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Label: Century Media - 22370-2 • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Remastered • Country: Brazil • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Speed Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. But it also showed significant differences in quality between the single songs. Some really unspectacular tracks appeared, too. Therefore, the tradition-oriented full-length is not able to compete with their best outputs such as the reckless debut.

I do not think so. It soon became clear that many tunes lacked of spontaneity. Admittedly, "The Missing Link" had its excellent moments. The minimalist yet catchy chorus of "The Pit and the Pendulum" unfolded its long-time impact, despite - or precisely because of - its repetitiveness. Furthermore, the melancholic "Certain Days" did not lack of power while successfully conveying the feeling of being lost in a credible manner. No doubt, the Refuge - Rage - The Missing Link matched very good with the lyrical content of this piece.

And, also remarkable, this song offered a stirring chorus, too. But in general, exactly the choruses marked the weak spot of the full-length. Some of them did not even achieve a mediocre level. Because of their inconspicuousness, one had to listen very well in order to identify them.

This cannot represent the intention of the initiator. For example, the choruses of the first two songs completely failed to hit the nail on the head.

They appeared totally unimposing and semi-finished. Aggravating this situation, the band operated like a driver in a low speed zone. The musicians seemed to be afraid to give full speed ahead.

Despite some faster parts, mid-tempo was dominating. Due to the fact, that this leisurely rhythmic approach was relatively often combined with harmless riffs, some songs were slightly tedious. The absence of unpredictable breaks and surprising twists was regrettable. Unluckily, the ordinary vocal performance of Peavey did also not remedy the situation. It failed to shine with power or flexibility.

By omitting two or three of the uninspired tracks, the album would have been more compact and much better. Nevertheless, the full-length offered a handful of well elaborated songs. Its mighty and dynamic construction showed dramatic sections as well as speedy parts.

Melodic interludes were also integrated without endangering the power of the track. The result was that it scored with a brilliant flow - and it was not one second too long, in sharp contrast to the whole album. These tunes as well as the vehement yet catchy title track ensured that the full-length could definitely not be categorized as a flop.

When taking into account that the album was equipped with a powerful sound, in particular in view of the punchy Kevés A Szó - Karthago - IdőTörés, it would be unfair to say that "The Missing Link" joined the ranks of mediocre Once In A While - The Vogues - Memories metal releases.

But its noteworthy ups and downs prevented the undisturbed enjoyment of the record. Main composer Peavey was obviously not immune against less creative song arrangements.

What remained were five very good Refuge - Rage - The Missing Link Drag Queen - Various - Legends Of The Wild West bang your head - and a lot of less exciting heavy metal songs that illustrated the necessity of the skip button.

I could say it's one more Rage's masterpiece, probably their best work in these almost 30 year career, could list song by song giving the maximum grade for all!

This record consolidated what had began a year earlier with "Trapped! Peavy finally managed to put Rage as one of the greatest bands in One Night - Daddy Cool - Daddys Coolest - The 20 Greatest Hits Of Daddy Cool world, making it an exponent of german metal, using a formula that pleases both power metal and thrash metal fans, which became a trademark of Rage: speed, aggressiveness, grace, technique and catchy melodies.

The Missing Link is essentially a power metal record, with some very fast songs, some other really heavy, but all, without exception, with catchy and energetic themes and chorus. Well, still nothing new, but here comes the difference: it's virtually impossible to press the infamous "skip" button on the CD player! It's impossible not to listen to the whole album from "Firestorm" to "Raw Caress", without interruption!

It's impossible not to be swayed by its heavy and limpid riffs, well structured songs with outstanding issues. All musicians in their prime: Peavy, the perfect balance between the 80's high tones and today's bodied bass vocals; Manni, again creating incredible riffs and brilliant solos without resorting to tiresome shreddings.

Chris with his fast and accurate double bass as always! Anyway, the apogee of Rage's classic lineup To close with a flourish this phase that yielded great records and leveraged this great band to the world stage! This is it folks We all asked for the perfect album, well here it is. This is the purest, most honest piece of music you'll ever come across: A band performing in harmony with every ounce of energy each member possesses driving them towards their ultimate goal of perfection.

