with T.

He expanded the line up of the band to include a second guitarist, Jack Green, and other studio musicians, and began to take more Metal Guru - Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Truck Off (Truck Off Tour Rehearsals) over the sound and production of his Metal Guru - Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Truck Off (Truck Off Tour Rehearsals) , including by then girlfriend Gloria Jones on keyboards as well as backing vocals.

Eventually, the vintage T. Rex line-up disintegrated. Legend left in and Finn in and Bolan's marriage came to an end because of his affair with backing singer Gloria Jones. He spent a good deal of his time in the US during this period, continuing to release singles and albums which, while not reaching major commercial success, were full of unusual lyrics and sometimes eccentric musical experiments. Bolan was not living healthily and began to gain weight, though he subsequently improved and continued working, producing at least one album every year.

That same year, Bolan returned to the UK from tax exile in the US and Monaco and to the public eye with a low-key tour. Bolan made regular appearances on the LWT pop show Supersonicdirected by his old friend Mike Mansfield and released a succession of singles, but he never regained the success of his glory days of the early s.

The last remaining member of Bolan's halcyon era T. Rex, Currie, left the group in late In earlyBolan got a new band together, released a new album, Dandy in the Underworldand set Metal Guru - Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Truck Off (Truck Off Tour Rehearsals) on a fresh UK tour, taking along punk band The Damned as support to entice a young audience who did not remember his heyday.

Later inGranada Television commissioned End Of The Garden - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind to front a six-part series called Marc in which he hosted a mix of new and established bands and performed his own songs.


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A rare unreleased interview with Marc at his offices in London’s Bond Street in January at the start of the Truck Off UK Tour. The interview is interspersed with complete songs from the tour rehearsals and includes a song that has never been released these recordings have never been issued before.

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