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From until its cancellation inthe show ran on CBS every Sunday night from 8—9 p. Virtually every type of entertainment appeared on the show; classical musicians, opera singers, popular recording artists, songwriters, comedians, ballet dancers, dramatic actors performing monologues from plays, and circus acts were regularly featured.

The format was essentially the same as vaudeville and, although vaudeville had undergone a slow demise for a generation, Sullivan presented many ex-vaudevillians on his show. Originally co-created and produced by Marlo Lewisthe show was first titled Toast of the Townbut was widely referred to as The Ed Sullivan Show for years before September 25,when that became its official name. From throughthe program's primary sponsor was the Lincoln-Mercury Division of the Ford Motor Company ; Sullivan read many Rumours - Mack Abernathy - Different Situations for Mercury vehicles live on the air during The Dead Ed Sullivan Show - The Front - Sideways period.

Repeats were scheduled through June 6, For many years, Ed Sullivan was a national event each Sunday evening, and was the first exposure for foreign performers to the American public. On the occasion of the show's tenth anniversary telecast, Sullivan commented on how the show had changed during a June interview syndicated by the Newspaper Enterprise Association NEA :.

The chief difference is mostly one of pace. In those days, we had maybe six acts. Now we have 11 or Then, each of our acts would do a leisurely ten minutes or so. Now they do two or three minutes.

And in those early days I talked too much. Watching these kines I cringe. I look up at me talking away and I say "You fool! Keep quiet! I've learned how to keep my mouth shut. The show enjoyed phenomenal popularity in the s and early s. As had occurred with the annual telecasts of The Wizard of Oz in the s and '70s, the family ritual of gathering around the television set to watch Ed Sullivan became almost a U.

He was regarded as a kingmaker, and performers considered an appearance on his program as a guarantee of stardom, although this sometimes did not turn out to be the case.

In the song, a family of viewers expresses their regard for the program in worshipful tones. In SeptemberCBS started televising the program in compatible coloras all three major The Dead Ed Sullivan Show - The Front - Sideways began to switch to percent color prime time schedules.

One Ed Sullivan Show was broadcast on August 22,from the new studio, but it was mostly used for one-time-only specials such as Rodgers and Hammerstein 's March 31, Cinderella. The facility was later acquired by TeleTape Productions and notably became the first studio where the PBS children's program Sesame Street was produced. CBS Studio 72 was demolished in and replaced by an apartment house. CBS Studio 50 was finally "colorized" in The —66 season premiere starred the Beatles in an episode airing on September 12, which was the last episode to air in black and white.

This occurred because the episode was taped at the Beatles' convenience on August 14, the eve of their The Dead Ed Sullivan Show - The Front - Sideways Stadium performance and a two-week tour of North America, slightly before the program was ready for color transmission. In the late s, Sullivan remarked that his program was waning as the decade went on. He realized that to keep viewers, the best and brightest in entertainment had to be seen, or else the viewers were going to keep on changing the channel.

Along with declining viewership, Ed Sullivan attracted a higher median age for the average viewer which most sponsors found undesirable as the seasons went on. These two factors were the reason the show was cancelled by CBS on March 16, as part of a mass cancellation of advertiser-averse programming. While Sullivan's landmark program ended without a proper finale, Sullivan would produce one-off specials for CBS until his death inincluding an Ed Sullivan Show 25th anniversary special in During the early days of television, the demands on studio musicians were many-tiered.

They needed to be proficient in all genres of music, from classical, to jazz and to rock and roll. They also needed to perform with some of the greatest dancers and ballerinas of the time, from Gregory HinesJuliet ProwseMaria Tallchief [17] or Margo Fonteyn to the Peter Gennaro dancers. However, each member of the Ed Sullivan Show Orchestra was a specialist and more than capable of covering the complete spectrum of music. Chris' son Paul Griffin was a regular substitute trumpeter.

Saxes : Toots Mondello; Hymie Schertzer; etc. Piano : Hank Jones. Percussion : Milton Schlesinger who similarly played from the first to last show. John Serry Sr. Occasionally, CBS would broadcast specials and call upon the orchestra to perform. When Robert Kennedy was assassinated, music was hastily composed for the orchestra in a special tribute that also featured Bill Evanswho had recently composed an Elegy To His Father.

InThe Ed Sullivan Show came to an abrupt end. The CBS board of directors chose this occasion to terminate any and all Set In Stone - Paul Oakenfold - Global Underground: Live In Oslo with their musicians as they were unceremoniously shown the door. The Canadian comedy duo Wayne and Shuster appeared on the program 67 times, a record for any performer.