It is an album that possesses heaviness, atmosphere, speed, brutality, melody, and energy, everything, in perfect balance. The 3 members had it all working for them Refuge - Rage - The Missing Link this release, from the organic touch of the Refuge - Rage - The Missing Link right down to the mindblowing production, everything is flawless.

First off, the bass. You will never hear any other bass with that gritty distortion as Peavy has it. The mixing is perfect; the second guitar has its appearance but plays second fiddle to Peavy's furious bass lines. The bass has a tone of pure destruction. It is distorted but tight and punctual rattling through each song.

On to the vocals: You will never find a more inspiring vocal performance than the one on this cd. Peavy does not have the greatest voice in all of metal, nor is it the most technical; he simply lets it all flow out and leaves his soul out there for everyone to hear.

The vocal performance is stunning, including several guttural screams that blew me away. His voice has the mighty ability to dictate the mood of each song from sadness Its A Miracle - Various - EuropaFM Presenta Europa Baila Vol 2 aggression, and anger to harmony. The lyrics follow suit. Some of the most compelling lyrics around, each word flowing with the mood of Peavy's voice and the riffs of Bonampak (Painted Walls) - Xochimoki - New Music Ancient Sources. The riffs!

The riffs on this cd are incredible. They are melodic, heavy, and rhythmic. There are thrash riffs, speed riffs, power riffs, even some doomy feeling going on in this masterpiece. Again, each riff, each lyric follows the theme of the song in each and every example. He has an uncanny ability with subtly progressing beats within the measures. The drumming again as with everything else is dictated by the flow of the song, Chris, like Manni and Peavy, was feeling all Refuge - Rage - The Missing Link right things at the right time on this release.

Now for the music: The first track is nothing but the perfect opening of an album. This is perhaps the most diverse track on the cd embodying elements of thrash, power, and speed metal wrapped into a crushing, yet melodic tune.

Then comes Nevermore with some of the best lyrics you will find in any metal song. It is a crushing tune that will send you head careening through your desk.

Then comes the speed metal anthem 'Refuge'. The chorus is an absolute classic and carries perhaps the catchiest melody Refuge - Rage - The Missing Link all time.

Up next is the groover, "Pit and the Pendulum". The main riff in this song is amazing and near the middle of the song is played so infectiously that you'll forget your on earth and assume you've died and gone to heaven. Then comes perhaps the highlight of the album "Certain Days".

It is a monster with atmosphere, chaos, and anger. Peavy's guttural screams and the extra sound effects in this one put it over the top. The bass lines in this song are utterly amazing and the guitar riff is fantastic. This one will grab your nuts and rip them off. They keep the foot on the gas with "Who Dares? The man riff in this song is one of the best ever recorded. Then comes the epic 'Lost in the Ice', featuring a monster riff toward Refuge - Rage - The Missing Link middle.

It is 9 min long and is exciting the whole way through. This is followed by the title track which is one of the catchiest songs on the album. It closes with Raw Caress; one of the greatest RAGE songs, amazing lyrics, stunning vocal performance; this song has it all.

If you're lucky enough to have the Japanese version you will be treated to a bonus track, Another Kind of Madness, an acoustic song, but by no means a ballad and you'll realize the meaning of life, so listen to this cd and be amazed.

First off, I must state that Rage is one of the greatest speed metal bands of all time, and definitely one of, if not THE greatest band to ever come out of Germany. I would highly suggest picking up any of their albums, and they are one of the few bands who's new material I actually enjoy. This album, however, is the high point in Rage's existence. This is one of the most powerful albums of all time and borrows many themes from prog metal.

Missing Link makes you want to be a hero somehow, anyhow, whenever you listen to it. Its lyrical themes are interesting and the choruses in just about ever song are catchy as hell, especially Refuge and Certain Days. Peavy's voice is PERFECT for the kind of speed metal Rage plays, the perfect blend of heaviness and power; I could not imagine a more perfect combination of singer and song.

The scream on the track Certain Days is one of the best screams I've ever heard. Also, the CD release of this album packs as much material as possible onto the disc. Now, onto the instrumental aspect of the album. I'd first like to state that the tone of all the instruments is perfect.


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Recording information: Recorded in May and June, at Rocktech Studio in Berlin, Germany. Mastered at Studio Nord-Bremen. Arranged by Peter "Peavy" Wagner.

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