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Ritsuka Tachibana, a seemingly normal school girl, Beltmaker - McKenna Mendelson Mainline - Stink finds herself become entangled in a conflict between devils and vampires Lost In The K-Hole - The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole her school, with both sides Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) she is the last remaining key to discovering the location of the forbidden grimoirea powerful item that will give mastery over the world to whichever side obtains it first.

The anime television series is produced as a collaboration between video game developer company Rejet, music studio Elements Gardenand music company Avex. The series will be directed by Ai Yoshimura, with the animation studio Brain's Base producing the animation.

An anime theatrical film was announced at a Dance with Devils concert event on 29 Januarytitled Dance with Devils: Fortuna. It was released on Disconnection - Hard To Swallow / Underclass - Praise God And Pass The Ammunition Novemberwith the staff and cast from the anime series returning to reprise their roles in the film.

The theme song, composed by Elements Garden, is performed by Wataru Hatano. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dance with Devils Promotional artwork for the anime series.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional artwork for the anime series. Musicalreverse haremromance [1]. Anime television series. NA Funimation. Anime and manga portal. Ritsuka is summoned by the student council on suspicion of Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) school rules.

As Rem, the student council president, approaches her, he is repelled by the amulet she wears; however, Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) is unaware of this. Later, she goes home to find her mother injured and strange men ransacking her home.

She flees and calls the police, but when they arrive her house is undamaged and her mother is gone. Frightened, she calls her brother, who tells her to stay at her best friend, Azuna's home. She is attacked by the men while on the way there, and they demand that she reveal the location of the "Forbidden Grimoire". Rem arrives and saves her, taking her home with him.

He agrees to help her, but makes it clear that he is not doing so for her sake, but to keep peace at the academy. Ritsuka is summoned to the student council room again, where Urie, Mage, and Shiki attempt to make advances on her before Rem arrives.

He informs her that the police have tracked the signal from Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) mother's phone to the house of her grandfather, a student of magic and magical lore. When Ritsuka mentions that her grandfather's research and materials are still at his house, Rem immediately takes her there.

Upon arriving at the house, they find it ransacked and they both get locked inside. A fire starts, Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) when Ritsuka goes to get the extinguisher she is again attacked by the people who kidnapped her mother.

Rem saves her and tells her to run, then confronts the attackers. He informs them that Ritsuska is his Back To Reality - Good Fellaz - 4 Jamz From Western Africa using magic to turn them into dust.

Later that evening, when they arrive back at Rem's house, they find Ritsuka's brother Lindo waiting for them. Lindo takes Ritsuka home, ignoring Rem's greetings.

The next morning, he tells her not to leave the house, then sprinkles holy water around the property before leaving. Urie arrives, but is unable to cross the line Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) holy water.

He informs Ritsuka that they have information on her mother, and offers to take her to Rem. However, he instead takes her to a large conservatory, where he attempts to hypnotize her but is repelled by her pendant.

When she runs away, the conservatory suddenly becomes dark and a carnival magically appears, and she is chased by a group of girls with masks and strange marks on their necks who Urie calls his "butterflies".

He then appears and saves her from them at the last moment, and they hide. Urie then reveals that he was lying about her mother, but then tries to break her trust in her brother by revealing that Lindo has been training as an exorcist in England without her knowledge. Putting her in a trance once again, he questions her on the location of the grimoire before ordering her to remove the amulet.

Rem then arrives and rescues her, and she flees. Outside, she finds Lindo looking for her, and they leave for home, as she wonders how he knew where she was.

Ritsuka wakes up to find that Lindo has chained the windows shut to protect her. When she asks him about being an exorcist, he tells her how their grandfather's research into the occult attracted the attention of vampires and devils, who laid a fatal curse on him.

On his deathbed, he tasked Lindo with becoming an exorcist to protect Ritsuka and their mother. He explains that in the conflict between devils and vampires, both are searching for the forbidden grimoire to obtain victory, and also informs her that the members of the student council are all devils.

Once he leaves, Ritsuka breaks out and heads to school to verify his story. Arriving at the student council room, she encounters a mysterious person before meeting Rem, who brushes her off. She later runs into him again, and he brings her to an empty storeroom, where she begins to suspect he isn't actually Rem. Meanwhile, Lindo arrives at the school after Azuna texts him.

He finds Ritsuka just as she is attacked by a group of Rem duplicates. As they savagely beat him, Ritsuka cries out for them to stop, and her pendant breaks. Lindo exorcises them, revealing that they were in fact an illusion controlled by the mysterious figure Ritsuka encountered earlier. Back at their house, Lindo gives Ritsuka a ring of the Sacred Lux, an item that will protect her.

He also reveals that he will be attending her school starting tomorrow. Mage bursts in while Ritsuka Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) in class, kidnapping her and taking her to the Tokyo Tower.

He threatens her in his true demonic form in an attempt to extract the location of the grimoire, but is repelled by her ring. He then attempts to seduce her into telling him by treating her to a meal, but she runs away.

In a back alley, she is threatened by a gang of thugs, but Mage catches up with her, allowing her to escape while he fights the thugs, devouring their souls. As she runs, Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) is found by Rem, who brings her to a helipad to send her back home.

Still believing that he helped her out of kindness, she confronts him, and he reluctantly admits that he only needs her as a pawn in his game for power. Mage then finds them, taking Ritsuka and escaping through a portal. In an attempt to cheer her up, he takes her to watch the sun set over the ocean, but accidentally drops her in the water If We Take Our Time - Barbara Fairchild & Billy Walker - It Takes Two he becomes captivated by her smell.

Passing through a portal again, they find Lindo waiting for them. Seeing that Ritsuka is soaking wet, his eyes become red and he goes into a rage, attacking Mage.

The K.K.Killer - Drapetomania - Cabesas De Odio battle with magic, forcing Ritsuka to jump between them.

Mage decides to withdraw, promising that he will return to claim her. Ritsuka finds Shiki in the school garden destroying thorned roses with his bare hands.

She stops him and Shiki tells her that he was doing so because he thought that she might want to help him. Shiki reveals to Ristuka that he is a fallen angel. He suddenly tells her that he may know the whereabouts of her mother and he offers to take her there. Ristuka is hesitant, due to her previous encounters with the Zwartwerk - Dance With The Devils (File) members of the Student Council, until Azuna interferes.

Shiki allows Azuna to accompany them. He takes the girls to a nearby art museum with many hallways like a maze. He disappears and Ritsuka gets separated from Azuna, becoming lost. While wandering around the museum, Ritsuka catches glimpses of her family's past until Shiki grabs her from behind.


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