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Label: Blue Eyes - BY-0312001 • Format: 2x, CD Unofficial Release • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Classic Rock
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Add it to our wiki. Read More Edit Wiki. Due to a publisher block, we are not authorized to display these lyrics. Time Out of Mind song meanings. Add your thoughts 37 Comments. General Comment I put this song on repeat today before it finally hit me. Yes, this song is no doubt about smoking heroin. Heroin comes in two forms, the white powder which looks similar to cocaine which is ultra high quality and usually snorted or injected, or the less expensive black tar variety which is more commonly smoked or free based.

I think in this song they are talking about the latter. Most users develop what is called a "love affair with the needle" or whatever manner they choose to ingest it. They are just as tied to the drug as they are the means by which they use it. Put a dollar in the kitty speaks to the inexpensive nature of the Time Out Of Mind - Steely Dan - Caves . Don't the moon look pretty is pretty much all the user can look at, since their eyes are rolling upwards.

Just some of my thoughts. There was an error. Chasing the dragon refers to smoking opium. Opium is rolled into a ball a sphere from lhasa and then put into the opium pipe for smoking and time disappears and miracles happen and it's all right here. That grace that we search for in church or try to capture through drugs like opium is right here all the time. Flag jankout on June 30, You are misinterpreting the main clue: "silver will turn to gold" is obviously a reference to the alchemical process of transmuting substances into their "pure" essence.

The dragon plays extensively in alchemical symbolism. Look into it chuckymeboy. Have a nice day. Flag steven on May 12, Song Meaning I have been fascinated with SD lyrics for many years. I started trying to interpret them before I knew that others were Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas And The Sinus Blues - David Lindley - El Rayo-X the same. I happened Time Out Of Mind - Steely Dan - Caves a site called "Fever Dreams" which posted interpretations.

Not sure that it still exists. I do not put it by SD to be so clever as to write a song that uses one interpretation as a vehicle for another interpretation.

I'm sort of surprised that no one else has put forward this understanding of the song. No doubt that Time Out Of Mind is about drugs. That has been clearly supported. However, I think that the drug angle is presented in an environment of a religious revival. This shouldn't be too far a reach. After all, a believe that it was a Chinese philosopher that stated "religion is the opiate of the people. Look to the heavens Contribute to the church The water may change to cherry wine Changing water to wine as Jesus did Children we have it right here It's the light in my eyes It's perfection and grace Children children of God "Light" in my eyes Perfection and grace of God However, we cannot avoid the vehicle of "religion.

You people don't have a clue. First off, the line is "it's direct from Laos". I have been to the Golden Triangle where northern Thailand meets Laos and Burma [Myanmar] and I spent time in a village where the men "chased the dregon". The song succinctly defines the smoking of pure opium. Flag TNice on August 13, PLA Great interpretation. The religious context is clear now Flag milwaukeepalms on May 12, General Comment Just because they wrote the lyrics doesn't mean they were doing it at the time.

No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Chasing the dragon is also a term used by heroin junkies that means the first time you try heroin is the best it will ever be. Users who keep injecting heroin never get that great high as they did the first time and they are therefore "chasing the dragon.

Flag GeoJoe on February 14, Thanks man. Flag bkabbott on February 14, General Comment Thx for everyone's Time Out Of Mind - Steely Dan - Caves . Mcdonald singing in the back. I never knew the lyrics were so deep. I just looked the lyrics up, found this site, Time Out Of Mind - Steely Dan - Caves got a really interesting lesson in heroin and religion. Of course I heard this song as a young kid, but was never conscious of anything except Thamash - Double D Town Podcast 16 ladies.

Ha ha. Great discussion! General Comment A song about smoking heroin. Lasa is a city in Tibet, where there's lots of "snow", Time Out Of Mind - Steely Dan - Caves . So for all of you Steely Dan fans let me clarify what the song time of of mind means. Donalkd and Walterare from my era in time and i love them as musicians and people. They are truly and gifted musicians.

TYime out of mind is about a few ways to use Heroin. First we all know what chasing the dragon is. You put some smack on a piece of Various - Reggae Sunsplash Live foil and then when it burns the silver will turn to gold.

And the water will change to cheery wine. When i heroin user shoots smack and when they,re done they clean the needle by filling it up with water nad there is some blood left in the syringeso the blood goes into the glass of water and it change the color of the water to cherry wine.

Put a dollar in the kitty is this. When heroin addicts go into an abandonded house or for a better word a shooting Sturmesnacht - Die Streuner - Gebet Eines Spielmanns ,they pay a dollar or two to use the needle ,so you put a Somersault - Royal Canoe - Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit in the kitty.

Shooting dope is like going to the moon. Flag mrsagfly on March 16, General Comment No, chasing the dragon is definitely heroin: you heat up the stuff, until it turns into a kind of gel which wriggles about like a dragon.

When you are "chasing" this dragon, you are trying to scoop it up in order to ingest it through the mouth. Basically it's getting heroin without having to take it intravenously--it's making heroin a "solid. General Comment The "silver will turn to gold" line could also refer to what happens to aluminum foil when it is heated with a lighter for the purpose of smoking heroin from it.

General Comment Yup. I thought "Chasing the Dragon" was smoking Heroin or Opium on a foil, heated underneath. You "chase" the line of opiate. Flagged taverner on August 28, Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Time Out of Mind lyrics.

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Steely Dan Miscellaneous Time Out Of Mind TIME OUT OF MIND Steely Dan Son you better be ready for love On this glory day This is your chance to believe What I've got to say Keep your eyes on the sky Put a dollar in the kitty Don't the moon look pretty Tonight when I chase the dragon The water will change to cherry wine And the silver will turn.

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