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Specifically, you might want it Singularity 1 - DJ Slip - Singularity execute a command, or run an executable that gives access to many different functions for the user.

First, how do we run a container? We can do that in one of two ways - the Eternal - Krabathor - Only Our Death Is Welcome. below are identical:. For example, looking at a 2. This is good practice to include in a runscript, as any arguments passed by the user will be given to the container. If you are interested in containing an environment or filesystem locations, we highly recommend that you look at the singularity run help and our documentation on flags to better customize this command.

When you first create a container, the runscript is defined using the following order of operations:. Here is how you would define the runscript section when you build an image:. If you want your container to run absolutely any command given to it, and you want to use run instead of exec, you could also just do:.

Here we have two entrypoints for foo and bar:. If you find it easier, you can also provide help by way of a runscript that tells your user how to use the container, and gives access to the important executables. Regardless of your strategy.

This website is Singularity 1 - DJ Slip - Singularity away soon! Update your bookmarks! Singularity Run These docs are for Singularity Version 2.

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Singularity These docs are for Singularity Version For older versions, see our archive Singularity enables users to have full control of their environment. Singularity containers can be used to package entire scientific workflows, software and libraries, and even data.

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