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Label: Tetragrammaton Records - T-107 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock, Prog Rock
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The name for the album was taken from the 14th-century Book of Taliesin. The structure of the album is similar to that of their first, with four original songs and three rearranged covers, although the tracks are longer, the Youre Mine - Jeep Grrlz - Buckled more complex and the sound more polished than on Shades of Deep Purple.

The music style is a mix of psychedelic rockprogressive rock and hard rockwith several inserts of classical music arranged by the band's keyboard player Jon Lord. Deep Purple's American record label aimed for a hippie audience, which was very influential in the US at the time, but the chart results of the album and singles were not as high as expected. This setback did not hinder the success of the three-month US tour, when the band played in many important venues and festivals and received positive feedback from audiences and the press.

Deep Purple were still an underground band which played in small clubs and colleges in the United Kingdom, largely ignored by the media and the public. Even the release of the new single "Emmaretta" and new dates in the UK in summer did not increase album sales or the popularity of Deep Purple in Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams UK. Perception of the album has changed in later years and it has been reviewed more favourably.

Deep Purple were booked for a long tour in the United States, starting in Octoberas a result of the unexpected success in the US and Canada of their first album Shades of Deep Purplefronted by the hit single " Hush ". In July, band and crew relocated from West Sussex to London. Executives at Tetragrammaton RecordsDeep Purple's American label, thought it would be more profitable to have a new album to promote during the US tour, besides the already successful Shades of Deep Purple.

The request of the record label to record a new album only three months after their debut found the band unprepared, because the intense activity after the release of Shades of Deep Purple had left very little time for writing and rehearsing new songs. Deep Purple recorded "Shield" and "Anthem" on the first day. The mixing was supposed to be overseen by the band members, but their schedule in October was so tight that Lawrence did it without them.

The album was released in the United States in Octoberjust in time for the tour. In an attempt to improve sales of the album, a shorter and heavily edited version of "River Deep - Mountain High" was released as a single exclusively in the United States and Canada in Februarywith "Listen, Learn, Read On" as the B-side.

EMI delayed the release of the album in the UK to Juneafter the band had come back from the US and set up a proper tour of their home country. The Book of Taliesyn was reissued many times all over the world, often in a set with the two other albums recorded by the Mk. I line-up. The musical style of The Book of Taliesyn is a mix of progressive rock, psychedelic rock and hard rock [11] [17] [39] [40] [41] and different observers think that in this album the band is more mature and in greater control of its own means of expression.

The influence of keyboard player Jon Lord 's classical music upbringing is felt strongly in all the tracks, [17] but this time he was not the main person responsible for songwriting and arrangements, which are considered by critics Deep Purple's first real group effort.

II line-up. The lyrics written by the band's singer Rod Evans are very functional to the music and the marketing Deep Purple's record label was building up for the American hippie audience. Cover art and sleeve notes convey Tetragrammaton's decision to aim the album at the vast American hippie audience, which was very influential in the US at the time. The Book of Taliesyn was the only record cover John Vernon Lord ever designed and, Les Jaloux (Remix Instrumental) - Daddy Lord Clarck* & La Cliqua - Freaky Flow / Les Jaloux to the artist's recent retrospective book Drawing upon Deep Purple - The Book Of Taliesyn the original artwork was never returned.

The agent gave me the title saying that the art director wanted a 'fantasy Arthurian touch' and to include hand lettering for the title and the musicians' names.

I mainly drew from The Book of Taliesin, which is a collection of poems, said to be written by Deep Purple - The Book Of Taliesyn sixth century Welsh bard Taliesin. Deep Purple debuted the new single "Emmaretta", new material and new takes on songs from their released albums at BBC sessions for the Top Gear radio show on 14 January. It was at this time that Blackmore and Lord decided to change Deep Purple's musical style, veering towards straight hard rock, which led to Evans and Simper's dismissal in July.

When The Book of Taliesyn was finally released in the UK in June a few more dates in the band's home country were added to promote the album release, [57] even if the Mk. II line-up with new members Ian Gillan and Roger Glover was already rehearsing and recording new material in secret. Songs from this album were performed regularly by the Mk. The Mk. II formation performed "Kentucky Woman" in their first shows, but Deep Purple - The Book Of Taliesyn it from the set list together with the few other songs from the first three albums, in favour of new material.

Deep Purple's albums and singles were almost completely ignored in the UK, a fact that Deep Purple - The Book Of Taliesyn American reporters.

The group have done some fine things for Radio One and they excite when they play live. I don't understand where this record went wrong, it is all too restrained somehow. American reviewers were enthusiastic of Deep Purple's live performances [24] [60] and the lack of a new successful single apparently did not ruin the positive perception of the band Sweet Thing - New Edition - All For Love the US, to the point that they were often addressed as an American band.

Modern reviews of the album go from positive to mixed. Joe Viglione of AllMusic compares Deep Purple's production to Vanilla Fudge's, underlining how the two bands covered songs from the same authors and used similar arrangements.

He found The Book of Taliesyn very similar in structure and just "a bit darker, more bombastic and theatrical" than its predecessor, and considered the song "Shield" a "buried gem". All credits adapted from the original releases. From Wikipedia, Deep Purple - The Book Of Taliesyn free encyclopedia.

For the Middle Welsh manuscript, see Book of Taliesin. Deep Purple. Psychedelic rock progressive rock hard rock. My main Deep Purple - The Book Of Taliesyn about Deep Purple is that when we did get some success, which was very, very quickly after we started, we were just worked to death by the management and the record company.

We were big business in America, EMI did Cowboy (Bass & Bass Mix) - The Jokers - Cowboy (Remix), they were stupid old guys.

Deep Purple — Kentucky Woman. The cover of Neil Diamond's "Kentucky Woman" was the first song taken from the album and issued as a single.

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As Vanilla Fudge was progressively leaning more towards psychedelia, here Deep Purple are the opposite. The boys claim to be inspired by the Bard of King Arthur's court in Camelot, Taliesyn. The boys claim to be inspired by the Bard of King Arthur's court in Camelot, Taliesyn.7/

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