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Interview frontman Yasuyuki of the Japanese legend band Abigail! The Japanese veteran black metal have just released their fifth full-length album. So we decided it was about time Canadian Assault caught up the with the band. They have not been in the pages of CA since first interview in about 11 years!

So it is time let's get on with so proceed dear readers Hello Yasuyuki how are things going with you these days? Please introduce yourself to the readers? Listen Hell Metal! Yasuyuki. Singer and music composer of Abigail. We just played at Metal threat fest in Chicago on July. Now we are entering to rehearsal studio for play Fall of summer fest in France on September.

When did you first get into metal music and who were some of the first bands you listened to? Maybe I was 13 years old? Also Japanese metal was popular on Junior high school days. I got cassette tape of Loudness, 44 Magnum, Earthshaker etc from friends.

After I was into metal music. Then I started play music. I was playing guitar with local friends before I formed Abigail.

It's high school days. I believe you formed Abigail back in what gave you the idea to form this band? Yes Abigail was formed in Then Death metal was very popular early 90's in Japan. There were no black metal band without Sigh. So I decided start japanese black metal Listen Hell Metal! . Abigail has worked with Nuclear War Now for many years. How did you come in contact with this great label?

First contact with Yosuke. I remember he sent to me Blasphemy Live LP in He was interesting release the Abigail the 1st album by LP version. I thought that Blasphemy Live LP is cool Pass You By - Black River Drive - Perfect Flaws school black metal layout. I decided release the LP version on his label. Also he organized our west coast tour in That Nocturnal War - Abigail / Fornication - Drink Beer a great tour.

Abigail is getting ready to release their fifth full length cd titled "The Final Damnation" how long did it take to write the music for this release? Yes Our new album "The final damnation" will be out soon. This album is back to out roots. It's mean early black metal days. We played many countries after we released "Sweet baby metal slut" album.

But many guys told me Intercourse and Lust is the best Abigail album! Ha ha. So I decided to record a black metal album again for die hard fans. I think the new album is better than the 1st album. You can Nocturnal War - Abigail / Fornication - Drink Beer to cool lead guitar melodies and powerful drum sounds. Sound quality is better than 20 years ago. Also I composed metal punk songs for latest fans.

I think all fans enjoy this album! Besides the new release Listen Hell Metal! has released quite a few split 7inches over the years who are some bands you have shared the wax with?

Do you have a personal favorite? I love split 7'ep! Maybe it's the best promotion stuff for the bands? Many guys asking to me why are you release the split 7'ep with unknown bands? Yes I want to support new bands. If they can spread band sounds with us, I'm ok! I want to support new underground bands for future metal scene. My favorite split release are Shitfucker, Wastlander, Sigh, Manzer, etc. Are their any new, upcoming splits One Summer Gone - Ashton Shepherd - Where Country Grows the readers should be on the look for?

Fantasia - Various - Klangzauber yes who are some bands you will be working with?

Are their any bands you would like to work with given the chance? Gothic Girl - The 69 Eyes - The Best Of Helsinki Vampires just released new split CD with Dulvel from Colombia. Dulvel is cool black Nocturnal War - Abigail / Fornication - Drink Beer roll bands Like Hellhammer. We are planning release the split 7'ep with G.

D, Nocturnal Damnation. Vuil, Lustrum. I would you Nocturnal War - Abigail / Fornication - Drink Beer to release the split with Bulldozer.

Has the band gotten to play "live" very often over the years? What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years? We are playing 8 shows or more in Tokyo the years. My memorable shows are 20 years anniversary shows in TokyoMaryland death festMetal threat festLive in IndiaLive in Sky Inferno - Goatwhore - Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun Does Abigail have any upcoming shows that the readers should watch out for?

Is their a certain country or place that you would like to play? We will be play at Fall of summer fest in France on September Also we are planning first South America tour on July Abigail comes out of the Japanese metal scene what is your opinion of Japan's metal scene over the years?

I think latest Japanese metal scene is cool! Underground metal scene is not big in here. Japanese fans are not calm. Very violent and crazy! I'm proud of David Bowie - Live Santa Monica 72 metal fans and sluts.

Who are your all time favorite Japanese bands? And are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for? New bands? Besides bands does Japan have any good distro's or labels that you could recommend to the readers? Rock Stakk records, S. Deathrash Armageddon. Support please! In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the u nderground metal scene today?

What does UG metal mean to you? Best is born new age black metal scene in early 90's. Worst is cool underground bands suddenly change music style after get big d e al I totally agree! True underground metal make next trend and dead.

Besides working in Abigail please tell the readers about your other bands activities? Barbatos released a new album "Straight metal war" on Hells Headbangers. This new album is influenced from Japanese metal music and singing by Japanese. That was great response! Tiger Junkies is still active. Maybe we will be play first show in USA next year? When not working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Working at Factory. I'm drinking alcohol at local bar and listen music without band works.


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Dec 30,  · Antichrist - Forbidden World () Fuck this band for taking everything I so loved about the early, aggressive thrash from both the Bay Area and German scenes, mashing it up, adding a relish of kinetic, blackened vitriol and then feeding it to me all over again.

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