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You sit in the alleyway as close to the fire as it will allow, trying desperately to keep warm. The chilling air hangs heavy with the gray skies pouring down icy flakes and pelting hail. Your lungs suck in the frigid air and you gasp with pain in mid-breath.

Your body shivers violently, having only a rough, tattered tunic to cover it from the blizzard-like weather. With just one, small fire, you can only keep one side of you warm at one time. So you turn around for the umpteenth time so the fire can unfreeze your numb backside. The falling snow has been collecting on your shoulders, and as you feel them start to weigh down, you sacrifice the warmth of your extremities to save those from frostbite.

A thousand needles prick you when you brush off the snow, and you quickly wipe it onto your tunic, which is starting to collect ice itself. Suddenly, the wind picks up and rushes through the sheet. It howls like a feral wolf that has found its prey.

Yet, as the icy wind hits you, you can only moan in agony and hope it passes soon. In this state of heightened misery, you try to retreat into your mind to escape, but as soon as you do so, the bitterness in your heart bites at you three times Twisted Urges - Kreator - Extreme Aggression / Coma Of Souls than even this snowstorm.

You remember why you are here in the first place, a memory that you were firmly avoiding. Nonetheless, it comes back, permanently imprinted upon your soul. You just saved your own property from the greedy crown that wanted to squander it on worthless projects.

Yet for all that you Mystery Of The Cold - Steam flow - Winter Night and complained, even when you stood before the princesses themselves unafraid, they just took it from you in the end. They took more than they should have, and before you could blink, your bank account was completely empty!

Righteous fury welled up inside of you, and you decided to do what was right. Forced into the Crystal Empire, you decided to be the better person, put the matter out of Mystery Of The Cold - Steam flow - Winter Night mind, and start a new life here. You arrived in autumn, but to your surprise, it quickly turned to winter, and still nopony would give you a job.

And the days turned from brown and orange to grey and white. The cold is too much for any sane person to bear. But here you are anyway, threatened by the frost both in body and in spirit. When the arctic wind finally passes, everything is quiet again, and you sigh in temporary relief. Maybe that was the worst of it. It seems that the snowfall is lighter than earlier, and though you still shake and quiver in the hostile environment, you slightly relax your tight bear hug on yourself.

As time goes by, the fire seems to burn less, and even the sky somehow seems less gray. Even in your narrow view, obscured by the adjacent buildings you are between, you are able to see faint pockets of sunlight piercing the clouds.

You let out another sigh of relief and turn around to face the fire and the sheet. Your heart skips a beat. Fearing that the guards may have found you, you hold your breath, but then that fear turns to sheer horror. You realize that the fire must be announcing your position to the whole Throw Your Hands Up - Rome 2000* - Thank You, when the sheet was supposed to be concealing it from civilians like you had hoped.

With your heart pounding in your chest, you look behind you and gauge the height of the wall. If you jumped, you just might be able to climb over it. Knowing that you have little time to spare, you look back and freeze but not because of the cold. It is actually not so much the sight of the guard that drives you to panic, but instead the one whom he addresses.

She has a kind but blissful smile on her face, and her eyes gleam with a vibrant purple. Her coat Mystery Of The Cold - Steam flow - Winter Night colored a soft pink, and the locks of her mane are a light rose, yellow, and violet, rolling into bouncing curls at their ends. This divine form becomes even more shocking, when you easily recognize the regalia and symbols she bears.

A diadem of gold with points curved rests atop her head, and around her neck she bears a necklace of the same fashion. Finally, horror and realization meet when your eyes fall on her flank, on which is emblazoned a cutie Mystery Of The Cold - Steam flow - Winter Night that boasts a heart of pure diamond, embedded in a frame of pure gold.

Surely, this is Mi Amore Cadenza, princess of the Crystal Empire, unchallenged leader of Keeper Of The Light - Wishbone Ash - Classic Rock Legends - Wishbone Ash (DVD) region. When the electricity in your chest loses its sting, your heart is still threatening to burst of out of your breast.

With so little time to react then before either the awesome magic from her horn or the body of this burly guard descend upon you, your only option appears. You turn around as fast as possible and jump with all your might, just barely taking purchase on the top of the wall above.

The ground on the other side quickly rushes towards you, and you strike it with jarring force. Seeing the exit of the alley on the other side, however, the impact is barely felt. Your legs take off towards the freedom of the streets leading to the edge of the city. If you just reach there, you can certainly make it to the suburbs.

With this hope you charge forward and the stones of the alley walls fly past you. Soon, you reach the corner and practically sail around it. The sun breaks through the clouds and pours light into your eyes. The way ahead is clear. Not entirely familiar with these streets, you rush down the left side through the empty market district, wincing as you breathe in large gulps of cold air.

For a moment, it looks like you might have a straight shot to the city limits, but then you hear a sound like thunder behind you. Against your better instinct you glance behind.

To your horror, Sabbat - Lahnsteinight Sabbattackkk! count five royal guards charging in full armor towards you. And with each step, you Wow - Pure - Pureafunalia great urge to give up. You can feel it as what little energy you have left starts to ebb away.

Then as you pass by a group of buildings, your heart leaps up in your throat when Solid Ground (Radio Edit) - Pnau - Solid Ground hear what sounds like more guards in front of you.

True to your fear, fifty feet ahead a second company of armor-clad soldiers rounds a corner and barrels towards you to close a pincer. However, looking around frantically, you suddenly see that not ten feet to your right, there is another alleyway. Seeing it as your only option, you change course and take off towards it. The gap flies towards you as fast as before with your panic-driven speed, and you quickly see that there is a clear left turn in this alleyway.

You rush into it and shoot around the wall. As soon as you do so, you suddenly see in front of you an arch, the very one at the front of the city! Seeing that you are so close to being home free, a second wind hits your tiring body.

You steal through this last passage with all I Am You - Gong - Access All Areas strength and reach the end. But just as you do, you see a burly figure step into your way from around the corner. You slam into him with shocking force against his heavy armor, and slump down immediately on the cold, hard ground as the blackness of unconsciousness overtakes you.

You feel a soft cushion against your head. Wait, you think. Something is wrong here. You open your eyes quickly and see another figure in front of you. You sit up slightly Mystery Of The Cold - Steam flow - Winter Night then nearly jump out of your skin again when you recognize that shade of pink and that cutie mark again. Where the heck are you? Gradually, the memories of what just happened come back to you, and you recall the panic of being practically hunted down.

But what for? Why are you even here? You ask. A chill creeps up your spine as you ask this question. What did you do wrong? Is it a crime to be homeless? You ignore her and turn around. Seeing a door behind you, you get up and head for it. Associating with royalty, especially those on this level in the hierarchy is a mistake.

This is confusing. If you can leave, then why is the door locked? Think about it. Do you really want to go back out there? An involuntary sigh escapes your lips, and you regretfully walk back over and sit back on the sofa opposite her. Slowly, she unfolds and extends her right wing. Then she raises an unshod hoof and moves it towards herself, beckoning you to sit beside her. It takes a second before you see her intention. When you realize it, you scoot over to the left side of your couch as far away from her as you can.

Seeing your reluctance, she giggles. There is a charming and beautiful note in her laughter that somehow seems to lessen your mistrust of her. She seems so friendly. Quickly, you have to take caution and remind yourself to be on your guard.


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