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The Skywalker family is a fictional family in the Star Wars franchise. Within the series' fictional universethe Skywalkers are presented Flotsam Jetsam - Distraction a bloodline with strong inherent capabilities related to the Force. Luke Skywalkerhis twin sister Princess Leiaand their father Darth Vader are central characters in the original Star Wars film trilogy.

Darth Vader, in his previous The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids as Anakin Skywalker, is a lead character in the prequel film trilogy while his mother Shmi is a minor character. Leia and Han Solo's son, and also Luke's nephew, Kylo Ren plays a crucial role in the sequel trilogy of films. It is revealed that growing up as Disco Mirror (Natural Born Grooves Remix) - Plastika - Disco Mirror orphan in planet Corellia, young Han never knew his true last-name, and that all he remembers is that his father worked in a space-ship factory Connemara Glisten - Ventolyn & Becotyde* - Colour Gasping Corellia.

The last-name Solo is chosen by an impatient Imperial Officer, who wanted to quickly fill a young Han's paper work to join the Imperial Flight Academy, and help him avoid jail.

Since the true last-name of Han's father is unknown, Han would be the first Solo, and since his only known child was with Leia a Skywalkerall members of the Solo family are part of the Skywalker family. Qui-Gon finds that Anakin has a higher count of midi-chlorians Force-imparting microorganisms than any Jedi, even Yodacounting to about 20, Shmi informs Qui-Gon that Anakin has no father, leading Qui-Gon to suggest that Anakin is a product of midi-chlorians, an example of a miraculous birth.

As the film progresses, Anakin leaves Tatooine to begin his Jedi training. Owen tells Anakin they are stepbrothers. Owen later marries Beru Whitesun. Luke is raised by Beru and Owen Lars on Tatooine. Neither of the twins know of each other's existence, Luke knows his birth last-name but is told his father Anakin is dead, Leia isn't told her last-name. Anakin who became the Sith Lord, known as Darth Vader, is never told his children were born.

It is revealed that growing up as an orphan in planet Corelia, young Han never knew his true last-name, and that all he remembers is that his parent worked in a space-ship factory in Corelia.

The last-name Solo is chosen by an impatient Multitudes Of Sins (Transcendental Mix) - Fly* - Multitudes Of Sins Officer, who wanted to quickly fill Han's paper work so Han could join the Imperial Flight Academy. Since the true last-name of Han's father is unknown, Han would be the first Solo. The family breaks apart following Ben's descent into the dark side, with Leia and Han separating, and Luke disappearing to the planet Ahch-To.

Luke hasn't been revealed to have any children, a possible Destination Unknown (Nari & Gaudino Radio Edit) - Alex Gaudino - Destination Unknown for this could be the celibacy rules of the Jedi. Her first name is derived from Lakshmia Hindu goddess.

In The Phantom Menaceshe and her son are introduced as slaves of junk merchant Watto on the desert world Tatooine. Qui-Gon helps Anakin win his freedom, but cannot get Shmi out of slavery. She allows Anakin to leave with Qui-Gon, assuring her heartbroken son that they will meet again. He travels to Tatooine to find her, and, upon arriving, learns that she had been freed by and married to moisture farmer Cliegg Lars Jack Thompsonbut had recently been abducted by Tusken Raiders.

He finds her inside one of their encampments, but it's too late—beaten and tortured beyond help, she dies in his arms. Heartbroken and enraged, Anakin slaughters every single Tusken in the camp, including the women and children.

His mother's death ignites a strong anger in Anakin, and sets him on the path to becoming Darth Vader. Anakin Skywalker is the son of Shmi Skywalker and she told him he was born without a father through the Force. The newly elected Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Palpatine, also befriends Anakin, promising to watch the boy's progress "with great interest" and advise him.

Torn between his loyalty to the Jedi and his drive for power, Anakin succumbs to temptation and becomes Darth Vader, willing to protect his loved ones especially Padme. She served as Queen of Naboo, and later as a Senator for her planet. Her closest The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids in the Senate was Senator Bail Organa.

She reconnected and fell in love with Anakin Skywalker after he was assigned to protect her from an assassination attempt, and secretly married him shortly after the Battle of Geonosis.

Three years later, she reveals to Anakin that she is pregnant and Universo - Fernando Osorio - Fernando Osorio to raise their child on Naboo. After Anakin turned to the dark side and massacred the Jedi at the Jedi Temple, she was told by Anakin that the Jedi had taken over the Republic. Obi-Wan and Yoda decided to separate the children in order to keep them hidden from Darth Vader.

He is Force-sensitive and skilled with a lightsaber. In The Last Jedia young scavenger named Rey has located Luke and tries to convince him to show her the ways of the Force, but he refuses. Luke reveals to Rey that he sensed the dark side in Ben and was scared for him, but Ben retaliated by using the Force to collapse the Jedi Temple and leaves him.

When he refuses to help Rey turn Ben back to the light, Luke plans to burn the Jedi Temple tree and is greeted by Yoda, who convinces him to help Rey and not to mourn his failure of losing Ben to Snoke. On the planet Crait, Luke appears with his old lightsaber and duels Ben, who tries to attack Luke, but he dodges them.

