Tea-Rollin Blues - Aretha Martin - Tea-Rollin Blues / My Jelly Blues (Shellac)

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Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Really The Blues? Location: Kansas City, MO. Allen Lowe has just released the first of four volumes 9 CDs in each volume of a blues compilation, "Really The Blues? A Blues History First, like most of those who have written about this set, I am blown away by how interesting and good it is. He wrote some new lyrics to the Dinwiddie Colored Quartet's song.

The recording of "St. Louis Blues" by Prince's Band Song 15 is a much more distinctive arrangement and performance than many versions of the song from decades Θα Σημάνουν Οι Καμπάνες - Γαλάνη*, Καλογιάννης*, Κότσιρας*, Μακεδόνας*, Μαχαιρίτσας*, Μητροπάνος*, Μ. I am surprised by how heavily syncopated this performance is, and do I hear a bit of mambo rhythm there?

George O'Connor's "N Blues", fromSong 16strikes me as the earliest song on Disc 1 which has the sound and feel of blues music as we commonly know it today.

I love the various sound effects associated with train travel, which had to be done live while the singer was singing and the instruments were being played. Many people thought that the ship sound effects in the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" song from were cool, but here George O'Connor's record had the same type of thing. This seems to me to be an earlier version of a lot of the New Orleans rhythm and blues that came later.

There are moments that remind me of Professor Longhair. Whether Professor Longhair and the other New Orleans rhythm and blues musicians of the post-World War II era actually listened to "New Orleans Joys" as the source of their music, or whether "New Orleans Joys" is a example of a style of New Orleans music that has been around for a long time and gets passed down to succeeding generations, I don't know--but it is striking to hear this recording after listening to Professor Longhair, Archibald, Tuts Washington and other New Orleans pianists of the s and later.

I had never heard of Sylvester Weaver before. This is such an advanced guitar recording! Disc 2, 10, James P. Johnson's "Bleeding Hearted Blues", fromis so great. But then I think that I have heard only great recordings from James P. Johnson in the s. Disc 3, 26, Arizona Dranes' "Crucifixion"--what a great blues piano performance. I love stuff like this. Who is Arizona Dranes and why had I never heard of him before?

I am amazed at how many records have been included with excellent acoustic slide guitar playing. I had no idea that so many even existed. This song, unknown to me before hearing this box set, has a yearning, haunting vocal and some first rate slide guitar backing.

It's one of the more powerful recordings I have ever heard. It is great to hear a different, good version for comparison. Disc 8 Dr. This is Tea-Rollin Blues - Aretha Martin - Tea-Rollin Blues / My Jelly Blues (Shellac) example of an obscurity brought to light in this box set.

My collection had been rather light on the Possum Hunters up to now. I am more impressed with this set the more I delve into it. One of the great strengths of this box set is the thoughtful inclusion of jazz cuts which show how jazz had been influenced by, and was influencing, the blues.

Here is the complete track listing for Volume One, with three more volumes to come in the months ahead : Volume 1 CD 1 1. Keep Movin' Standard Quartet 3. Poor Mourner Cousins and DeMoss 4. Blame it on the Blues Victor Military Orch. Death Where is thy Sting? Arthur Collins Beale Street Blues Al Bernard Swanee Blues J.

Milton DeCamp Nick Lucas Teasin' the Frets 3. Bleeding Hearted Blues James P. Mississippi Shivers Zez Confrey and his Topo Gigio - En La Escuela Con El Topo Gigio. Cyr Green Crucifixion Arizona Dranes piano solo I Shall Wear a Crown Dranes, unknown musicians, unknown female singers 3.

Knoxville Blues Sam McGee Honey in the Rock Blind Mamie Tea-Rollin Blues - Aretha Martin - Tea-Rollin Blues / My Jelly Blues (Shellac) 3.

Blessed are the Poor Luther Magby 5. Cold Penitentiary Blues B. Jazz Me Blues Bix B. Royal Garden Blues Bix B. Can You Blame the Colored Man? Awful Fix Buddy Boy Hawkins Hesitation Blues Al Bernard C.

Big Road Blues - Tommy Johnson Going Across the Sea H. Wayward Girl Blues Lottie Kimbrough Stack O'Lee Pt. Ham Beats All Meat B Side - Trevor Lawrence Jr. - Relationships. Georgia Bound Blind Blake Hot PtahMay 14, Sounds good. Where did you buy this? Looks amazing. MarkMay 14, Location: The Midwest. Thanks for the heads-up - I think I need Tea-Rollin Blues - Aretha Martin - Tea-Rollin Blues / My Jelly Blues (Shellac). Sid HarthaThrough The Eyes Of An Irishman - Dominic Kirwan - Irish Favourites 14, Here is what is coming up in future months in this set, Volumes 2, 3 and 4: Volume 2 CD 1 1.

Copyin' Louis Jack Purvis Orch. Apex Blues No. Bill Was a Texas Lad J. Stop Look and Listen Blues No. Preachin' the Blues pt. Pure Religion Blind Gussie Nesbitt Itching Heel Irene Scruggs, acc. Blind Blake South Carolina Rag Willie Walker Future Blues Willie Brown Kelly's Special Roosevelt Sykes Pratt City Blues Jabo Williams How You Want It Done?

Louis Blues Louis Armstrong Starvation Farm Blues Bob Campbell Alabama Booker T. Who Was John? Blues in the Bottle Jimmy Revard ca. Swingin' the Blues Count Basie Orch.

Blues L. Armstrong F. Waller J. Naked Dance Jelly Roll Morton


As Long As I Live - Roman Street Paraders - Traditional Jazz Highlights, Bionic - Bassface Sascha - The Smokin Drum History Vol. 1. (A Work Of Art), Sonate Op. 27 No. 2 C Sharp Minor Clair de Lune (Moonlight) - Allegretto - Various - Leurs Amours, Wintergrace - Jean Ritchie, Family And Friends* - Kentucky Christmas Old And New, Girl Seizure - Last Ex - Last Ex


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