The American public's first exposure to Itzhak Perlman was on the show inwhen he was This performance was a breakthrough not only for classical music, but also for Perlman, who rode the waves of admiration that came with performing on the show to new heights of fame and has remained one of the most famous violinists for decades.

On September 9,Presley made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show after earlier appearances on shows hosted by the Dorsey BrothersMilton Berleand Steve Alleneven though Sullivan had previously vowed never to allow Presley on the show.

Allen had the singer on July 1 and trounced The Dead Ed Sullivan Show - The Front - Sideways in the ratings. When asked to comment, [Sullivan] said that he wouldn't consider presenting Presley before a family audience.

Less than two weeks later he changed his mind and signed a contract. The newspapers asked him to explain his reversal. I hadn't even seen the guy. Seeing the kinescopes, I don't know what the fuss was all about. For instance, the business about rubbing the thighs.

He rubbed one hand on his hip to dry off the perspiration from playing his guitar. Sullivan's reaction to Presley's performance on The Milton Berle Show was, "I don't know why everybody picked on Presley, I thought the whole show was dirty and vulgar. Elvis mythology states that Sullivan censored Presley by only shooting him from the waist up. Sullivan may have helped create the myth when he told TV Guide"as for his gyrations, the whole thing can be controlled with camera shots.

Sullivan, however, was not able to host his show in New York City because he was recovering from a near fatal automobile accident.

Charles Laughton guest-hosted in Sullivan's place. Laughton appeared in front of plaques with gold records and stated, "These gold records, four of them And this, by the way, is the first time in record-making history that a singer has hit such a mark in such a short time. And now, away to Hollywood to meet Elvis Presley. However, according to Greil MarcusLaughton was the main act of that particular telecast of Sullivan's show.

Laughton had to make the moment invisible: to act as if nobody was actually waiting for anything. He did it instantly, with complete command, with the sort of television presence that some have and some—Steve Allen, or Ed Witching Hour - Red Collar - The Hands Up EP himself—don't.

Host Laughton introduced the singer from New York. Once on camera, Elvis cleared his throat and said, "Thank you, Mr. Laughton, ladies and gentlemen. Wow", The Dead Ed Sullivan Show - The Front - Sideways wiped his brow.

There's not much I can say except, it really makes you feel good. We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart. And now When the camera returned to Laughton, he stated, "Well, well, well well well. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis Presley. And Mr. Presley, if you are watching this in Hollywood, and I may address myself to you.

It has been many a year since any young performer has captured such a wide, and, as we heard tonight, Peter Piper - Frank Mills - Frank Mills audience.

Elvis's second set in the show consisted of "Ready Teddy" and a short on-air comment to Sullivan, "Ah, Mr. We know that somewhere out there you are looking in, and, ah, all the boys and myself, and everybody out here, are looking forward to seeing you back on television. According to Marcus, "For the first of his two appearances that night, as a performer Elvis had come on dressed in grandma's nightgown and nightcap. Fontana on drums, three Nocturnal - YUNG BREADCAT - rain (File, Album) on their feet, one at a piano.

They were shown from behind; the camera pulled all the Angel Dust - Citizen Jane - Laureen back. They went into 'Ready Teddy. Compared to moments on the Dorsey shows, on the Berle show, it was ice cream—Elvis's face unthreatening, his legs as if in casts Although Laughton was the main star and there were seven other acts on the show, Elvis was on camera for more than a quarter of the time allotted to all acts.

Sullivan hosted a second appearance by Presley on October 28, Sullivan then addressed the audience as he stood beside Elvis, who began shaking his legs, eliciting screams from the audience. By the time Sullivan turned his head, Elvis was standing motionless.

You know. He just does this [Ed shakes his legs] The Dead Ed Sullivan Show - The Front - Sideways everybody yells. Later on, he sang a nearly four-minute-long version of " Hound Dog " and was shown in full the entire song.

For his last set he sang " Peace in the Valley ". According to Sullivan's co-producer Marlo Lewisthe rumor had it that "Elvis has been hanging a small soft-drink bottle from his groin underneath his pants, and when he wiggles his leg it looks as though his pecker reaches down to his knee! Although much has been made of the fact that Elvis was shown only from the waist up, except for the short section of " Hound Dog ", all of the songs on this show were ballads.


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