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Presentation Course Schedule. Presentation Skills Articles. Body Language. Contact Us. Famous Speeches. Fear of Presenting. Using Rhetoric in Presen tations. Whole-Brain Presenting. Simply place your email address in the box on the left and press 'GO'. When I heard that Neil Armstrong had died over the weekend, I immediately thought of his famous words, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Why, out of all the miilions of words that he spoke in public, do we remember those so clearly?

Because they are one of the most famous examples of a rhetorical device called Antithesisa technique where two contrasting or opposite ideas are deliberately placed next to each other. It produces balance and emphasis and both help make your point memorable which is the whole point of rhetoric, after all! Think of Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas Luther King's "I have a dream Antithesis - Mass Destruction - Antithesis my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I'll show you how you can use this in a business presentation later in Antithesis - Mass Destruction - Antithesis article, but first let's look at some famous examples. All languages have 'natural' opposites in their vocabularies. We are so familiar with this that we even attribute an opposite to many words where one doesn't exist in a literal case, e. Take the examples below, which all use direct, 'natural' opposites:.

However, antithesis doesn't have to use exact opposites; it is Antithesis - Mass Destruction - Antithesis as effective when using contrasts. If you were trying to persuade people of the need to improve quality, you might want to say something like, " It's not just about price any more, its about quality. The first verb that might spring to mind when thinking of price might be 'reducing'which we would naturally oppose with 'increasing. The opposite of this is 'lowering'which can be used with 'price' just as effectively as 'reducing'.

So the sentence can easily be changed to " It's not about lowering price any more, it's about raising quality. We have Antithesis! You might be trying to persuade people about the need to revisit something that you've tried in the past which failed. The first draft of your presentation might read something like, " What didn't work in the past may now Silbermond Und Sternenfeuer - Michelle - Ihre Grossen Erfolge better than anything else.

In using Antithesis, we can easily contrast 'past' with either 'present' or 'future'but we also want to introduce two contrasting or opposing verbs. We could say, " What didn't work in the past could well work in the future ," but this sounds clumsy. A better version would be, "The things that failed in the past could be the very things that succeed in the future. Let's say you're recalling some painful actions the company had to take in the previous year and your first draft contains the sentences, " We closed a factory, reduced spending across the company and suffered redundancies.

We didn't want to do this, but we had no choice. It's a simple matter to Antithesis - Mass Destruction - Antithesis the second sentence so that it reads, "We closed a factory, reduced spending across the company and suffered redundancies. None of this was welcomebut all of it was necessary. A delegate at one of my seminars recently was giving a presentation which had the objective of persuading the audience that the economic growth of China was an opportunity rather than a threat.

This was obviously tailor made for Antithesis, in that it was all about two contrasting ideas. Above all, I want you to see China not as a threatbut as an opportunity. If you've enjoyed this article, why not get my tips and techniques 'straight from the horse's mouth ' and attend a seminar in your area? Click here to find out Dead Wrong - Various - The Up In Smoke Tour (DVD) about the seminar content: 2-day seminar content.

My Whole-Brain Presenting book has just been revised and updated. This is no wide-margined, big-fonted, double-spaced pamphlet masquerading as a book. Sign up for our Email Newsletter. What is antithesis? Take the examples below, which all use direct, 'natural' opposites: " If a free society cannot help the many who are poorit cannot save the few who are rich.

But it is not guaranteed that we will be allies " - Bill Clinton "Americans want to see results instead of rhetoric. Business Antithesis - Mass Destruction - Antithesis 2: You might be trying to persuade people about the need to revisit something that you've tried in the past which failed. After careful Antithesis - Mass Destruction - Antithesis we came up with the concluding words: "I want you to see the Chinese not as enemiesbut as friends ; not as importers but as exporters ; not as producers but as consumers.

Antithesis in Winston Churchill's 'Fight them on the beaches'. Antithesis in 'The Gettysburg Address. Antithesis in Tony Blair's 'London Bombing' speech. Antithesis in Barack Obama's 1st Inaugural Address. Antithesis in Barack Obama's 2nd Inaugural Address.

Antithesis in David Cameron's 'Future of Europe' speech. What is antistrophe? What is asyndeton? What is chiasmus? What is polysyndeton? What is scesis onomaton? What is litotes? See a full list of articles. Click here to find out more about the seminar content: 2-day seminar content 2-day courses. Copyright Speak Like A Pro


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Antithesis Examples In Poetry and Quotes Unlike short-sighted, egocentric humans, God "sees with equal eye" the fall of a hero and a sparrow, the destruction of an atom or a solar system - .

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