Level 42 / Leyden Zar / Kebekelektrik - Starchild / Its Allright / War Dance / Magic Fly


Download Level 42 / Leyden Zar / Kebekelektrik - Starchild / Its Allright / War Dance / Magic Fly

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Prologue 2. Chapter 1 3. Chapter 2 4. Chapter 3 5. Chapter 4 6. Chapter 5 7. Chapter 6 8. Chapter 7 9. Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Pepe - Various - Grandes Exitos De Peliculas Vol.

3 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 If you want to keep your lovely hand you have to give me something else of value. Averting his eyes. Louis swallowed again, harder this time. The pirate grinned. Originally Louis was going to be the pirate, bc theres too much ruthless characterization from Various - Names You Can Trust: Volume One book that it suit Harry being the pirate.

But, It Level 42 / Leyden Zar / Kebekelektrik - Starchild / Its Allright / War Dance / Magic Fly suited Harry being the pirate somehow. So this happened! I also posted this on wattpad. See the end of the work for more notes. That glare, Louis thought, belonged to a young man. He was breathing heavily, since he just ran down the stairs into the ships hold only seconds earlier.

A thin scar painted his face across his right cheek. It failed to distract Louis from what was a devilishly handsome face expected in a London ballroom, but here in the open water of the Caribbean it created the frightening appearance Louis had ever encountered.

The young man covered his head in a dark red scarf, his hair slightly long, however neatly pulled back with a few brown curls fixed on his frame. A small gold earring twinkled from his left earlobe.

He suspected seventeen? However, his dark green eyes were more mature. In spite of the heat, chills cascaded along his tan like skin. King George had assigned them to take a small island in the Caribbean and make Louis' father the governor.

Louis thought it would be an appropriate trip for him and his father since the recent death of their mother, who succumbed to a fever.

Louis was somehow grateful to have an excuse to leave London behind. To hopefully set ease to his memories of his mothers loss. He had been looking forward to this adventure. He'd never traveled before on the sea, and found it thrilling. He began to Level 42 / Leyden Zar / Kebekelektrik - Starchild / Its Allright / War Dance / Magic Fly it as they drew closer to their new home.

He was fond of the peace. When Delilah 's captain announced the ship had too much cargo to escape the fast approaching ship. Louis' father ordered him to go in the cargo hold, there he located an empty crate and crawled in, pulling the top over him; hidden in the darkness, hearing the cannons, steal clashing, and wood splitting. He crept up the stairs when the young pirate came down. In the distant, he could hear shouts and sounds of the battle.

Then, Level 42 / Leyden Zar / Kebekelektrik - Starchild / Its Allright / War Dance / Magic Fly a heartbeat, it stopped. Louis knew the fighting was over. His heart sank. The pirates won. All he knew was probably left was the remains of the looting and the destroyed. What about his father? Did they kill him? He needed to go see him. If he was dying, he wanted it to be in his arms. Louis was surprised by his accent, British, like himself.

Although, that voice was one of a could-have-been-gentleman. What made him turn into a pirate? Louis felt almost ashamed to be thinking about the circumstances. All he wanted to do was to be free of him. Would he be kidnapped? Sold into slavery? The young pirates gaze dipped to the gold pendant around Louis neck. With his free hand he tried slipping his fingers around it. Some light faintly lit the cargo hold, and Louis could see the concentration on his face. His thought he might have a chance to escape.

But, before Louis could act on it, the pirate shifted his gaze back to Heil Dem Führer - Gestapo - Heil Dem Führer. It has real diamonds. Just not he necklace was my mothers. Blaming himself for even talking about such weakness.

Louis never been kissed like this. To his surprise, his lips were warm and eager for more contact. The pirate tasted so sweet Their kiss grew more passionate, more demanding to feel each other. The pirate pulled back, grabbed Louis small wrist and yanked the ring off his finger. He chuckled deeply, stepping away from Louis, and back toward the stairs. Pressing trembling fingers to his moistened lips, Louis One And One Is One - Various - 20 All Time Greats stared at him.

The pirates laugh quickly ended, his expression turned soft to harsh. Somehow Louis made it back into the crate without his quivering legs giving out. Once inside and the top over his head, he pulled himself into a ball. Unexpectedly, he flinched every time he heard a crash or a loud bang.

Wishing desperately for salvation. It nearly terrified him. What could it mean? Had the pirates left? Louis recognized that voice, Zayn Malik, one of the younger officers. He was undeniably handsome, with the thick black hair and brown eyes. Although Louis spoke with him several times, he has caught Zayn multiple times watching him from afar when he was on deck.

Embarrassingly, he would blush at the shy attention. He pushed the top when suddenly it was practically thrown off and Zayn was staring down at him, expression completely serious His clothing and face streaked with blood. Since Louis slightly smaller in height in comparison of most of the men, and apparently the crate. Come on," Zayn grabbed his hand. When they reached the top, he thought he was going to be sick. Mangled bodies covered the deck.

Zayn urged him across, to where Captain Cowell was standing. Tomlinson," He exclaimed.


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