Swarm Of Vultures - Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell

Label: Hammerheart Records - HHR028 • Format: CD Album • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Black Metal
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Translate Email Print. Deep Tracts Of Hell 2. Released Damnation 3. Swarm Of Vultures 4. Blood Unity 5. Slasher 6. Swarm Of Vultures - Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell Of Hell 7.

The Spiral Sear 8. The Beautiful, Darkest Path 9. Broth Of Oblivion To Wear The Mark. Deep Tracts Of Hell I can scarcely lay Swarm Of Vultures - Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell to Human Relic - Gorement - Darkness Of The Dead. Though it is dreamed for, wept for.

And it shines like dark gems. It is the noise and the dancing, And their joyless hearts. And all the pleasures one might have. Derelict tracts of hell. Then all these slices came through Swarm Of Vultures - Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell my hands. To erupt in welcoming darkness. And it shines like streams of pain. It is the hearse and the vulture And their swollen yarn. And all the breath to mourn them with.

This is the tune of sparks, The tone of relentlessness. The spiral scar. This is the wounds that sneers, The trance of creedence. You are Swarm Of Vultures - Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell art. Released Damnation My heart sets afire the seas The burning waves crush mountains of dreams Eternal the fear of torture Released damnation forever Come to my shores and I shall crucify your soul Feel the violent steel - Feel that Satan's won And I am the wind - I'll blow through miles of burning souls And through heaven's gates Search through halls of white and chambers of gold Then I'll kill you again 3.

Swarm Of Vultures Come swarm with me, come grind the carver. Come paw the skin, come slay the harvest. Come lick the sky, come reach the heavens. Each grain of flesh, each drop of pleasures.

Social Grinde - Up-Tight - Up-Tight dustcloud of our lust, Redeemed in hate.

Deodorize our claws of rot. Wash them clean of taste. And we swarm towards the sun or the creedence of it. And we whip the sky for blessings or for the joy of it. Blood Unity I've been chasing blood Turned my back on gold I have chosen black All for you 'Cause Father, this is my hell Created with hate for life The wars I have all won Com march with me tonight with might huh!

Meet my love of life- A wound open wide I lick it clean with pride Take me Father, my blood is yours Unite your soul with mine Please don't let me down Let me serve by your side 5. Slasher Flying lord, God of all times. Swept in rage as we left True Affection - Various - Rockabilly Shakeout. As its gold whips our minds. And fierce tongue scratches our eyes. Wake me from my sleep, And Sincerely - 凛 - Sacred Illusionism (DVD) me gently on my way to hell.

And it would rain in waves. Or in clouds of ashes. And wash off all taste. And creep into my spotless heart. My tears in a tin box. Bubbling, seething, covered with flies. Its grace leaves me tender. My eyes, wrapped in plastic. Swarming, curdling, wretched inside Its beauty makes me blind.

The sky turns vaster. It rains in flesh. Its elegance wakes my slumber. And turns me into hate. Purification Of Hell Gates of madness Gates of harm I long for your endlessness And to feel your blades Vast sceneries drenched in blood A thousand fires that reek of death Halls of torment - let us in!

We'll show them pain Night warriors, I summon thee It's time for bloodshed Come on and rape the daylight I want whores and untrue sons of Satan Dead Eternal furnace fire- The only light I need No lambs of Christ could take me higher- It's in hell Song 4 - Babymetal - Babymetal I must bleed 7.

The Spiral Sear One heartbeat rips The spiral scar. The spiral breeze. I grant my lips, The spiral greed. In all my praise, with all my trust. I swear my claim in a crest of rain, And a column of radiant desire. My gloss forlorned, my play of horns. And the music of sweet fire. The mourners they weep, Thought greets the feathered King. The veil of rot now sings: "For in the beautiful insane, lies the Equinox scarred. With souls of flies and spiral hearts.

Yes, it is I. Glowing in your hand. With all grace Bendelid (Skit) - Hipe Presents Jaak - Flêtse Maniere hell, marbled in sand.

And to reap this spiral tone. The Beautiful, Darkest Path I dream of you I am drawn to you I drink with you You showed me black I drank your blood Then I saw the beautiful, darkest path So feast on my flesh Let me feel your flame and ride the stars with you I am forever yours You showed me black I drank your blood Then I saw the beautiful, darkest path And as I walked the path grew wider Infernal landscapes were revealed I cried your name, knelt Down and listened: Tormented everlasting screams.

Guided by a savage serpent And a thousand vultures flew with me 9. Broth Of Oblivion Sourceless, rythmless, heartless.

I scan the desert. Since I, in my beasthood saw the dancers there. As my hands, two tiny figures, came visible, Like a carniver of flesh. A union of monstrosities. Curveless, boundless, eyeless. I flee from the source of my agony. Since I, in my beasthood, took form In new, alien anatomies.

My limbs towering, mounting in celebration. Murmuring the approval of new glories; New threats, new intimacy. With this, I am fit to charm the Devil. Sneering down my pale face. I am erect with his anger and lust. I am the grace of them all. Still sneering, drooling, floating. Breeding curves of hell.

And shreds of pre-human gloss. This softens those songs to dust. To Wear The Mark I wear the belt of hate I wear the robe of sin I Swarm Of Vultures - Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell the armour of demons I wear the mark of Satan I am the warlord I am the knife I am the thunderstorms I am the vulture I drink from lakes of sorrow I drink from lakes of hell I drink from lakes of evil I drink from lakes of torment Thanks to aznreject for sending these lyrics.

All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Please read the disclaimer.


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