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I have heard all the supposed answers about lighting playing tricks, clothes, hair and so on My eyes change color. I have went to my Biology professors and they don't understand it. Usually my eyes are Green with a yellow-gold ring in them.

Every time I get really really pissed No light tricks or anything. I have set and let them watch it change back to green after i relax. It only takes about 10 minutes. Please Close Your Eyes - My Blue Van - As Colours Change is causing this???? It Genetic Affliction - Malevolent Creation - Stillborn been like this since I was about Please don't respond to this with stupidity.

This is an honest medical question, Thanks. Im not new on here my account just got hacked so this is a temp profile. I know the retarded answers people get. Just truth. Good answer My pupals are not dialated. I understand that process.

My eyes change to blue all the way to the pupal They really change. It means that a single person has more than one full set of DNA one set of DNA resulting in one thing, the other set resulting in another thing Sometimes this results in hermaprhodites. Most people with non-hermaphrodite mosaicism don't notice it, but if it affects their eyes then they do notice it. Sometimes this results in one eye being blue, the other brown or in rarer cases, a single eye being patially one color and partially another.

In other cases, such as what you probably have, both sets of DNA take turns expressing themselves. This is usually random, and the person may go through childhood with one color and then all of a sudden switch.

They may switch back and forth, too, at unpredictable intervals. My eyes looked almost blue tonight, and they are usually very green. When your body is stressed your pupils dialate get larger so less of the iris, the colored part, is visible.

It sounds like the outside of your iris is more blue than the center, so when you get stressed only the blue part of your eyes shows so your eyes look more blue. The actual color of your eyes doesn't change - it's just that if all you see is blue the color seems stonger.

As you relax more of your iris shows the other colors are more visible. Look at the picture link. Green eyes aren't actually green. There are only 3 pigments that determine eye color - blue, yellow and brown. You perceive green or hazel depending on how the 3 colors are mixed, but if you zoom in close enough you can tell. This also happens to me only mine change between a dark blue to a green to a light blue depending on mood and weather and lighting like if its really bright out my eyes are usually all light blue straight to the pupil plus I have central heterochromia!

And it also takes mine about ten minutes between color changes its pretty fascinating really! I was born with green eyes and red hair, right now I am a blue eyed Obsession - Night Nurse - Night Nurse. Stock up on winter home essentials. Get your last minute gifts! More Please Close Your Eyes - My Blue Van - As Colours Change gift inspiration. Update: Good answer Answer Save. Franman Lv 4.

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