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Getting Started Guide. Community Resource Folder. Related Subreddits. Just hit level 7 on Wizard and got Polymorph Is this just considered the most OP Polymorph (Part 7) - Ubik Sound System* - Polymorph in the world?

I was looking at some of the monsters I could turn into. I didn't look at them all, but turning into a Young Black Dragon at level 7 is Is there something I am missing here? A dragon is not a beast, so no. Although you can transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which I believe is a CR 7 beast, and that's pretty badass.

And bear in mind, it is a Concentration effect. So if you transform into something and then jump into battle, every time you take damage, you need to make a Con save to maintain the form. But, it is not without its limitations. I think OP's day got ruined when he realized he'd been using the spell wrong, ha. Wonder if he told his DM? The best you can do with current 5e materials is turn a level 8 or above creature into a T-Rex, which is pretty awesome and powerful, but far from game breaking.

It's also best used on allies, since it requires concentration, meaning every time you're hit you have a chance Polymorph (Part 7) - Ubik Sound System* - Polymorph losing the spell and reverting to your squishy wizard form. Hold up. Before you start turning into black dragons, there is a clause in the spell that states that you can only turn into beasts. However, this is far from bad as well. Because there are some potent as fuck beasts at levelcapping at T-Rex, which is fucking awesome.

True polymorph breaks the game entirely. There is also no reason not to polymorph a pile or rocks into a unicorn or Wyvern, or young dragon mount for your Martial friends, as long as you don't abuse the resulting creature.

T-rex, t-rex blah blah blah. Giant Ape is far more versatile, it has a climb speed, an intelligence above 2, multiattacks Processional For Giants (Grao Ny Sam Ton) - Fong Naam - Siamese Classical Music Volume 2 : The Pipha a single target, and can throw giant rocks for 6d10!

Ac is relatively Jeg Bærer Med Smil Min Byrde - Various - Carl Nielsen: Fynsk Forår. Lyrisk Humoreske Op. 42 & 12 San, and higher HP. I don't think the intelligence of the beast matters with polymorph, does it? You keep your own mental attributes. You gain the mental attributes of a beast. Extremely relevant, especially as a T-Rex can no longer participate in a Rary's bond.

Also very fun for roleplaying purposes. You do retain your alignment and personality, so presumably you don't instantly eat your friends. As many have said, your selection is limited to creatures with the Beast type until you get True Polymorph. And keep in mind that unlike a Druid's Wild Shape ability, with Polymorph you take on ALL the ability scores of the creature you turn into, including Intelligence.

This can translate into an entertaining roleplaying opportunity! Also keep in mind your DM might put further restrictions on your selections. Polymorph is widely considered to be very overpowered, but it's important to remeber that this spell can only turn the target into a beast and requires concentration which means you can only jave one going at a time.

It's best used to target someone else in the party to avoid breaking concentration. Your HP does not heal, you replace the HP with the beast form. If you revert out, you have previous HP amount. It's even tactically relevant! Your Concentration can't be broken if your no longer on the same plane of existence, right? I had a player who played a Diviner.

He rolled his portent, with resulted in a 1 and an When he and his party came to the dragon's lair, he cast polymorph on the dragon to turn him into a quipper. To make sure the polymorph stuck, he used his portent of 1.

Dragon turned into a quipper, was thrown into one of the narrow volcanic crevices inside its own lair, and dies from heat cooking the quipper, then reverting to a large size inside a tiny space.

Can't the dragon just choose to succeed with his Legendary Resistance? Welcome to playing a wizard. Consider it your reward for not cheesing warlock for Eldritch blast. Also, you're mistaken on the effectiveness of Polynorph.

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Post a comment! Create an account. True Polymorph, on the otherhand, will let you turn into everything. They aren't hill giants And yes, Polymorph is powerful. However consider the following. Almost all powerful beasts are huge or larger.

At all. You typically fight in an enclosed space. As a corollary You need to maintain concentration, and are now in the middle of a fight with an AC Yeah, sure, high CON on those beauties, but when your making six, seven CON saves a round because everything hits you


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Sep 29,  · In diesem ersten Teil der Reihe stelle ich euch Polymorph vor. Was ist das und wofür brauche ich das? In den Kommentaren zu anderen Videos war immer wieder die Frage zu .

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