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New York, Chapter 1. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye. Harold Bloom. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, New York: Bloom's Literary Criticism, Taisho Tripitaka Ma-tsu Ta-chi? Po-chang Huai-hai When he still had his hair tied in knots, he split from society. He was well-drilled in the 'Three Studies' morality, meditation Sea Of Tranquillity - Rick Wakeman - Aspirant Sunset wisdom.

While Ma-tsu was teaching in Nan-k'ang, Huai-hai whole-heartedly became his disciple. Po-chang and His-t'ang Chih-ts'ang were The Day Before You Came - ABBA - Platinum Collection (DVD) 'room-entering' disciples. At that time these two fine yogins were rivals in their Ch'an study.

One evening the two were with Ma-tsu at the harvest moon-watching. Ma-tsu said "When it's just like this, what about it? Po-chang said, "A fine time to practice". Ma-tsu was to give a lecture ; people had gathered like clouds. He ascended to his place and sat a while. Then Po-chang rolled up his bowing mat. Thereupon Ma-tsu left the hall. One day Po-chang went to visit the Master Ma-tsu in the lecture hall. Ma-tsu took a flywhisk from the corner of his chair and fooled with it.

Po-chang asked "Just this, or is there another way? Ma-tsu said "Just this, or is there another way? Ma-tsu shouted "K'AAA! From that time on, his thunder reverberated.

Sure enough, some believers invited him to the Hsing-wu district in Hung- chou, to live at Mt. Since he lived in a dangerously steep, mountainous place, they called him 'Po-chang' Hundred Fathoms.

Before he had been there a full year, students of the profound treasure had gathered like clouds from the four directions. Among them, Kuei-shan and Huang-po became the leaders. Po-chang and Huang-po. One day the master addressed the group : "The Buddha-Dharma is not a small affair. The Master said "That's so, that's so". Today, because of your exposition, I have been able to see Ma-tsu's power in action.

But I never knew him. If I were to be Ma-tsu's heir, afterwards I'd have no descendants. If your understanding is equal to your teacher's, you diminish his power by half. Only if you surpass your teacher, will you be competent to transmit.

You are very well equipped to surpass your teacher. One day a comrade came into the lecture hall weeping. The Master said "What's up? Will the Master please set a date for their funeral service? At lecture the Master said "Choke your throat, shut your mouth, now quickly speak"! Kuei-shan said "I won't, you speak!

The Master said to him "If we were here alone, I'd be shading my Trochu Se Rouhám - Inspiro - Období Klaunů looking up at you". Yun-yen said "I also have something to say. Please ask the question again". The Master said to the group "I need someone to carry a message to Hsi-t'ang, who'll go?

The Master and Kuei-shan were out working, and the Master asked "Is there fire? Someone asked "What's the Buddha? The Master said "Do you know 'me'? Once when everyone was working together hoeing, a comrade heard the dinner drum and suddenly putting up his mattock with a big laugh he left. Po-chang said "Brilliant! This is the gate where Avalokitesvara enters the Principle. Someone asked, "If we interpret in accordance with the sutras, the Buddhas of the Three Worlds hate sutras, every word, as though they were the chatter of demons.

What about this? A Trochu Se Rouhám - Inspiro - Období Klaunů asked Hsi-t'ang, "There is a question and there is an answer. What about it when there's no question or answer?

He said "The world of phenomena is not to be perceived. Yun-yen asked "For whom are you bustling about like this every day? Bojang's Big Lecture. Good or not good, out of the world or in the world—don't keep any of these dharmas in mind. Don't have causally conditioned thoughts. Relinquish both body and mind and make yourself free, with a mind like wood or stone—making no discriminations. Then the mind Trochu Se Rouhám - Inspiro - Období Klaunů without action, and the mind-ground Yogena Chittasya - Various - Essentials Vol 2 (File) like the empty sky.

Then the sun of wisdom will appear Trochu Se Rouhám - Inspiro - Období Klaunů itself, like clouds opening and the sun coming out. Completely stop all involving causes: greed, anger, lust, attachment. Feelings of purity or impurity should be extinguished. As for the five desires and the eight lusts, one need not be bound by seeing, hearing, perceiving or knowing; or be deluded under any circumstance.

Then you will be endowed with supernatural and mysterious power. Thus is the liberated man. As for all kinds of circumstances, the mind of such a man is without either tranquillity or disorder—neither concentrated or scattered.

Then there is no obstruction to the complete comprehension of Sound and Form. Such may be called a man of Tao.

He is bound in no way by good or bad, purity or impurity, or the uses of worldly happiness and wisdom. This is what we call Buddha-Wisdom. Right and wrong, pretty and ugly, reasonable and unreasonable—all intellectual discriminations are completely exhausted. Being unbound, his mental condition is free. Such a man may be called a Bodhisattva whose Bodhi-mind Original Sin - INXS - Greatest Video Hits (1980-1990) (Laserdisc) the instant it sets out.

Such can ascend directly to the Buddha lands. All the dharmas, basically, are not of themselves empty. They do not, themselves, speak of form; also they say nothing of right and wrong or purity and impurity; and they have no intention of binding men.

The fact is that men themselves deludedly speculate and make several kinds of understanding and bring forth several kinds of intellectual discrimination. One would not be tangled up with illusion, suffering, the skandhas, samsara or the twelve links of the chain.

Remote, unattached, completely without clinging. Going or staying without obstruction; entering into or coming out of Birth-and-Death is like going through opening gates.

Even when that mind meets with various sorts of suffering and things that go wrong, that mind does not retreat groveling. Such a one is not concerned with fame, clothing or food. He doesn't covet merit or profit; Trochu Se Rouhám - Inspiro - Období Klaunů is not obstructed by social things. Though he may be brought I Will Survive - Various - Die Besten Hits Der 70er against pleasure or pain, he doesn't get involved.

Coarse food sustains his life, patched clothes resist the weather. He is vacant, like a complete idiot or deaf man. If one has the least inclination toward broadly studying Understanding within samsara—seeking fortune and wisdom— it will add nothing to the Principle.

Instead one will be hung up by the circumstances of understanding; and return to the sea of samsara. Buddha is an unseekable One: if you seek it you go astray. The Principle is an unseekable Principle; if you seek it you lose it. And if you manage not to seek, it turns to seeking. This Dharma has neither substance or emptiness.


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Vudogal says:
Record of the life of the Ch'an master Po-chang Huai-hai [Bojang Whyhigh] Translated by Gary Snyder from the Ching-tê Chuan-têng Lu, 'Transmission of the Lamp' Ch. VI. Taisho Tripitaka b ff.

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