Luke tries to reason with Ben and then disappears, revealing that he was still The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids the island and that Ben was dueling a Force projection of him. Luke falls to the ground and gets up, and afterwards dies after disappearing, becoming one with the Force. Leia is shown to be Force-sensitive. In The Empire Strikes BackLeia professes her love for Han Solo when he is put into carbonite stasis, although it is originally Han and Luke who compete for her affections.

In Return of the Jediplanning to feed Luke, Han, and Chewbacca to the flesh eating SarlaccJabba the Hutt is instead strangled to death by Leia by a chain he has on her. She later becomes involved in the Battle of Endor. In the years that follow, she becomes General Organa, the leader of the Resistance, a military organization unofficially backed by The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids New Republic to counter the First Order.

Leia has been on a search to find her missing brother Luke [3] and save her son from the dark side. Husband of Leia, Han's surname, Solo, was not his birth name, with Han being given his Solo surname by an Imperial officer right before Han joined the Imperial flight academy, which he would leave Curse - Napalm Death - MP3 Collection years The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids . Han and Chewbacca later become involved in the Rebel Alliance and are committed to its cause.

Over the course of the franchise, Han becomes a military leader for the Alliance, falling in love with and marrying Leia Organawith whom he has a son named Ben. After losing his own son to the dark side and becoming Kylo RenHan alongside with Chewbacca, Rey, and Finn invade the Starkiller Base and calls out to his son to speak with him. Han tries to convince Ben that Supreme Leader Snoke is using him for his power and that he will crush him after he gets what he wants and persuaded him to return home to him and Leia.

Ben however stabs Han in the heart with his lightsaber and sends him falling down a bottomless pit. He initially trains to be a Jedi under his uncle, Luke Skywalker.

Soon, Luke suspects Ben has been influenced by Snoke, and ignites his lightsaber near Ben The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids he is sleeping in an attempt to kill him. This causes Ben to fall to the dark side. He is obsessed with the legacy of his grandfather, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, and aspires to finish what Darth Vader, his grandfather started: the elimination of the Jedi. He stabs Han Solo, his father in the heart, but spares his mother when ordered to destroy her ship.

Ben becoming Kylo Ren also caused Han and Leia to break up, with neither of them to stop loving their son. Luke also disappears due to Ben's actions. The following characters are exclusive to what is now retroactively known as the Legends brand since Apriland non-canonical to any and all Star Wars material produced under the ownership of the Walt Disney Company.

A further complication in this continuity is the fact that the Return of the Jedi novelization includes a detail about Owen Lars being Obi-Wan Kenobi's estranged brother rather than the son of a previous marriage, of the man who married Anakin's mother. The Skywalker blood-line splits between Han and Leia's descendants, but continues through Luke, who has one son, Ben Skywalker.

Luke marries Mara Jadewho has a son named Ben. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker's son. Former student of Jacen Solohis cousin. In Fate of the Jedi: Outcasthe voluntarily accompanies his father into exile. He proves himself as both a fighter and as an investigator to carry on his father's name.

His love interest is Vestara Khai, formerly a Sith apprentice, then a Jedi apprentice. He also took the name "Bantha" Rawk. Kol Skywalker is a character in Star Wars: Legacy. He is the father of Cade Skywalker.

He is a protagonist of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series. According to the comic book series from Dark Horse called Star Wars: Legacywhich takes place years after Return of the JediCade Skywalkerson of Kol Skywalker and a direct descendant of Luke Skywalker, is the last surviving Skywalker of his time. Nevertheless, he still encounters other Jedi, as well as the ghost of Luke Skywalker. They carry the name Solo because of her marriage to Han Solo.

Since the true last-name of Han's father is unknown in canon, Han would be the basically muoneyo family unrelated to the Skywalker, as Han Solo is not the first Solo, but since they are non-canonical, they don't exist within the series continuity. His descendants continued to rule Corellia until the establishment of the Diktat centuries later.

By 29 BBY, their declining status had driven them out of rule and into The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids . Han Solo was born to father Jonash Solo during this time. Andersonand during this period has another son with Han. All three of the Solo children become Jedi Knights under the tutelage of their maternal uncle Luke Skywalker. Jaina, named after Han's mother, is born five minutes before The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids brother Jacen in the Thrawn trilogy — The twins, and eventually their younger brother, live at various safe havens for their first few years under the protection of Leia's handmaiden Winter.

The twins play a small role in Kevin J. Anderson 's Jedi Academy trilogy Throughout the New Jedi Order series —Jaina pursues a life separate from her twin Inconscientes - Farsa Realidad - A.F.J.P.

Dignidad - Tu Esclavitud Asegurada and becomes Mara Jade Skywalker 's apprentice. Jaina progresses quickly as a Jedi and a pilot, eventually joining Rogue Squadron. She also develops a romantic relationship with Jagged Fel. She briefly becomes the apprentice of fallen Jedi Kyp Durron. Jaina's understanding and manipulation of Yuuzhan Vong technology causes them to associate her with their trickster goddess. She is The Masterplan - Da Skywalkers - United Kids at the conclusion of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.

Walter Jon Williamsauthor of Destiny's Waynoted that the plot concerning Jaina's love life caused some frantic rewrites. Jacen tricks them into attacking a Chiss base to provoke a war between the Chiss and the Killiks; Jaina, furious, vows that she will never fly with Jacen again.

In the Legacy of the Force series —08Jacen throws Jaina out of the Galactic Alliance when she refuses to follow his order to destroy a crippled ship.


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